YouTube video viral: How to make it with your video?

If you’re a YouTube content creator, you’re probably no stranger to viral videos. These videos are characterized by huge views and interactions and are known by many people. There are also have many videos that go viral with YouTube promotion services Ads Can Help. 

So do you want to make your YouTube video viral as well? If yes, then follow the content in the article. We will share with you what you need to know about viral videos. And how to make a YouTube video viral too. 

What is a viral video?

To give you an example for simple understanding, the name Rickroll will be the most typical and easy to understand. Rickroll is an online meme that originated from an April Fool’s YouTube prank in 2008 when all links on YouTube would direct to the music video “Never Gonna Give You Up,” performed by the English singer Rick Astley. 

And then everyone on the internet was trying to make fun of their friends by giving them links to the song. After that, the song, as well as the MV, became Viral. Even now, the Rickroll meme has never been out of date, and there are even more sophisticated ways for people with Rickroll to listen to this song. 

So to understand the basics, a viral video on YouTube is a well-known video. These videos often have huge views, huge shares, and comments. In general, when the video becomes viral, it will receive a huge amount of interaction. 

The anatomy of a viral YouTube video

For your video to become viral, your YouTube channel doesn’t need to be famous or have a huge number of subscribers. However, if there are factors above, it makes your video easier to spread to more people, a factor for the video to become viral.

Having videos become viral overnight is the dream of many YouTube content creators. These videos are so effective because they reach the right people with the right content, which resonates with each other to create a wave of sharing and go viral. 

And that is how to go viral on YouTube.

How to make a YouTube video viral?

Above is the basic, we’ll dig deeper into how to make your YouTube video go viral. 

Creating a viral video depends a lot on luck. However, it’s not that you don’t need to do anything to make your video Viral. You need to get your video to reach the right group of people at the right time. So how do you know when is right and who is right? 

It’s simple, do a lot and watch, and then you will develop a feeling and logic, and then you will feel when the time is right and who is right. It may fail the first few times, but don’t be sad, be patient. The sweet fruit is always the fruit that has to wait a long time. To make your YouTube video viral, you need to be very patient 

Video content must be unique.

This is the most important and indispensable part of a viral video. You can’t copy something on the internet and make it into a video and expect it to go viral. It is not impossible, but there will be consequences for this as well.  Anyway, network users will very quickly find out the source of your video, where you use it to copy content. You know, netizens are very harsh with copied content.

Only when your video has unique content will your video have a solid foundation to go viral. 

Quality content

Quality content, of course, a video with boring content can never go viral. At least your video must be interesting, shareable to reach, and make your video viewers click to share the video with their friends. A video with quality content is the most important factor to make your YouTube video viral

There are many different topics for you to choose from for developing the content of your video, but there is a trick, make a video of a meme. A meme is very easy to go viral, remember the Rickroll example at the beginning of the article? You just need to be a little creative, funny, and catch up with the trend. 

Have a specific target for the video

Why is there a specific audience target? Imagine this, your video is published on YouTube, your video reaches audience A. Person A finds your video funny or interesting. so person A shares with person B, who A thinks will also most likely find your video funny and interesting.

So just by your video reaching the right audience A, your video has been shared with another person. Imagine B also sharing this video with others and it continues to go viral endlessly. So the wave of sharing took place. 

That’s the point of you having a clear target audience for your video to target. 

So where can you find information about your viewers? Please use the “Audience” section of “YouTube Analytics”. A full report of information about your video viewers will be listed here, including demographic information such as age, gender, location,… and their behaviors when watching videos.

Control the viewer’s emotions

Let’s exploit the emotional element to make your YouTube video viral. The videos that have gone viral on YouTube have an element that very few people realize: the transmission of emotions. A video that conveys feelings to viewers, whether happy, sad, angry,… is easily shared by everyone. So find a way to infuse some emotion into your video. For example, a meme often makes viewers laugh, videos about cats and dogs make viewers feel cute, etc. 

However, there is one emotion that I think you should not exploit without fully understanding the possible reaction of the viewer, and that is anger. Some videos can make viewers angry, and can still go viral. And you don’t want to know what a bunch of angry people can do. 

Control related keywords

How to make your youtube video viral? Your video must be easily accessible and findable on YouTube first. This section will focus on making your videos more accessible to everyone. Make it easy for your video to be found on YouTube among billions of other videos with a few simple keywords related to your video.

Make sure you optimize certain keywords into the title, description, and tags YouTube of your video. You can apply the appropriate SEO strategies to the video accordingly. 

Bringing videos to all social platforms

Do you know where videos usually start going viral? It is thanks to the spread of social networks. That’s right, and nothing goes viral more powerfully than a social media platform. You have a Reddit, 4chan, Facebook, Twitter account with a decent following. Do not hesitate to use it as a tool to help your videos go viral. Social media will do it for you if your video deserves to go viral. Social platforms are the best way how to make your video viral on YouTube.


So those are the basics of viral videos and how to make your YouTube video viral.

Any video that wants to go viral requires a bit (if you don’t want to say a lot) of luck. Don’t be discouraged if your video doesn’t go viral because that’s what every YouTube creator wants. Be patient and always create quality content, and one day your efforts will be rewarded. 

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