Far Cry 2 Mods – Collection of Mods for Amazing Open World Game Series

Far Cry 2 is an FPS game that is a part of the famous Far Cry series and here you can about some amazing mods to improve the gameplay.


Far Cry 2 is an FPS game that is a part of the famous Far Cry series. The action-packed game took the gaming industry by storm upon its release. It was praised by the critics and was nominated for several awards but won many. The gameplay of this well-known game is based on an African landscape with a range of several unique locations such as desert, jungle, savannah, etc.

In the action-packed shooter game, the player fights as a mercenary against other mercenaries from around the world. The game’s non-linear gameplay allows the player to have the liberty of choosing any action and building their storyline as they please.

The gameplay also includes changing the weather as well the times during the day. The player has to use various tactics and tricks to survive while fighting against its enemies.

The story’s plot revolves around the player who is caught in a war between two factions caused by the antagonist named “The Jackal.” The player must learn how to survive while figuring out how to take down the Jackal and end the war between the two factions. The famous FPS game was ranked #8 most shared PC Game of 2008. Far Cry 2 received endless praise with many mods made, followed by its release. 

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Far Cry 2 had many mods made, which are listed below:

Graphics mod – Realistic ReShade:

The original gameplay of Far Cry 2 has a lot of tones of orange in its landscapes. To balance the orange hues out, a more realistic mod was made, which touched up all the scenes in the action-packed videogame to make it visually better. The Realistic ReShade only works in the DX10 mode of the videogame. The mod also features tweaks, which make the realistic visuals of the videogame even better.

This epic graphic mod features a revamped HDR feature that takes the Far Cry 2 experience to the next level. Overall, the realistic re-shade mod was heavily appreciated by various gaming community members for making the game much more natural and aesthetically pleasing to play. By balancing the intense orange hues in Far Cry 2, the mod made the game much more thrilling and exciting as most gamers prefer realistic visuals.

Below is a video of the gameplay which showcases all the features in the Realistic ReShade Graphics Mod of Far Cry 2:

Far Cry 2 Relaxed:

Far Cry 2 Relaxed is a mod that makes the entire gaming experience of the action-packed game much more comfortable. The player is given infinite stamina, which means the player can run, fight and complete its journey without worrying about resting. The mod also makes buying the weapons convenient for the player as they are available instead of waiting to be unlocked. The weapons and upgrading them costs only one diamond each, which means anyone can buy them without any hassle.

Enemies receive more damage in the videogame in this mod as well. The player can play with ease without any malaria attacks in this mod. The player can complete its missions without the worry of being chased by vehicles as well. Snipers and shotguns are labelled as secondary weapons in this mod, whereas the original Far Cry 2 has a different weapon slot. 

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Far Cry 2 – Vanilla Plus (Tom’s Mod):

Vanilla Plus (Tom’s Mod) is a Far Cry 2 mod that offers endless features to its players. The visuals of Far Cry 2 are made much better in this mod by changing them into a custom “colorful Far Cry 2” re-shade and adding the subtle change of making the road signs hand-painted. The draw distance is also increased in this mod, and bullet holes are made permanent until they leave the location.

Tom’s mod also features many improvements to the player, such as increasing the stamina and reducing fall damage. Extra diamonds are earned from the briefcases, and all weapons and upgrades are available more quickly. Changes to the weapons were made, such as making the machete assassinations silent, renaming weapons, headshot damage is twice more, iron sight FOV is increased, and many more, which the original Far Cry 2 lacks. Bugs from the original game were also fixed in the Vanilla Plus (Tom’s Mod).

Far Cry 2 Redux:

Far Cry 2 Redux is a mod that features many changes made in the original Far Cry 2. Many aspects of Far Cry 2 are changed and made better to take Far Cry 2 to the next level. The mod’s most significant features include the addition of new animations, better graphics, improved gameplay, and much more. For the betterment of the player’s performance, the stamina is increased throughout the game. Maps are also changed in the game as they are handwritten with new legends.

The blinking icons are removed in the Redux mod. AI has been improved as well as enhanced climbing skills and an increase in the player’s jumping height. As for the weapons and vehicles, the FOV was enhanced. The auto holster was also a significant feature in the mod. The Redux mod overall improved Far Cry 2, which made the mod much better than the original game. 

Watch the following video to experience the improved version of Far Cry 2 in the famous Redux mod:

EChondo’s Tweaks:

The Echondo’s Tweaks is a mod made to improve Fra Cry 2’s gameplay significantly. According to his liking, the creator of the mod, Echondo, made various changes and improvements in the action-packed game videogame and shared it for players who would want to play the game with the same tweaks. The original Far Cry 2 includes various scenes where the player is infected with MalariaMalaria; however, MalariaMalaria is removed from the gameplay, excluding the initial cutscene and another interaction scene in Echondo’s Tweaks.

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The player is also rewarded with infinite stamina to complete all missions and fight against all enemies with ease. The enemy’s ability to chase the player is also reduced. All the weapons and upgrades prices are reduced to their half is another significant tweak in this mod of Far Cry 2. Echondo’s Tweaks is the perfect mod for any player looking for a mod to Far Cry, which is exciting to play but does not want the game to be too easy to play.

Far Cry 2 – Insanity Plus:

Far Cry 2: Insanity Plus is an upgrade to the original mod Vanilla Plus (Tom’s Mod) of Far Cry 2. Insanity Plus, like its name suggests, adds a variety of insane features, which make the original Far Cry 2 a much more thrilling experience. Many features are taken from the original Vanilla Plus mod, and many additional features are added to the mod. The game graphics are more vibrant due to the custom “colorful Far Cry 2” re-shade, and handwritten roadsigns can be seen as well.

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The machete gun is made completely silent for assassinations, and all the weapons have more improved performance. The player has many improvements added, such as unlimited stamina, so the player does not face any hassle while combating enemies. Fall damage is removed as well. An increase in walking speed, sprint speed, swim speed, and jump height has been made. Vehicles and boats can be driven thrice as fast in this epic Far Cry 2 mod.  

Burnt Food in Africa – ReShade Preset

Burnt Food in Africa: ReShade Preset is a somewhat simple mod of Far Cry 2 compared to other mods with far more features. Where most mods of Far Cry 2 include tons of features in terms of players, weapons, gameplay, graphics, and even custom features made by the mod creators, the Burnt Food in Africa enhances the colors of the gameplay.

Far Cry 2 initially has orange hues, which a lot of players do not prefer. This simple yet amazing re-shade present balances the colors of the videogame. The balanced shades make the exciting experience of Far Cry 2 much better.


Unlike other mods of the famous Far Cry 2, the RESHADELITE is comparatively a more straightforward mod. Far Cry 2 initially has very unrealistic, orange hues, which many players are not attracted to. Although most Far Cry 2 mods include changes in the game’s colors, they usually add several other features that the users do not need.

RESHADELITE is a mod made for players who enjoy Far Cry 2 as it is and are just looking for some changes in the gameplay’s colouring. RESHADELITE adds significant changes to the visuals of Far Cry 2 by balancing and improving not only the colours of the game but also the shadows and lighting. This re-shade mod is best played on DX9, which is recommended by its creator for the best experience in Far Cry 2. 

Far Cry 2 Next Gen ReShade Preset:

Far Cry 2 Next Gen ReShade Preset is one of the necessary mods of the well-known action-packed game known as Far Cry 2. Unlike most famous FPS game mods, this re-shade preset does not include a long list of features. The Next Gen Reshade Preset is a mod worth trying and appreciating despite its significant yet straightforward improvement in the game.

Although Far Cry 2 is one of the most popular games of the Far Cry series, its orange hues in every location were a problem for many players, which this mod fixes. The Next Gen Reshade Preset balances the orange tones in the videogame and makes the visuals more realistic. This simple yet significant improvement in Far Cry 2’s graphics lets the players enjoy the thrill and action more due to its realistic-new-gen effect. 

Jungle Fever – A Far Cry 2 ENB and ReShade with Nightvision:

The Jungle Fever ENB and ReShade with Nightvision is a Far Cry2 mod which mainly focuses on making the original Far Cry 2 experience much better. Far Cry 2 is a famous game in the gaming community and is known for its thrilling and action-packed gameplay. As amazing as Far Cry 2 is, several players do not prefer its orange hues in its visuals and look for mods that change them. Jungle Fever focuses on making the colors much more aesthetic by making them vibrant.

Another prominent feature of the ENB and ReShade with Nightvision mod features is making the daytime and nighttimes better, making the night darker, and the day is much warmer in this mod. The Jungle Fever mod also features night vision for players who have difficulty playing Far Cry 2 in its nighttime. Some tweaks are also featured as an additional feature in this mod. All the elements in the Jungle Fever mod are optional, which means the player can choose which feature to enable to make their gaming experience better.

Far Cry 2 UnReelism ReShade:

Far Cry 2 Unreelism Reshade mod is one of the many necessary mods in the gaming community, but it is unique in its way. Far Cry 2 is a popular FPS game from the famous Far Cry series. Far Cry 2 was globally loved by the members of the gaming community as well as the critics. Although Far Cry 2 offered the best action-packed experience, its visuals were unrealistic and had many orange hues, which many people did not prefer.

For the people looking for a more semi-realistic visual gameplay for Far Cry 2 while still enjoying the FPS experience, the Unreelism ReShade is perfect. The mod balances the game’s colors to give the players more realistic gameplay, but it does not do it with such intensity that the game loses its original colors. 

Far Cry 2 Remastered Game (New Dunia):

Far Cry 2 Remastered Game (New Dunia) is one of the highly-loved mods of the famous Far Cry 2. The Remastered mod makes the New Dunia experience much more adrenaline-filled and exciting. The Remastered Game includes features for all aspects of the game. The graphics are made ultra, and the lighting is adjusted to be made more realistic. Additional friendly faction is added to the game as well to help the player. New enemies and AI have been added in this mod as well. The player’s stamina is improved as well as its movements.

New weapons are added, and the existing ones have additional features such as the machete having stealth mode, and golden AK47 can be respawned. FOV is also improved in the Remastered mod. The players are given free malaria pills as well to avoid the malaria hassle. Overall, the Remastered game was highly appreciated by Far Cry 2 for making the gaming experience much better.

To see the epic experience the Remastered mod adds to Far Cry 2, watch the gameplay below:


Far Cry 2 is one of the few remarkable FPS games which the gaming community will forever cherish as one of the best games in the Far Cry series. The action-packed game offers the players a thrilling yet exciting experience of learning how to survive and fight against enemies while searching to destroy “the Jackal,” the antagonist. The sandbox gameplay allows each player to write their own story in the game with their choices, making the gaming experience much more unique and worth appreciating.

The game was so popular throughout gaming that an immense amount of mods with different features added to the game were released. Each mod that was released was either made by a player who wanted to add more excitement to the game with additional features and shared it with the community or a creator who just aimed to make sure every player gets the best experience action-packed FPS game.

The mods include a wide variety of features, from adding abilities to the players, re-shading the game to make it more visually pleasing, adding new weapons or upgrading the existing ones, and much more. Amir Articles provide you with an endless variety of gaming-related articles and much more. If you enjoy expanding your knowledge about the world of videogames, Amir Articles is the place for you!

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