Sites to Find Real Job Online (Part 2) – Connecting Job Seekers to Employers

Part 2 for finding a real job – Connect Job Seekers to Employers using online resources. Thousands of jobs are available for different categories and almost cover all countries. The main purpose of this list is to collect over 50 different websites for those who are looking for jobs online. Read about personal classifieds below in detail.

Best Search Engine to Find Real Jobs Online – Connect Job Seekers to Employers

What is Jooble?
What do you do when you need to find some information on the Internet?

That’s right, you use search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!

Jooble is the same search engine with a small difference: it’s designed for a job search. Our search engine enables you to search jobs on the major job boards and career sites across USAand all over the world.

Jooble automatically filters out duplicated jobs, so similar jobs, posted on several career sites, are shown as a single one. When performing a search, pay attention to our filters panel on the left side of the screen. It will help customize your personal search results and find a desired job.

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And this is our website
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Sites to Find Real Job Online (Part 1) – Indeed Alternatives – Thousands of Active Jobs are Available


The main purpose of all articles written in our list of “Sites to Find Real Job Online” is to help everyone looking for a job. Millions of people already lost their job because the virus & competition is very high now. Thousands of people apply for a single job which makes it impossible to get a job for all. But if anyone who is desp[erralty looking for a job, can create an account on all these sites & more coming site on our list, receive the latest updates & apply before anyone else, they get more chance to be accepted.

Some of the sites on our list are limited to few countries only but everything about limitation is explained well with details. But our main target is to cover almost all the world & millions of users who are looking for a job everywhere. Our focus for the next article is jobs for Middle East countries instead of Europe or America. You can see most sites in the 1st 2 articles are all about jobs for American people not for those looking for jobs in the Middle East especially UAE.

11- Craigslist

Craigslist is a different kind of site because their interface looks very simple, anyone can post jobs, categories from all over the world are available. It acts as a discussion forum type, classified ads & everyone allows posting whatever they want. There are not too many jobs available on this site but whatever posted is considered as real.

Country: Unfortunately, it’s an open site for everyone, not focusing on any country. You must explore your country to find the latest jobs.

Visit Craigslist

12- Workable

Workable is different from all other sites because they provide solutions for those who want to hire people. Hundreds of tools & other resources are created on this site for employers looking to hire. Their job posting side is really active with hundreds of jobs posting every day. You can filter jobs b country, add any search term in the bar. Unfortunately, there are not many options available to filter jobs like other sites. Workable can become a popular perfect source for finding jobs for people living in America, Canada & Europe.

Country: Main focus country is the USA but hundreds of jobs for almost every country like Brazil, Mexico are available for millions of job seekers all over the world.

Visit Workable

13- Resume Library

Huge resources database with thousands of active jobs every day. You can find jobs by industry, city, state, or popular job titles from Resume Library. Jobs from over 10000 different companies are regularly posted on this site. It’s always a good idea to create an account & receive the latest updates in your mailbox to apply quickly.

Another important feature of this site is Free Resume Review which means they can review your resume & provide you with some suggestions to improve. Remember, a resume is the most important factor for everyone to get hired. Hundreds of articles are written on-site for Career advice in different categories. Overall this site is very popular and millions of users can get benefits from it if living inside the USA.

Country: Only available for people living in the USA. Their main focus is only one country & only visit it if looking for a job inside America.

Visit Resume Library

Sites to Find Real Job Online (Part 3) – Focus on Finding Gulf Jobs

14- Chegg Internships

Chegg Internships solves the main problem of most job seekers and its “Job with no Experience”. Almost all major companies are looking to hire people with a lot of experience but those who just completed studies can’t get any chance. No one is looking to provide a chance to anyone without experience. Thousands of intelligent people are not able to start better because there are no opportunities for them in the market. But thousands of Internship jobs mostly with no experience required are posted on Chegg Internships.

There are some features of this site that everyone must know before visiting it. They provide a lot of resources to help those who want to join any internship program. These articles are very helpful & also a lot of advice about resume writing is very cool. Most jobs on this site Chegg Internships are remote jobs which is a big advantage for those looking for this type of job.

Country: Only available for people living in the USA. Their main focus is only one country & only visit it if looking for a job inside America.

Visit Chegg Internships

15- Handshake

Handshake works similar to Chegg Internship in many ways. They post jobs for students who are looking for part-time, completed studies & want to join any internship program. A lot of paid internship jobs are added on this site which means everyone can get benefits from it. More then 500k Employers are hiring students on Handshake which means millions of active jobs are there.

Sign Up for the latest updates, download their mobile apps for easy access, find jobs around you, and some other popular features which make Handshake perfect. They allow you to subscribe to different employers which means you can receive direct messages from those who are hiring.

Country: Only available for people living in the USA. Their main focus is only one country & only visit it if looking for a job inside America.

Visit Handshake

16- Idealist

The main concept of this site is different from others when they Connect Job Seekers to Employers. A lot of organizations are added to this list which means a lot of opportunities are available. Some of these large organizations are all over the world, you can find jobs for different countries after visiting the profile of each organization.

There are some separate categories created to find a job on Idealist. You can find internships, volunteer for different available jobs, apply for different grade programs in random countries. Both options internship & volunteer are good for those looking for jobs without experience. The best way to get experience with little benefits is Volunteer or Internship.

This site also provides a chance for job seekers to connect with large organizations looking to hire. There are too many benefits if you are accepted by any one of them. Some organizations can hire you to work in any country as per their requirements. It’s always a good idea to work for less money if no experience.

Country: There are different organizations that can hire people from all over the world. There is no fixed country location for job posting on the site.

Visit Idealist

17- Robert Half

Robert Half is a huge company & their staff can help everyone find a job easily. You can sign up, create profiles, and start applying for a job. Unlike other websites, they can also help job seekers finding the right job for them. It’s not a problem for anyone if they don’t want to get help from their team. Applying any job using their site is a very easy process. Career advice, Salary Guide, and many other free resources can help everyone looking for jobs.

Country: Jobs for different countries are available like the USA, UAE, Singapore, Japan, China, Canada, Europe, and many more. Visit the site & look for all locations on the bottom of the site.

Visit Robert Half


If you need help from a company that can find the right job for you, this site is the perfect solution. But there are a lot of jobs available which anyone can easily apply. Additional help from their team is important because of a lot of competition and thousands of people applying for a single job. There are too many details categories available for someone looking for a job that you must explore using the below link.

Country: Only available for people living in the USA. Their main focus is only one country & only visit it if looking for a job inside America.


Sites to Find Real Job Online (Part 4) – Focus on the USA Jobs

19- Total Jobs – Connect Job Seekers to Employers

Amazing website for those looking for jobs in the UK only. Entry-level, hourly jobs and a lot more are available on their site. They always update their sites on a regular basis which means you can access updated content on top. A lot of courses are also available on their site who provide you with a certificate after you successfully complete them. Job search by companies provides users with perfect results because every single job offer by every company is listed separately.

Country: Only available for people living in the UK. Their main focus is only one country & only visit it if looking for a job inside the United Kingdom.

Visit Total Jobs

20- Naukri Gulf

Jobs from all popular categories, huge companies are posted on this site. Remember, to get a job in these countries you must visit there first on a visit visa. Unlike any other site in our list, too many options are created to filter jobs from thousands of posting which is really amazing.

Country: Jobs available for all Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and some others. Best for people living in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippine & Nepal.

Visit Naukri Gulf


We try our best to add only those sites which are regularly updated instead of dead resources. Job seekers must be careful when searching for jobs because many jobs are fake on these sites. Its always good to apply for 1st for every job because thousands of people are connected to these sites looking for jobs. If competition is very high, employers only look for those who submit their resume 1st & ignore all others.

Another suggestion for job series is to apply for those jobs only where you see any chance. There is no need for wasting time applying for hundreds of jobs where you have almost no chance because of experience level & other reasons. How someone can apply for a job with no experience when they already mention 2,3 years of experience is required? Sometimes this type of strategy can work for you if your education & certification level is so high for any job, they may consider hiring you.

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