What Are the Best Ways to Take Care of Bathroom Vanities Perfectly?

Bathroom vanities are undoubtedly a costly investment though a lifetime once. Read about Ways to Take Care of Bathroom Vanities.


Bathroom vanities are undoubtedly a costly investment though a lifetime once. So, it should be one that lasts for years to come. A good quality vanity is created to withstand the harsh conditions of the toilet. The furniture is designed to handle regular exposure to varying levels of humidity and heat. However, even the best vanities won’t look great unless they are properly taken care of. 

Tips to take care of bathroom vanities 

To keep the bathroom vanities looking great, you need to follow some maintenance tips, and here you go!

Bathroom vanities are not waterproof; they are water-resistant

Manufacturers often pride themselves on sealing processes the bathroom vanities made by them undergo, the quality of finishes, and the use of warp-resistant materials. Unlike normal furniture, these discount bathroom vanitieswon’t get damaged from being exposed to humidity or a minor amount of moisture.

However, the water in the vanity or the amount left standing on it can damage it the same as any wooden furniture. It is likely to leave stains, water spots and even causes warping and growth of mildew and mold with continuous exposure over the years. So, ensure no water is left in the vanity.

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Wipe up any spill promptly

Any unattended spill can cause danger to the wood vanities as well as stone-made vanity tops. Therefore, any spilled liquid must be promptly wiped up. To protect the finish of the furniture including its seals on the top, use a soft blotting motion instead of a wiping motion for lifting the spills. Keep the vanity dry to ensure its good look. It also helps to protect the sealing finishes and let them work properly.

Regular dusting and polishing are important

Take regular care of the vanity and discount cabinets. Use a soft dry cotton cloth to eliminate hair or lose dust. Apply a wood polish with a cotton cloth periodically; rub softly in the direction of the grains. This removes dirt and creates a barrier against moisture and dirt.

But don’t use any silicone-based cleaner. Rather use wax-based cleaners on bathroom vanities if recommended by the manufacturers. Regular maintenance helps to prevent dirt accumulation and keep it from penetrating the vanity while bolstering the protection of the furniture. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Though the modern bathroom vanities are being regularly exposed to extreme conditions, they are like other furniture of your home. So, they also should be taken care of. Any harsh chemical that you use to scrub the shower or the toilet may strip the finish right off the furniture.

If there is any development of mold and mildew, you can hardly remove them without damaging the finish of the vanity. So, it is even more important to remain consistent with the maintenance regimen and regular cleaning process to prevent any serious issue. 

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To keep the bathroom vanities at its best look and functionality, take proper and regular care of the furniture. Follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer. 

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