25 Best Idle Games for (Android, Pc & iOS) in 2020

Idle Games means very less interaction of players & most autoplay. Players just need to click to start some basic options & it will continue. In this article, you can read about 25 popular games for Mobile & Pc. All of these Idle Games are also explained very well.

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Details of Idle Games
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Idle Games are also known as Clicker Games or incremental Games. On these games, you just need to click with your mouse & get some reward, repeat the process multiple times for more & more. Sometimes you don’t need to do a lot of work on these games, mostly they built them to work automatically. User interaction with these games is very less compare to other games where players must involve a lot from start to end.

Some of the Idle games are very popular best Tycoon Games too. These games are also popular as clicker games because your involvement with the overall game is just a few clicks. These games are also very complicated to play but most processes are converted into simple clicks and automation. Its possible you may consider these games very easy to play, for kids only but it’s not true.

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There are some benefits of these games & that’s why more players started to love these games. Most of these types of games are automatic which means players don’t need to work hard to complete different levels like other games. These are time-saving games because players may need to spend only a few minutes every day for any game even complicated ones too. Clicker games are tests of a player’s mind & ability because choices are very simple to make which can change the whole game. One-click may change the whole game or the end of it.

Details of Idle Games

1- Cookie Clicker

At the start of this game, the player needs to click on a large cookie available on the screen. They earn 1 more cookie for every single click. With these cookies, players are able to purchase different items. A lot of different types of cursors, farms, and other items are available in this game which can produce auto cookies later. Sometimes small cookies appear on any random location on-screen, if players click on it they will get a boost in production. Overall Cookie Clicker is the best Idle Game ever created for lovers of Clicker Games. It’s a complete game about earning more cookies to purchase different kinds of upgraded items. Games become more interesting and awesome when progress with time.

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2- Grow Defense

An amazing auto game where you need to defend your castle against enemies of different kinds. But unlike other tower defense and similar games, this game is based on an automatic system, where you just need to upgrade your castle and some other activities are involved. Enemies become stronger with time & its hard to defend your castle. There are different rounds in this clicker game & you receive rewards for just successfully defending against enemies. As you can understand from the name, the main purpose is to improve the defense of your castle and make it stronger with time because more powerful enemies are coming after every new level.

3- Cow Clicker

Another amazing simple game that you can play on social network Facebook. In Cow Clicker, your main goal is simple, click on sprite cow every 6 hours to earn clicks. They out this limit for everyone until players purchase virtual currency for the game using Facebook credits. Players can also earn more credits if they can add more friends cow to their system. Similar to other games, they can share their game progress on profile. The game spread everywhere because the player gets different benefits for inviting their friends to play this game. There are millions of active users on Facebook every day & rate this game high which makes this game the best game in our list of idle games.

4- Realm Grinder

Really cool idle RPG game ever created in which you can grow your farm into a huge kingdom. As you know about the benefits fo idle clicker games, your game will still continue working when you are not online. You can build alliances with different factions in-game, each one of them behaves completely different from each other. Complete upgrade system and too many different items to purchase. The player can never feel boring when playing this game because tons of different new content are available when the game progress. The achievement system is also cool which convinces the player to play all the time to reach on top.

5- Crafting Idle Clicker

Becoming a crafting a tycoon is the main purpose of this game. You must mine and harvest different resources to craft items which can include from basic to legendary materials. But you can automatically sell your items and upgrades too. There are 3 features of this incremental game, build, invest, and research. It’s a really huge and complicated game but the process of playing is mostly automatic. The main reason for the success of the different idle games is their automatic system. The player role is just to set some tasks after some time or days & the game will automatically complete everything else.

6- Time Clickers

Your main goal is simple, use a pistol to start clicking on the start of the game. Collect gold to upgrade your pistol, hire other sharpshooters to help you in collecting. Similar to other games, use your gold & upgrade different mouse keys. There is a wave of enemies coming to attack you which are completely different sometimes from the previous level. We suggest you watch the above video to find out more about this game.

7- Creature Card Idle

An amazing game where you place your card strategically on board & start earning resources from it. It’s very important for you to choose the correct positions for a card to generate more resources. After you are able to collect enough resources, unlock the next expansion which is also an idle game of its own. The game becomes more complex with time & you can find a lot of other options or targets to complete. By generating more resources, you can speed up the game a little bit.

8- NGU Idle

If you are looking for Best Idle game related to the number, you may never see any other game like NGU Idle. Everyone loves numbers to go up which is a very easy & simple process in-game. More than 350 items are there to collect & a lot of upgrades for you to improve the game with time. Players can never feel boring with this simple incremental game. The rating for this game on Kongregate is very high with over 10 million gameplays.

9- Candy Box

Very old and popular clicking game released in 2013. Players receive 1 cookie per second, but this rate can increase with time when game progress. The game looks very easy & simple at the start but a lot of other options are available later. Players can eat those candies or use them to purchase different items. Fight with monsters or complete quests to get more candies.

10- Bit City

Bit City is best for those who love Tycoon, City Building & Management type games. But as you can understand from this list, all games are incremental, idle, or clicker only. The concept is different from all other idle games because you can build large cities with just a simple process of clicking. Collecting the money system is automatic & players can receive a lot of money time. One Gov building is also part of each city that players can use to upgrade certain items. You can create multiple cities in this game which means a lot of complexity with just a few clicks make it the most amazing best idle game of all time.

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11- Doge Miner

Play Doge Miner at DogeMiner2 which is a browser game. Doge Miner is a huge auto mining game where you can enjoy a lot collecting doges at a fast rate. At the start of the game its a very slow process in which you can speed up by collecting doges to upgrade or purchase different items. Unlike other games, its best mining simulator ever built online. You can become rich within days using this game, of course, in-game only.

12- Trimps

Can you imagine huge games like Age of Empires 2, Command & Conquer, or other popular RTS on a single page? All features are similar to large RTS games. You need to collect gold, wood, look for food & other similar options. But everything is done on one page with this clicker game instead of playing with different mechanics. If you are not able to understand, play popular RTS games, or feel boring of them, try this game because it’s better then all of them to play with few clicks.

13- Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist will make you rich in less time if you know how to play it properly. Invest funds in real products & generate money from it. With more revenue, players’ cash can increase with time. A lot of new places are added to start your business anytime. Overall, its fun game & fulfil dreams of many players who want to be rich but only in-game. There are 3 large areas in this game known as Earth, Moon & Mars. Similar to all other games, player gein with very few investment & reach to the highest level when game progress.

14- Enchanted Heroes

Simple game in which you need to defend against waves of monsters and magical creatures. As you can understand the basic concept of these games, with each new level enemy gets stronger. The Player earns coins after defeating these creatures & monsters. These coins are very important to upgrade the level of player character in-game. Many other features of the game are unlocked with time when game progress. Similar to players, there are many levels of these enemies which increase with time. Coins are also used to recover from damages of these creatures after fighting with them.

15- Darts Idle

Play it on Crazy Games with a simple browser interface. Become Dart champion in the world by playing this game. Really cool game where you need to hit in the center of the target board. With every perfect hit, you can get more points which are easy to use for upgrades. After these upgrades, players can get more chances to hit better because it will increase stamina & improve other abilities. It’s one of the best Idle games ever created to play completely free.

16- Egg, Inc

Your main purpose in this game is to build the world’s best egg farm. Features from some popular simulation games are added which means you will really enjoy this amazing clicker simulation game of all time. Collect eggs, use any many hens possible, build a balanced farm where you can earn a lot of money from it. It’s always important to play games with complete balanced when using resources or your investment may lose.

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17- Forager

There are millions of players all over the world who love Stardew Valley. But if you are looking for a simple, clicker version of that games, Forager is the best choice for you. Gather, Collect, and manage different resources similar to large games of the same type. Craft different kinds of items & build structures everywhere on your land which are required throughout the game. You can learn new abilities after leveling up. Solve puzzles, find new places & explore Dungeons with the amazing idle games. Read full details at Steam which explains a lot for every player.

18- Fallout Shelter

Best simulation game available for almost every platform including android, Windows, and iOS. It’s a cool idle game where all sections of buildings are visible on a single map page. A lot of characters are involved in this game, each with different abilities & requirements. The player can rescue The dwellers from different locations and assign them to random resource gathering buildings inside the vault. A complete system to produce more dwellers is created inside the game by making this game more related to the human world.

19- A Dark Room

A Dark Room looks very simple game on start with a dark screen & some text available. But a lot of different new features are unlocked when the game progress. Players gain the ability to collect resources, interact with unknown people, or start a village after some time. It’s textbase games with a lot of choices to make by players which can effect upcoming events. Most of the time games look like a to-do list type because all tasks important to be done are listed on a dark screen.

20- Clicker Heroes

Play the best idle game Clicker Heroes online using a web browser & without requirements of downloads. Players just need to click on the enemy to damage of kill for gold. The main purpose of this game is to collect gold & upgrade game character for more abilities. The player must kill 10 enemies to advance to the next level until reached level 5. After every five-level, there is a boss level where the player needs to kill only 1 dangerous enemy within less time period. Clicker Heroes is the best idle game with unique concepts different from all other games.

21- Idle Breakout

The main purpose of this idle game is to smash different bricks with the help of balls. All of these balls are different from each other base on their speed, strength & special abilities. The player must upgrade these balls to reach a higher level to speed up progress. The game becomes difficult and the player needs to smash more strong bricks later. more There are more than 30000 levels in this game which the player needs to complete. As per the above video, you can understand how much it becomes difficult to play after reaching this highest level.

22- Tap Titans 2

Most popular idle RPG game on Playstore with over 10 million downloads and very high rating. Received a lot of awards as the best games on play store because of its amazing gameplay better than all other games of the same type. There are over 70000 levels in this endless game where you need to recruit different characters to help you because enemies become very strong with time. Each level is different, unique, and new kind of enemies always show up to fight with you.

23- Idle Oil Tycoon

As per the main concept of this game, you need to build your own petroleum empire. Extract oil from all over the world, build different factories, and sell it to others for making money. It’s a complex idle game where you start with almost nothing, reaching to the top level with billions of dollars earning is your main goal. Idle Oil Tycoon never ends easily because after becoming rich, still there are a lot more options to expand your empire with a more difficult level.

24- Plantera

Play Plantera online using the Crazy Game system easily. Become a successful Gardner by creating your own farm. There are some huge differences if we compare clicker farming games with other types of games. You can find everything more simple, the limited screen in idle games unlike major farming games like Stardew Valley. The rest of the options are similar for players, grow crops, raise animals & get some helpers to work for you.

25- Room Clicker

The final game in our list of Best Idle Games of all time for Pc and Mobiles Phones. Play it on Crazy Game without any download requirements. In this game, you need to click anywhere in the room to earn cash. Earning depends on how much faster you can click. Upgrades are available for players to earn money automatically. A lot of upgrade options are appearing all the time but there is a limit for them. After reaching a certain level of upgrades, now you can change the appearance of a room and unlock some other mechanics.

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Clicker, Idle or incremental games are becoming popular every day. A lot of new games are coming into the market and it’s possible, you may see the start of the huge competition to create better & better games with time. All benefits of these games, a complete list of idle games that are popular are added above for you to read. If you think we miss any game, just write a comment below to add it to our article. You can also choose which game is best on this list & comment below to tell us about it.

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