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The Legend of Dragoon Remake – Is there any Chance for Sequel or Remake?

The Legend of Dragoon Remake – Read about the most popular JRPG game and why thousands of players love it, also complete information about remake or sequel for this game.

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Introduction to Legend of Dragoon
Details about Legend of Dragoon Remake
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Introduction to Legend of Dragoon

Best RPG game of all time which was created in 1999 in Japan and later released for other countries too. In this game, one huge fantasy land which is created with many nations. The game follows a group of warriors who are caught between the war of different nations in that land. Players lead these warriors in different wars using some simple mechanics like turn base as per environments. More than 100 developers worked over 3 years to make this game with too much cost. It was a commercial success and sold over a million times.

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Dart is going home after his fight against the Black Monster, a being that murdered his entire family and completely destroy the city where he was born. In transit, he is assaulted by a dragon which is controlled by the Sandora armed force, a dangerous group in the Serbian common war. Dart is rescued by Rose, however, they follow separate paths to travel soon. As he shows up at his old neighbourhood he finds that it has been demolished by Sandora and that his best friend Shana has been taken to jail. You must read the full story on Wikipedia because it’s really interesting.

Details about Legend of Dragoon Remake

Rumours – It’s trending on almost every gaming site about the remake of this awesome game. A lot of people are also searching for it on Google. Everything thinks that there is a remake of this on the way. Developers are creating it and now fans are desperately waiting for it. Some articles on a few popular sites are providing little information about the remake of this game. Millions of players who love RPG games, already playing new games which are built in the last few years but they still want a remake of this old game too. Legend of Dragoon is similar to Age of Empires 2 and red Alert 2, these games are still considered better than their latest games in series. One petition is also signed and thousands of people are also following it who wants a remake for this game.

Why it’s popular? – The story and gameplay created for this game are really amazing. But when it was released, there was no much competition. In past games were not released similar to current trends. There are only a few games coming every year or two. For most people, it was the only choice to play, perfection in-game really deserve love from people. Remember, players don’t want a remake which looks similar to the old games, they want complete change in-game as per current time graphics & updates.

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Competition – In the past many years, a lot of games similar to Legend of Dragoon are created. Some of them are actually better than this game. Why developers are not remaking this amazing game? In our opinion, they are afraid of a lot of competition because they can’t earn much from it and a lot of competition may stop players from making it the best game ever.

Remake or Sequal – People are talking about the remake of this game but that’s almost impossible because developers may get nothing out of it. It’s not hard to upgrade graphics of game, fix some bugs, and include some updates. Making 2nd game in series as per current time is possible but very difficult. Fans are looking for the remake but everyone will accept the sequel of this game is created.

The Legend of Dragoon Gameplay

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Some extra Information about Legend of Dragoon

The main topic of our article is not about Legend of Dragon game but news about its remake. But we can still provide some important links to some articles which can help to learn more about this game. All of these articles are well written and can become very helpful if you never play this game or don’t know about it at all.

Read some cool articles on IGN, GameSpot, and Fandom which are helpful if you want to read about Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough. But you can also watch below video which is very old and created on same topic for players.

In this video, you can learn a lot about the legend of dragoon characters. This game is created for Playstations not Pc. It’s possible for developers to create this game for Pc and other platforms too.

Top Posts on the Same Topic

Gamerant is a very popular site that discusses a lot about Legend of Dragon remake. Why it’s popular and any chances of its returning? Some authentic information is provided for you. Another more detailed article written on Screenrant is very important if you are looking for information about a remake for this RPG game. Similar to all other sites, they only talk about games & rumors which are popular around. Fans are really waiting for a remake of this game which its all explained on Dual Shockers very well. But they only talk about its release for PS4 which is odd because millions of players never see PS in their life.

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A remake of The Legend of Dragoon is possible because of its popularity but you must know that they will create something completely new. Graphics from that old game can’t work now because thousands of other games are already there which are very popular because of their high quality. If you see a remake or sequel, its gonna be really high-quality compare to the original game. Another chance is that they can upgrade some graphics and basics of the game, improve some features, and release it.

There are a lot of new changes in our site and you can now see games guides, tips, news, and the top 10 on-site. Share it with everyone because a lot of amazing content is coming soon.

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