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Best Places to Visit in India – Most Popular Travel Points to Spend Vacations

If you are planning to spend your vacation in someplace amazing, read the full article about a few best places to visit in India.


It’s so hard to write down down this post and narrow down my favorite places here but I asked about the only places to travel to in India from readers and typically email them my favorites, so figured I should put it during a blog post.

It’s not almost seeing the famous places in India, it’s about having cool experiences there – taking tours, cooking classes, trying massages, all of it! you’ll fill all of your time with forts, palaces, and historical places in India but confirm that you simply really shop around and see the sweetness and leave and explore it! There are some of the Best Places to visit in India in winter. Also, don’t forget to carry your travelling gadgets with you.

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Varanasi is far and away from the foremost unique place I’ve been within the entire world. this is often where many Hindus come to be cremated, along the Ganges. you’ll see sadhus with human ashes on them. Here are some recommendations on what to expect at the burning ghats in Varanasi, and a few general Varanasi travel tips also as to which places to go to.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is famous and a must-visit India landmark for a reason – it’s stunning! I hated being there I even have to admit. you’re herded like cattle through huge crowds if it’s busy but here are some tips for a Taj Mahal visit, like exposure for sunrise and saying no to photos. I even have a post on the way to do a Taj Mahal excursion from Delhi.

Anjuna / Vagator

Anjuna, my home of the last five years, is that the land of hippie vibes and therefore the end of the hippie trail within the ’60-’70s. Many foreigners came here and lived naked on the beach. Those days are gone but a number of them are still here and therefore the music, parties, yoga retreats, and laid-back attitude have stuck around, too. Here’s my ultimate guide to North Goa, and you’ll buy my full e-book on Goa here.

Rann of Kutch

This is where you’ll find the large salt plains in India. confirm to go to at the proper time (Nov-Feb) otherwise you might show up to seek out it underwater. you’ll experience local life here and see how artisans make traditional clothing. CN Traveler called it the new fashion place in India.

Kaziranga National Park

There aren’t many rhinos left within the world (they are endangered) but this park has worked hard to repopulate them and keep them safe from poachers. Some people buy the horns for Chinese medicine, and poaching may be a major issue. We got very on the brink of the rhinos here and it had been nothing but magical.


Darjeeling is understood for its rolling tea fields. you would possibly also realize it from a particular Wes Anderson film… It’s in West Bengal at the bottom of the Himalayas Mountains. this is often where the Brits would come for vacation back once they were on top of things in India. confirm you ride the toy train and inspect this post for more things to try to here.

BR Hills

This is for Biligirirangana Hills, which may be a protected area in Karnataka just near the Tamil Nadu border. This wildlife sanctuary has tigers but it’s tribal people too, called the Soliga, and this is often in my top 5 places I’ve ever been in India and perhaps even within the world. It’s so unique.

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Mysore is my favorite Indian city. There are numerous parks, so little traffic and therefore the market is extraordinary! If you would like to ease into India by starting during a small city, want to undertake Ayurveda, or do yoga teacher training (the best school is here), this is often where you would like to be. you’ll also take amazing day trips from Mysore. this text has 7 must-dos in Mysore.


We all know by now that the Beatles and other celebs loved Rishikesh and came here to be with their guru and write. Still, it’s an area for yogis and hippies. The Ganges runs through the lovable, busy, town and lots of tourists are here learning to show yoga themselves. Here are my tips for Rishikesh.


The Golden Temple is in Amritsar, a singular Sikh temple (made of gold) that’s the foremost stunning temple I’ve ever seen and an area that a lot of making a pilgrimage to in their lives. you’ll also attend the Wagah border of Pakistan while you’re here which is literally bizarre (please read this to understand why). Here are some tips for visiting Amritsar.


Although we’ve given the list of best places to go to in India, this list remains incomplete as describing the sweetness of India in words isn’t enough. But visiting the places given above offers you a cheerful memory for a lifetime. India may be a country of rich cultural heritage. Here rivers and plants are worshipped as Gods. this is often what makes our India Incredible.

One must visit India a minimum of once during a lifetime to experience the varied reminders of life. India could also be an area where you’ll see people of varied cultures and groups cohabitation. This diversity in ethnic groups makes India a colourful country!

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