What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?

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Negligent behavior is the key word in understanding the grounds for a wrongful death claim. These specific claims differ from other claims that can be brought up in a court of law, because the outcomes of these claims are purely financial. When a suit is brought up about wrongful death, the parties wronged are seeking financial compensation for a lost loved one – and not for any consequences of jail time or probation. Simply put, a wrongful death claim is when someone has died due to the negligence of another person and the family or loved ones decide to pursue suing the responsible party for the death. Each state has its own individual statues it abides by in the cases dealing with wrongful death. Many of the wrongful death claims in the United States are medical malpractice claims and each claim can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. There are different kinds of cases and specific lawyers that deal with wrongful death claims as well. 

Examples of Wrongful Death Claims

When a wrongful death claim is brought up, there are many different situations that could have led this to happen. Medical malpractice is a common wrongful death claim that is made in the United States. These can come about because a patient was misdiagnosed – and due to the misdiagnoses had died. Other reasons for medical malpractice wrongful death claims would be because the doctor was negligent in the care of the patient or general carelessness occurring in the hospital. Another common wrongful death claim deals with automobile accidents. If someone died in a car accident and it was found out that the driver was being negligent while driving (i.e. looking at phone, driving drunk, not obeying the laws) then they can be sued for wrongful death. Intentional killings can also have a wrongful death claim tacked onto it aside from the existing criminal charges that will be brought up against the individual. Those two claims will be different because wrongful death claims are considered civil cases whereas murder, or intentional killing, is considered a criminal case. 

Legal Help For Wrongful Death

These particular cases can be difficult to work with in trying to prove that wrongful death occurred. So, when seeking legal help to assist in bringing up this claim, it is important to get lawyers with specific knowledge and training in this area. If you are in the Monroe, Georgia area, Monroe GA personal injury lawyers can be there for you. When someone you loved has died due to the negligence of another person, you can file a claim for a wrongful death. These claims tend to be more time sensitive, so it is important to contact a lawyer right away to start the process before you lose your time window. Many attorneys and lawyers have extensive knowledge of the legal system and claims, but personal injury lawyers will be the ones with the most specialized knowledge to assist in the specific claims. They will help to build a solid case through gathering evidence and understanding the liability for all the parties involved. Personal injury lawyers are here to assist you in any way possible during that hard time. They will be your representative to seek justice for your loved one who has passed on and for your family as well. 


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