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When players buy gta v on Steam , they will find that there is more than one version of the game. There are three different versions of gta v, namely the original version, the enhanced version, and the expanded and enhanced version of gta v, then these three versions of gta v What’s the difference between the different versions?

Gta v original version

The original version of gta v was released in September 2013, which contains 3 sub-versions, namely Premium Online Edition, Premium Online Edition & Great White Shark Card Bundle and Premium Online Edition & Megalodon Shark Card Bundle, Premium Online Edition only has the game itself, and the other two In addition to the complete story mode and online mode, this version can also enjoy the latest gameplay and official production content, such as Doomsday Heist, Arms Domination, Casino Holidays, Wild Rush, and more, and you can also get an additional The crime syndicate starter pack.

Gta v enhanced version

The enhanced version of gta v was released in June 2014. This version uses the latest gameplay and official production content of the in-game special edition and collector’s edition as game rewards, and also adds a lot of game tokens. On the other hand, the quality of the game has also been improved. , added support for ray tracing, improved anti-aliasing, shadow textures, and more.

Gta v expanded and enhanced

Gta v expanded and enhanced launched on November 11, 2021, adding more features and new content compared to the previous version, as well as a new picture quality and engine, as well as faster frame rate and sharper , including faster game load times, increased population and vehicle types, and increased vegetation density, as well as improved anti-aliasing and motion blur, more realistic explosions, and more.

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