List of top 5 best Corrugated box Supplier in USA

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Cardboard boxes are recyclable prefabricated boxes that are often used in industry for the storing, packaging, and shipment of goods and commodities.

They are typically composed of card stock, paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated box supplier’s manufacturer specializes in cardboard boxes, but they frequently provide a variety of other items, such as containers made of other materials or various types of cardboard and paper. If you’d like a more in-depth look at corrugated carton box and paper products, here’s a list of top 5 best online suppliers in USA. 

Gorgia Pacific 

Georgia-Pacific is a paper product producer that makes tissues, napkins, towels, diapers, face tissues, disposable cutlery, cups and plates, insulations, laminations, foundry, metalworking, mining, and packaging, among other things.

Its Georgia-Pacific packaging and cellulose business segment, which offers fiber-based solutions, delivers corrugated packaging solutions. For a variety of sectors, the firm offers bespoke packaging materials as well as regular corrugated containers.

International Paper 

International Paper manufactures corrugated boxes in accordance with client requirements for transportation and safety laws. Corrugated sheets, corrugated general packaging, corrugated protein packaging for frozen and refrigerated items, corrugated bulk packaging, bag in box packaging, electronic packaging, and corrugated produce packaging are all part of the company’s corrugated business.


For the industrial and consumer industries, KapStone manufactures and distributes containerboard, corrugated goods, and specialty paper. It makes a variety of kraft and recycled goods, including liner and medium containerboard, Saturating Kraft, and folding carton boards. It has 21 corrugated product production factories under its control, as well as multi-color printing capabilities for graphic boxes and displays.  

Vantage Box 

Talking about Corrugated box supplier, but not mentioning Vantage Boxes will be unfair. They have decades of combined expertise, as well as a complete grasp of the custom packaging process in a variety of industries, allowing us to provide you with full-service package design and printing services.

For corrugated carton box trust the specialists at Vantage Boxes to produce a stunning solution! From choosing the best packaging material for your product to creating a look that captivates your target audience and enhances your brand, we’ve got you covered.  


Mondi’s pulp mills turn wood into pulp, and its paper mills turn paper and pulp into uncoated fine paper and packaging paper for recycling. Containerboard and kraft paper are among the company’s packaging paper goods, while its uncoated fine paper division offers professional printing and office papers.

Polymers, packaging papers, aluminum foils, films, and other raw materials are also converted into package goods such as industrial bags, consumer packaging, corrugated packaging, extrusion coatings, and advanced materials by the organization.

The ridged flutes of corrugated paper, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, are intended to sustain a lot of weight. This is advantageous not just for transportation purposes, but also for bearing the weight of food in pizza boxes and corrugated cardboard takeout boxes.

There are hundreds of corrugated box suppliers in the USA discussed above, but vantage box is the best among all others.

Vantage Boxes is the first customized packaging company in the United States to provide a custom design lab, live preview, and quick quote, allowing you to unpack your ideas and construct your design while receiving help. So, now corrugated carton box for your business in not a problem anymore.

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