4 Best Practices For Marketing Desserts and Increasing Sales

With the insane variety of desserts on the market today, encouraging customers to order sweets can seem impossible. Everyone has different tastes and it’s difficult to adhere to all of them.

The presentation and display of the dessert are arguably the most important aspect of its marketing and the appetite of the customers. Simply looking at a mouthwatering sweet treat is enough for a customer to create it.

But if they fail in that way, it’s going to be harder to market and promote the desserts. Here are some unique marketing tactics you can use to boost dessert sales,

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Everyone is on social media, making it the biggest market for businesses to expand their reach. If you haven’t already put yourself on the grid, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers and viewers.

Having a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube can make you instantly more trustworthy to customers. They are more likely to purchase from you if they know what your business is all about and what you offer.

Optimize the Desert Menu

Marketing doesn’t always have to be psychological. In fact, visual marketing is often the most effective and is proven to convince customers faster. One way to implement visual marketing is with your restaurant menu design.

The restaurant menu is something that every customer, whether in-person or online will take a look at before ordering anything from you. The right design elements can enhance the look of your menu and bring attention to certain sections like the ones for portuguese custard tarts at Casa Nata.

Attract More Foot Traffic

Although maximizing online traffic is crucial for any business in this day and age, that doesn’t mean you should neglect foot traffic, especially if your shop is located in a mall or busy street. Make yourself stand out from the competition by having eye-catching features.

Ensure that potential customers passing by your shop find something unique that attracts them and entices them to walk in. You can hire a professional artist or a student from a local art college to paint and design your walls. Additionally, you can also have a lovable mascot for your shop.

Use Toppings and Ingredients Creatively

Premium and familiar toppings will increase the likelihood of customers ordering your deserts. Not everyone has the money in their pocket, or desire really, to try something new, so offering craveable familiarity is a perfect way to entice new customers.

There are three main things to consider for your toppings and ingredients:

  • Customized: Using the same Butterfinger pieces as your cherry on top as the restaurant from across the street uses isn’t enough to convince customers to order yours. Offer a wide variety of premium toppings that customers can choose from instead.
  • Familiar: Most customers gravitate to foods and items that they know the taste of, namely branded products like Oreos or Snickers.
  • Indulgent: Desserts that have more than one sweet included, like s’mores cakes, and those that are more interactive will likely boost your sales. Something that’s appealing and unique to only your restaurant will encourage youngsters to post pictures on their social media, giving you free publicity.

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