WPS Office Skill You Must Know

WPS Office is a well-known application software for all word processing tasks. Just like the traditional Microsoft Office suite, it also allows all the basic features of creating, saving, editing, managing, and sharing files. Then what is the hype all about?

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Well, WPS Office is a lot more capable than one thinks it is. And the fact that it has replaced everyone’s favorite MS Office in almost all aspects is convincing for a reason. Its improved functionality has taken it a long way by significantly increasing the number of installations and satisfied users over the recent years.

If you are a beginner WPS office user or have enough experience with MS Office, you’re probably familiar with the general skills of WPS. But you might be missing out on so much if you’re still unaware of the special skills of WPS that are absolute gold.

Exceptional WPS Skills You Must Know

We have narrowed down a list of some of the most exclusive WPS Office skills for you. Keep reading through the article to master these skills and improve your working efficiency manifolds.

Simplifies Work complexity

One of the main reasons WPS Office got hype is the degree to which it simplifies carrying out multiple tasks concurrently. It has a broad interface that accommodates all the main functionalities in an organized way.

You can choose to create a text file, spreadsheet, PDF, or presentation, choose a template, access old files, and carry out conversions, as well as take a look at the teamwork, all from the Home page with just one click.

Unified Window View

While you manage multiple tasks concurrently, you need to switch between various files quite often. Suppose you’re preparing your resume in a built-in template in one tab, alongside reading a PDF in another and supervising teamwork on a shared spreadsheet as well. The idea of frequently switching between these files seems exhausting.

In such a scenario, WPS Office provides the functionality of a unified window. Just like Google does, it manages all your tabs in a single window. This allows you to frequently open and switch between multiple tabs at once, hence simplifying task management.

Eye Protection Mode

One very intimate function of WPS Office is the eye protection mode. Having to sit all day long in front of a computer screen and continue working and analyzing tasks can put a severe strain on your eyes.

If such is the case, you can choose to work with WPS Office’s eye protection mode. When enabled, the background of the file turns green, enhancing a clearer and more focused view. However, you may also switch to dark mode for a further decreased brightness level.

Data Synchronization

Data synchronization allows you to check, edit, or update any shared files and save changes to shared devices as well. This is made possible by enabling the cloud synching service of WPS Office.

Any files that you save and share via the cloud platform are editable at any time, anywhere. The changes you make to the shared file will also sync to a copy of your file residing on another computer. This makes information upgradation easier.

Privacy is Guaranteed With Private Files

If there are any files you don’t want anybody else to access or read, WPS Office allows you to make them private. You can create an independent password of your own and encrypt your private files using it.

The high-security measures guarantee the protection of private files from unauthorized users. Even with your WPS account logged in, the password is needed every time to access private files.

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What you have just learned about WPS Office is a small part of what it is fully capable of. There are other major features such as image editing, third-party integrations, data extraction, etc, with a bunch of collaboration tools and a lot more to still explore.

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