Benefits of Olive Oil Massage – How it’s Beneficial for Skin, Hair and Body?

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List of all Benefits which you can get from Olive Oil Massage. Complete explanation about how it’s beneficial for skin, hair, and body?


Olive oil is rarely used in India. But it has many advantages, due to which its use is increasing in India too. Olive oil is also used in certain recipes. Olive oil is called olive oil in Hindi.

Olive oil contains monosaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) that keep blood pressure under control and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. Although there are many benefits of olive oil, today we will talk about the benefits of massage of olive oil.

Oil massage is very beneficial for the body. It gives many benefits to the body. Before knowing the benefits of massage with olive oil, let us know what the body benefits from massage of oil.

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Benefits of oil massage

Massage of oil is given great importance in Ayurveda. Oil massage is considered very effective even in very big problems. Massaging the oil keeps the body fit and disease-free. Let us know its benefits.

  • Blood attack increases in the body. The blood reaches every part of the body and carries nutrients to every part of the body.
  • Massage opens the pores of the skin and also provides relief in skin-related diseases.
  • Massaging with scalp oil reduces stress and improves sleep.
  • Oil massage quickly and easily removes toxins from the body.
  • Massage of oil removes heat from the body and the metabolism of the body is good.
  • Massage of the oil increases the flexibility of the body. Due to which, the possibility of joint pain and injury also decreases.
  • Massage removes dead cells of the skin, which makes the skin glow.

Benefits of Olive Oil massage

Olive oil was also called liquid gold in ancient times because it works like gold for your skin, hair and health. It brings a glow to the skin, stops hair fall, breakage and makes the body healthy and strong. Let us know the benefits of olive oil massage.

  • Olive oil massage prevents signs of ageing.
  • Olive oil contains collagen for new skin cells. Massaging with this oil removes dead cells from the skin, making the skin look young.
  • Women get stretch marks after pregnancy. Olive oil is found in good amounts for vitamin E and vitamin A beneficial for the skin. Therefore it is very beneficial to remove the stretch marks of the skin.
  • Olive oil massage can make married life happy. With this massage, the blood attack also reaches those essential parts of the body which are needed for making love. Massaging it strengthens your organs.
  • Massage with olive oil relieves joint pain. Massaging this oil is also considered beneficial for arthritis pain.
  • Cracked heels look very dirty and often cause pain. Massage of olive oil fixes torn ankles very quickly.
  • If your nails have lost their colour, the vitamin E in olive oil can make their nails beautiful and shiny.
  • Olive oil is considered very beneficial for hair. Massaging the head with olive oil gives relief from problems such as hair fall, breakage and split hair.
  • Using olive oil in food and massaging it strengthens bones.
  • Massage with olive oil relieves swelling and pain in the neck, waist and shoulders. Research has shown that some such chemicals are found in olive oil, which works as anti-inflammatory drugs. These inflammatory enzymes prevent COX-1 and COX-2 formation.
  • Massaging this oil on the lips makes the lips soft, soft and shiny. Its massage heals the cracked lips.
  • Dark circles under the eyes snatch away the beauty of the face. But massaging the olive oil under the eyes with a cotton ball reduces dark circles. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best choice for the face.
  • Massaging with olive oil reduces excess fat stored in the stomach, thighs and other parts.
  • Olive oil also kills hair lice. For this, after massaging this oil in the hair, cover the head.
  • It works as a conditioner for hair by softening hair. With this, the problem of Russian hair can also be overcome.
  • Due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, applying this oil on the face with light hands also gets rid of facial pimples.
  • This oil can also be used to remove facial makeup. For this, you can use it to remove makeup of face and eyes by applying cotton.
  • Massage of this oil also reduces the blackness of the damaged skin due to suntan.
  • Olive oil massage nourishes the skin If your skin is dry and dry, massage with this oil removes the dryness of the skin.


There are numerous benefits of massaging with Olive oil and just oil massage in general, people use various other oils for this purpose apricot oil is one such oil with numerous benefits for both hair and skin.

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