What Is the Best Way to Grow Auto flowers Outside?

Autoflowers are a unique breed of plants that do not depend on the light sequence as you can plant them throughout the year and have bountiful yields every season. They grow very fast and require minimal sustenance. Since they are small and short, they do not need too much room to thrive, and you can grow them in tiny spaces you might have left, probably along the verandah or on your balcony. These plants also do well in natural sunlight, from where they can give you more bounties compared to those grown inside.

Adding to the stated benefits, you can also maximize your yields by choosing the best auto flower seeds in the market. You should consider royal queen seeds to obtain the best seeds for your outdoor autoflowed projects. This article also best explains how you can help get the most out of growing auto flowers outdoors. Keep reading to find out more. 

Best Way of Growing Autoflowers Outside

Germinate The Seeds

For seeds to fully grow into plants, they first have to germinate. You can germinate these seeds by putting them into a mug or draping them in tissue paper soaked with water. This provides the necessary germination factors: water, air, and proper temperature.

Transfer Them Into A Flower Pot

Once the seeds have germinated, you will need to transfer them into a flowerpot, which should be their final growing place because transplanting them severally could sabotage their development and lessen the quantity and value of the end product. The pot should have a capacity of up to 15 liters, and its surface should also contain products that enhance a steady growth, such as peats and guano. Such a pot helps give the plants ample substrate as you may probably not be within a geographical location that supports the growth and development of the crops.

Your flowerpot should also have some holes or spaces at the bottom to allow the roots to grow freely and prevent the plant from being waterlogged. This promotes the growth of healthier, more robust, substantial plants.

You can also opt for a pre-fertilized pot that helps to give the ideal quantities of vital nutrients and also regulate the pH and EC levels. It also aids in protecting the auto flowers from blights, animal attacks, and meteorological events like heavy downpours and winds. Generally, flowerpots provide better growth management that can be very helpful in places that require restraint.

Water Them Regularly

You always need to be very conscious of the water supply to the plants because you cannot always count on rainwater. Watering them helps with their growth as water is essential for transporting nutrients that play a vital role in overall plant development.

Knowing what type of water to use is also essential, but you can go for tap water as it is common. Watering can help you water the plant without pouring much of it. Keep watering until you notice a run-off at the vessel’s bottom, indicating that the supply has reached the roots.

Ensure that you water your autoflowers regularly, even if not daily. However, do not water them now and then as it may lead to over-watering. This can be problematic as it prevents the roots from supplying nutrients optimally and could bring about stunted or retarded growth. Therefore, always be keen on how much water you give to the plant.

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Monitor pH and EC Levels

It would be best if you also watched for satisfactory pH and EC values. Managing pH levels is among the many crucial aspects of ascertaining the development of your autoflower into a significantly healthy plant. The pH level affects your outputs since they decide if your plants will possibly assimilate the required nutrients for full blossoming. Unacceptable pH levels will deter them from assimilating the needed growth nutrients, necessitating the need for monitored pH and EC levels for perfect growth.

Regarding the importance of perfect pH and Ec levels, you need to occasionally check pH and EC levels all through the growth phases of the crops. You can do this using a suitable meter, and the recommended pH level for autoflowers is around 5.8 to 6.0, while the ideal EC level is 0.1 to 1.0.

Use Fertilizers Appropriately

Fertilizers can help with autoflower growth, but always ensure that you do not use too much as the excessive application can decrease the produce. Controlled-availability fertilizers are the most recommended because they facilitate the plants’ nourishing emancipation through vitality progressions.

Applying fertilizers helps to provide the needed nutrients for growth, but using too much excessively increases the number of nutrients, leading to stunted growth and limiting your bounty. Therefore, cautiously gauge and regulate nutrient levels by applying an ideal fertilizer amount.

To ascertain reasonable nutrient percentages, you should start with fewer fertilizers than you intend to use in the long run. From your auto flowers reaction, you can discern whether or not the nutrient proportion is perfect. If they react well, you can heighten the amounts, but only to levels you are sure they can handle; you can do this through extensive research.


Growing autoflowers outside can be more advantageous than planting them directly. Also, having them close by ensures that you keep them safe, monitor their growth, and administer help whenever needed. Always buy autoflower seeds from reputable sellers online to avoid counterfeits, and maximize output.

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