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Top 6 Games Like Dark Room – Best Text Base Role Play Games for Mobiles

Games Like a Dark Room – Read about a very cool and simple genre of Pc gaming and the top 6 games ever created for it in History of Text-based RPG.

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Introduction to Dark Room
Details of Games Like Dark Room
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Introduction to Dark Room

Popular text-based RPG game was released for browsers only but later they created it for different mobiles too. Its a huge game and don’t think it as a simple basic type of game. The game begins when player wakeup in dark room after some kind of mysterious event happen. On the start of the game, player can only do limited tasks but when Dark Room progress, player abilities are also getting better.

Interacting with strangers, collect resources, start a village, and explore lot of open-world are important tasks that you can see the player is completing. When game progress, resources are increasing with time, and lot of more puzzles are there to solve. A lot of positive reviews are received by this game and most people recommend it to try as it provided a completely different type of RPG style.

There are a lot of secrets to be revealed throughout this game and players can learn about the spaceship, alien species, meet different kinds of people, and much more. After the game begins, player met with a woman who is a builder. Both of them work hard together and build a village to help everyone who needs it. More people join them and build a village, collect resources. Soon these people are more likely to be slaves than free people who are just working for player and builder women.

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Another important feature of the game is exploring everywhere around the village. During this exploration, the player can also die and wake up back in the village. After some time because of player behavior, cruelty, and some other reasons, Builder left the village. The Player met someone who was part of spaceship and travel so many different planets already. Now the player decided to go after her and bring her back if possible.

Details of Games Like Dark Room

1- Choices That Matter

Collection of much text-based games where they update regularly and make their game better day by day. Players are allowed to see some stats like how many people already visit a page where the player is now reached. There are 3 main adventure stories that are very large with thousands of choices to make, everyone of it takes you to a different ending.

In 1st adventure, the sun is randomly disappearing from the earth and return after a few hours. Someone is killing scientists and now you must work with your partner to solve this mystery. Travel through the globe, read about ancient religions, too much information to collect, and try to solve this problem. Remember, every choice you are making really matters in this game and there are multiple endings to the game which totally depend on your decisions.

The second adventure is also interesting where you have some kind of gift which can allow you to contact dead people. But some dangerous enemies may try to use your gift to alter the life and death reality to something different. Travel to ancient times where you can explore and save yourself from enemies, use your gift, and also discover unlimited secrets in this text-based game. You can consider this Choices That Matter as perfect games like Dark Room.

As per 3rd story, you wake up in a cell with no memory about yourself and many other people are also there as prisoners with you. Now you must discover what actually happened and try to find about yourself. You must discover other prisoners if they are your friends or enemy.

2- Blackbar

Simple cool game with only text involved. The main focus of the game is about censorship. Normal it shows you a lot of text on the screen as paragraph style and some of the words or lines are in black color which you can’t read. Now your task is simple, try to write what actually must be filled in this black bar area. You must know its very challenging game but a very interesting story involved for fun.

People may think it’s not a game because of its completely different structure and changed design. But in most players’ opinion, this game is better than most other text games. Many amazing games created in the play store are failed to get that much attention which you can see for this game. The game actually challenges your ability to think and write naturally. It’s not like a choice game where everything is written there and you can just choose anything to move to the next level.

3- Magium

A really cool text-based game where you are playing as a normal guy who is trying to win Mage tournament. But there are the most powerful players who are competing and the main goal of this guy is to get this award to fulfill his dreams. It seems impossible because you are fighting with the top talent of the whole world which is not easy to defeat. Game is very challenging and you can consider it the best alternative to the darkroom.

The location for this tournament is on a different content which is created in very old medieval times. Don’t think that this game is just about winning tournament but you must explore this large area to know more about the location of Tournament. Rating for this game is very high which can show how much people love it. Games also allow you to make friends and enemy which are other players.

Magium is a very long game and required too much time and concentration to complete it. Over 178k words are included and more than 700 book pages are involved. They created 2 books in series, you must complete 1st book before you are able to play second. Thousands of people already review this game on the play store and consider it one of the best Text-based game ever. Consider it better than any games like Dark Room.

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4- Simulacra – Pipe of Dreams

Pipe of Dreams is a horror game that you can consider the best game of this type. You are playing as the owner of phone and game mostly is all about 2 friends who are talking to each other on the text. Real-life is a mess and they are trying to get away from it by playing a game on mobile. But soon they realize that this game on this phone is not as simple as it may look like.

Other then normal conversation, the game character wants you to play the most popular game of 2004 Flappee Bird with him. It was a very cool game that everyone installs on their phone. Now you need to spend your time playing this game while texting and talking to your friend. Sometime you may think that it’s not easy to understand what you are actually doing in-game. Some choices and text are very weird. They tried their best to make this game look more horror but it not that much perfect game compare to other text games.

5- Out There Chronicles 

Best adventure text-based game ever created which is also good for those who like space type games. But other then action, now a lot of text is involved to make everything cool. You wake up on a planet name America which is built by humans when they flee from the earth. Now you left it for adventure to meet many different characters in-game and reach different kinds of locations everywhere inside the galaxy.

You may find too many unanswered questions throughout the game, some of them are easy to answer but most can still stay as a mystery. In this game to survive against dangerous enemies, friendship is your only weapon. A complete story is written for you to explore in this game about science fiction. Out There Chronicles is just a perfect gift for those who love science fiction games.

The most important feature of this game is graphics which are really amazing. You may see some of the ships, aliens, and other characters in-game. When you look at the screen and read the text, it’s like these ships are really moving or characters are talking. Perfect game ever created which is best for almost everything.

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6- Detective’s Choice

As you can read above, you are plying as a detective, and a lot of choices are to make in this textbase game. Unlike some other detectives, you are trying to solve some very dangerous cases. Consider it as a survival game too because you may need to make hard choices and too many enemies are there who may stop you from getting to the truth.

Everything begins when a girl enters your office and asks for you to investigate who is trying to kill her? It’s easy to understand from this story that there is someone who is trying to kill a girl for some reason and may try to kill you too. There is a rank system that can give you score at the end of game. But survival and completing this story is very difficult. Those who accept the challenge of this story can only play it.

Most Amazing Posts on the Same Topic

Ranker is a very popular site where they include a list of games and also cover many other topics by allowing users to vote for them. They create a list of games like dark rooms and some people already vote for them which can help you understand which game is better than others. Unfortunately, we are not able to find any other good written articles on the same topic.

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Conclusion for Games Like Dark Room

Unlike some large games, this genre of RPG is different and provides a unique gaming experience. Players may need to read a lot of text to understand what’s going on in-game. But you can see there is less action and your decisions can affect what’s coming next in-game. Focus is most important in these games because you can’t try to play and finish this game so fast as others. Spend time, read, learn, and act to reach possible better ending.

There are some articles available on google on the same topic but only 1 article you can see above is good enough to be added here. If your site authority is better and you think we should add your article here too, please comment or contact us.

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