7 best pre-schools in Gurgaon for your Lil toddlers

Education opens doors to a thriving tomorrow and that is why it is very crucial to register your toddlers in schools that concentrate on quality teaching and wide learning from the initial stage itself. And, to help all of you new parents, we’ve made a handpicked list of preschool in Gurgaon that are the absolute cream of the top. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Anand preschool

When it arrives to the flourishing future of your toddler, it is very crucial to push them in the correct direction from an early age itself and Anand Preschool confirms the same in the best feasible methods. With a variety of Montessori preschool and Playway methods, these good folks strive for the overall evolution of your little ones. 

Early learning village

Early learning village provides an ideal amalgamation of Indian ethos and contemporary education, where kids are introduced to academic distinction along with philosophies and moral values. These good folks think that toddlers understand best when they are exploring and playing and thus, they teach everything in a fun and interactive manner, confirming the holistic evolution of the kid.

The Shri ram early years

The Shri ram early years feels that toddlers between the age of two and five years require the utmost priority and awareness as they’re keen to learn. Thus, they strive to offer an amazing atmosphere that will encourage them and create options to arouse their interest, excitement, and curiosity while infusing sound values in them; such as sensitivity and respect. Here, kids are not only provided with the best skills but also a highly influential and creative learning program for their overall evolution. 

Pathways early years

A high-performing organization with a holistic strategy for education, Pathway Early Years offers an environment that’s facilitative for learning and for tiny toddlers to evolve their social capabilities. The school seeks to support the foundation of your little toddlers by offering interactive learning and active participation in a ton of co-curricular exercises, games, and more. 

Klay school

Klay School is one of the best preschool in Gurgaon that is devoted to fostering the early years of future leaders of our nation. Here, the overall evolution of the toddlers is prioritized and the whole team goes the extra mile to confirm the same. From educational excellence to personality development, they take care of it all!


Shikshantar thinks each kid is different, and he/she must be identified for his/her powers. This is why, to conduct this idea into reality, they’ve made an atmosphere free of critique and agreement, where kids can speak up their minds and embrace their identity without any worry.

Leens Nestling

Last but undoubtedly not least on our list is Leens Nestling, a playschool that completely considers offering the utmost value to toddlers through creative learning. Here, the whole curriculum is organized in a manner to care for, foster, and above all, fulfill the various requirements of your tiny toddlers. In this helping atmosphere, the kids learn fine and gross motor skills relying upon their development requirements and capabilities.


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