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Studying at Bangalore’s Global Indian Int School is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This guide can help you Apply for MCM Scholarship.


Studying at Bangalore’s Global Indian International School is a once in a lifetime opportunity due to the benefits accrued. GIIS Bangalore guarantees:

1.   Excellent academic performance: The school has competent and experienced teachers who offer quality education to its students, reflected in the satisfactory academic grades.

2.   The holistic development of your child: GIIS prioritizes an all-around student; hence, it emphasizes engaging in out-of-class activities that aid in evolving an intelligent child and a social and emotionally smart student.

3.   University placement: For students who perform exceptionally, GIIS enrols them into some of their campuses worldwide.


4.   Sports excellence: GIIS is all about talent nurturing. So, if a student is talented in a particular sport, GIIS seeks to promote talent by providing playgrounds with the right equipment to help children practice and better their skills.

5.   Student’s personal development: GIIS seeks to nurture an independent, confident, creative, and hardworking student.

6. A Diverse environment for child social development: As GIIS is an international school, it brings together learners with different cultures, religions, races, and beliefs. Through interaction, learners learn to appreciate individual differences, thus growing into adults who can peacefully coexist with each other.

However, some parents may not afford the school’s tuition fees. For this reason, the Global school foundation has sought to help the needy yet deserving students to study in GIIS by offering a two-year Merit-cum-means scholarship tenure.


To apply for the scholarship, one has to consider the following.

1. Eligibility

 Who is eligible for the MCM scholarship?

· New or existing student can apply for the scholarship

· One has to be an Indian citizen

· One should have an above-average academic performance, that is, 60% marks or equivalent

· Students in the nursery school level to grade 12 are eligible to apply for the scholarship in the Whitefield campus

· While students in nursery school level to grade 7 are eligible to apply in the Bannerghatta campus

2. Requirements

The scholarship requires that students attach.

· Academic records of the past two years

· Family income documents of the past two years for both the father and the mother

· In case one has local guardians, they should also attach their gross income documents of the past two years

· Attach a self-declaration form for the gross family income.

3. Deadlines

Ensure that you are keen on the deadlines. You must submit your application before the set deadlines to avoid disqualifications. 

Apply for the Merit-cum-means scholarship 


The following are the steps of applying for the mcm scholarship.

Step 1: Filling the Application Form

Visit the scholarship website, click on apply, and fill in the application form. Ensure that you attach all the relevant documents, including your academic records, family income documents, and a self-declaration form for the gross family income.

Step 2: Submission of the Application Form

Submit your application. It is worth noting that submitting an application form without the required documents will lead to automatic disqualification. Ensure that you submit an application form free from grammatical errors. Use formal language. Be careful with your word diction.

Ensure you write an appealing resume highlighting all your achievements. Make sure your resume stands out. Before submitting your application, have a trusted friend, or academic counsellor read your application. They have a better chance of identifying the mistakes that may not have caught your eye; this ensures that you submit an error-free application.

Once one applies, the organizers assess the application form and schedule an interview for shortlisted students. There will then be selection and disbursal of the merit-cum-means scholarship funds.

Follow these steps in the application for the merit-cum-means scholarship. Ensure that you consider whether you are eligible for the scholarship and attach all the relevant documents to increase your chances of studying at GIIS in Bangalore.

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