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7 Simple Business Ideas for Start-ups

Are you planning on starting a business and have no idea what business to start? Then we got you. Starting a business can be a daunting task from finances, marketing, and creating a stable foundation. Although it seems tiresome, if it is well-managed, you will reap the profits with a big smile on your face. In this post, we highlight some ideas for start-ups and how to navigate the already crowded market. 

Selling Furniture

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Investing in furniture is not a new idea in the market; on the contrary, it is a widely practised business. However, just like the fashion industry, furniture designs evolve daily, making it a lucrative business to try. Your brand can be reputable for providing eccentric designs that are unique to every client. While working with furniture, you can either decide to make them yourself or, better yet, partner with an already established furniture manufacturer.

For a start-up, the latter option is best since you will partner with an already known brand. An excellent example of a furniture manufacturer is Keekea furniture, a company based in China. They will supply your business with high-quality furniture that will give you an edge over your competitors.


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A restaurant is another excellent idea for a start-up business. If you have a passion for cooking, then this is perfect for you. The first thing to do is come up with the concept of what your restaurant will be. Your restaurant must represent a specific concept to allow customers to know what they expect in the menu. You can then get investments for the business, sort out your finances, decide on the location, and get a license.

It is vital to consult a professional to help you whenever possible. Additionally, for a successful restaurant business, you need to be unique from already existing ones. You can achieve uniqueness by diversifying your menu, have excellent customer service, and make both the interior and exterior appealing for customers.


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If you are running out of ideas on what to do with your saved money, then tailoring is a good business. Tailoring is an accessible business to start, especially when you know sewing. Sewing is a skill you can learn fast and is more advantageous for creative people since the fashion industry requires creativity. You can start small with few customers who will help you market the outfits, and from there, you can grow your brand.

For tailoring, you will need a sewing machine, and electric ones are the best. Additionally, you can invest in circular knitting machines to reduce the cost of purchasing some fabrics.  If you have a large following on your social media platforms, you can market your products. However, using influencers is recommended for a better reach.

Become a Professional Makeup Artist 

Becoming a makeup artist is not a conventional business, but nowadays, non-conventional ideas are selling. You can start by enrolling in a makeup class and, from there, build your portfolio. Take time to learn different techniques in applying makeup so that you outshine other makeup artists. Moreover, apart from the makeup, you also need to grow your online presence as most clients you find on social media. 

Since you will be dealing with various makeup products, you should also be conversant with the best products for your clients. Skin is a susceptible part of the body; hence you need to keep this in mind when purchasing products such as foundation, concealers, eye makeup, eyelashes, lipstick, etc. 

Jewellery Making 

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Jewellery comes in various forms and materials, meaning jewellery making can be a genius idea of a start-up business. You can work with whatever you have, either metal, wood, plastic, pearls, beads, among others. The material you choose for your collection will depend on your capital, preference, skills, and target customers. For instance, when working with metal, some tools are required, and they may be a bit costly compared to working with other materials. 

Metal needs to be heated and modified to a particular shape to come up with the final product. The advantage of working with jewellery is there is always a market for the products regardless of the material used. 

Cleaning Services

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/VRpjDw3WqqI

Cleaning services is an excellent start-up business idea that you can start even without an office. You can even begin alone before you grow and build your team. The business does not need significant capital to begin operations. However, you still need some money to buy cleaning products for various surfaces. Your clients will come from residential areas, commercial buildings, schools, churches, among others. 

In this business, you should know the chemicals best suited for cleaning various surfaces. Some chemicals work on specific surfaces and damage others; hence you should be cautious to prevent damage to your client’s properties. 


All the big brands started as small start-up businesses, and this should be enough motivation for you to create your dream business. It will not be an easy feat since you will face different challenges. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship is more rewarding than being employed because you can express yourself through your products and services. For additional tips, you can always enrol in a business school to learn more about entrepreneurship. 

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