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Green tea is originated from India & China; it is very well known for its health benefits. Read about some common Benefits of Green Tea.


Green tea is originated from India & China; it is very well known for its health benefits like weight loss, preventing several skin diseases & act as a immunity booster. There are several other unknown excellent benefits that most people are not aware of. Following are the unrecognized benefits of green tea.

1) Green tea prevents cancer diseases 

A study by National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that green tea contains polyphenols, reducing tumor growth in labs. It can also protect us from damaged caused by Ultraviolet radiation (UV Radiation). The study also says that it has a good impact on cancer.

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Bladder cancer
  3. Ovarian cancer
  4. Lungs cancer 
  5. Prostate cancer

2) Green Tea helps in lowering cholesterol

Some studies published in 2011 shows that green tea is linked with reducing the cholesterol level in the body & LDL, which is bad cholesterol which is beneficial for preventing cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks & strokes.

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3) Green tea can also act as a memory booster

Research in the journal psychopharmacology says that green tea can increase cognitive function or brain & also affects the memory also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

4) Prevention of Heart disease

Some research says that it may prevent clots’ formation, which further reduces the risk of a heart attack. It also works on the lining of blood vessels, which helps to withstand blood pressure changes.

5) Benefits for skin

Some research article says that it helps in lowering the wrinkles & aging signs. Antioxidants present in green tea helps in preventing wrinkles. Clinical (Human) & Pre-clinical (Animal) studies suggest green tea can lower the sun damage on the skin when applied externally.

6) Depression

Around 264 million people from all gender & all age group suffer from Depression. India, China & U.S.A are the top countries that rank in depression prevalence. Green tea helps to come out from depression by its relaxing & tranquilizing action.

7) To live a long life

Some studies found that regular green tea drinkers tend to look younger than nongreen tea drinkers of the same age. Drinking green tea is also link to long life.

8) Supporting the bone health

Drinking green tea may lead to stronger bones; it prevents bone loss & lowers fracture risk. The antioxidant present in it does all this.

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9) Healthy hair 

You can drink green tea if you are suffering from hair fall. Green tea can prevent hair fall & make the hair stronger 

10) Green tea for genital warts 

Green tea could be effective against genital warts. Green tea ointments are present in the market as a prescription drug.

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