Simple Tips For Cooling A Room And Maintaining It

This topic has become a common topic and is now a part of everyday conversation for many of us. It’s being unable to imagine life without AC in the summer. Amazingly, our country has over 300 million homes equipped with AC for cooling off in the heat or during the summer. This is only 5% of our country’s total population, however impressive it may sound.

These numbers raise questions about how 95% of people can survive without AC or how AC was used in ancient times. There are many ways to feel comfortable and cool without paying high electricity bills. There are many ways to feel cool and comfortable, and we will discuss five for your benefit.

Cover Window Windows In The Day Time

The purpose of keeping the curtains closed during daylight is not to protect privacy but to lower the temperature by about 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Venetian blinds, or light-colored blinds, allow for adequate lighting in the room. They also keep the room cool. After sunset or at night, the blinds can be opened. You can place cardboard on the windows to make the room look more cave-like. This will help to remove the heat from the room. Covering windows during peak heat hours is the best way to get cooler, as they are the largest sources of unwanted heat and excess heat.

Limit Hot Appliances

The appliances we use daily for modern conveniences, such as an oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and washing machine, emit mild to substantial heat. The washer cycles hot water vigorously, but the spin cycle of dryers generates a lot of heat. We can wash both dishes and clothes at the same time, so we can save energy and use them less often. This will help to reduce the heat during peak hours.

If one is keen to eat grilled food, the need for stovetops and ovens can be reduced. This will result in a reduction in heat generation. It is better to turn on the fan when the stove is operating. This will increase air distribution, even though it doesn’t cool down.

Install An Air Cooler

There are many ways to keep cool in summer, including taking cold showers, hanging damp sheets on the windows, and using exhaust fans more often than usual. However, the best way to beat the heat is to buy and install an Air Cooler. This should ideally be portable.

It is more appropriate for dry climates as the air evaporative coolers are best suited to such conditions. Because they are portable, an evaporative air cooler keeps you cool in the living room and bedroom at night.

There are many reasons to choose an air cooler, but the most important are:

  • They are significantly more affordable than Air Conditioners and much less expensive.
  • The evaporative mechanism of an Air Cooler ensures that the cooling is substantial and the fresh air flow in the environment is constant.
  • You can do most of the maintenance and servicing yourself without relying on an on-call mechanic.
  • It is easy on the pocket because the electricity consumption is lower, and the electricity bills don’t go up despite sustained high usage.

Health Benefits From An Air Cooler 

An air cooler uses relative humidity and evaporative procedures. It pulls in air from the outside, mixes it with water droplets, and transforms it into cold air. This cool air is then blown outside to cool your area. Air coolers have the following distinct advantages:

  • We breathe fresh, not recycled, air. This keeps our lungs healthy and non-toxic.
  • CFC and other greenhouse gases are not released, so the environment is eco-friendly.
  • The air thrown away is not dry but contains a certain amount of humidity, which helps moisturize the skin, especially in dry climates.


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