How Asset Misappropriation is Essential for Pre-Employment Screening?

Asset Misappropriation is Essential for Pre-Employment Screening

This guide can help everyone when selecting an employee. Importance of Asset Misappropriation is Essential for Pre-Employment Screening.


The entire world of pre-employment screening tends to imply various frauds that might be caused during employee selection. It usually is stated that when an employee is involved in any theft, it is suggested as an asset misappropriation. This is the primary reason why so many companies tend to choose pre-employment screening companies to detect the employees rightly.

If the employees are not appropriately selected, there are chances that they might not be the perfect example for the company. It would help if you chose to choose these probations before choosing a company.

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Forgery check 

In the entire theft related to the misappropriation, there are several checks that any employee could process. Among these, one of the essential ones is when an employee signs on a check that has been made by the company and redeems the amount from the same.

It is needed that you keep the company’s clause much strict to avoid these types of challenges and issues. Try to book a company that will rightly determine these abilities and then decides what to do. 

Tampering and kiting checks 

There are often issues like tampering caused by an employee in a company. You need to look forward to these issues and take proper assistance to deal with the same. If you can decide that the employee is responsible for tampering with the data, feel free to expel them. When selecting a pre-employment screening company, provide them with the needs you are seeking and choose the best ability. 

Inventory based theft checkup 

One of the most common thefts of all time that have been recorded by several pre-employment screening companies is that of these. Employees tend to steal a particular product from the company and resell it according to their market value. Try to analyze these fundamental values and then choose whether the employee will be the right fit for your needs or not. It’s essential to divert these issues and take proper assistance to get an appropriate value from it. 

Cash-based theft 

A different type of theft that often occurs in the market is cash withdrawal theft among the employees. In most cases, employees working in a retail environment tend to process these challenges. If you are an owner of a retail store, try to be perfectly careful about these thefts in particular. In most cases, the employee might steal an amount of cash, skim it, return the actual fraud, or any other scheme related to it. 

Analysis of reimbursement fraud 

Other than the above-related forgery, there are other thefts that you need to keep a heck on, too, when booking a pre-employment screening company. Among these types of frauds, it is the forging of the receipts and using it for other related measures.

In other cases, it could be used by the employee for double claiming the same value of the reimbursement claims in particular. In addition to these, there are also chances of inflated expense related claims and value associated with the complete overall process. 

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Payment and procurement fraud 

The last fraud that several thefts often do overall the market space is that of this one. In most cases, if the over-ordering of the products is not returned and valued for some time, it is refunded and not returned to the essential limit and value. If you are going to choose a pre-employment screening company, mention them to look into these matters essentially to help you out.

There are also chances of payment or altering the mentioned related frauds for the payees. In other cases, there are also self-authorizing based payments that might be a reason to think about it. 

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