Capping Machines: Does Your Business Need These?

All businesses that deal with liquid products require some type of packaging solution and liquid filling. 

One of the many processes that are part of the whole procedure is applying a cap or lid to the bottles or containers. Bottle capping machines come with a couple of advantages, from lowered errors to improved speed. 

Unfortunately, the market is filled with various bottle capping machines. That is why it can be a little overwhelming to pick the right one for your business. 

It is always best to do your research to prevent unnecessary problems and improve productivity. 

Can Capping Machines Provide Benefit to Your Business?

Aside from saving time, capping machines can also streamline the process of installing caps on containers and preparing the products for shipping. 

For instance, you can let the machine do all the job for you for a consistent and uniform result rather than having to sort caps manually or install/tighten caps manually. 

There are also machines that can help you with your task if your containers need plugs and not proper caps. These machines are called vertical wheel pluggers.

With automated machinery, you can always produce more consistent packaging and save a lot of time in the process. 

You can also add more automatic cappers down the line or buy a whole system at once. It all depends on your budget. 

Does Your Business Need a Capping Machine?

Nowadays, we are living in a fast-paced environment. This is particularly true in the business industry. 

Because of this, there are a lot of benefits you can get if you choose to automate some of your manufacturing processes. 

Here are several reasons why you should utilize a capping machine rather than to manually place them:

Capping Machines are More Consistent and Versatile

Almost every fully automatic capping machine is built with some type of versatility. This means that you can switch easily between different cap and container specifications. 

For instance, you might have to change over a couple of components to allow for screw-on or cork bottles. There are a couple of machines that you can easily customize by simply pushing one button.

Aside from being versatile, capping machines are also extremely consistent. Typically, manual capping is prone to problems like over or under-tightening of caps. 

Furthermore, humans can also make more mistakes that can often result in emergencies or other issues. These things can easily affect the production rate of your business.

Meanwhile, machines are extremely reliable. You can simply adjust the output based on demand and supply. 

Capping Machines are Economical 

If you’re a business owner, you can guarantee that a capping machine is a good investment. Of course, it can be a bit expensive to purchase capping machines. This is particularly true when it comes to buying and setting up the necessary structures. 

However, you’ll enjoy an ROI (Return on Investment) as soon as possible. This is because manual capping is unsustainable and expensive at the same time. 

Hiring a lot of employees to do a job that is physically taxing is not as productive as purchasing a machine that automates the process. 

In addition to that, you will free your employees from manual labor and get them to do more crucial jobs. Perhaps you can make them your Las Vegas trade show booth builders.

Capping Machines Improve the Quality of Your Product

Handling products manually is susceptible to human errors. In addition to that, repetitive movements of sorting caps and snapping them into place are tiring and boring. 

The individuals performing the task will feel wasted and tired at some point in the process. This leads to mistakes.

This is where capping machines can help. Capping machines can help lower contamination when it comes to the quality of the product. 

Almost every automatic bottle cap machine is built to operate without the help of a person. With this, there are lower possibilities of the cap getting contaminated.

Capping Machines Improve Efficiency

Bottle capping machines offer accuracy and speed into the packaging process. They enable you to automate the procedure. They ensure that every lid snaps properly into place.

You improve production by increasing the rate of capping the bottles. This directly affects your output. It enables you to meet or even beat the demand of the market

Types of Capping Machines

Capping machines have a couple of various types. This includes the cap elevators, cap sorters, and capping machines. 

The job of the cap sorter is to work with the caps to properly orient them before conveying them for placement to the capping machines. 

On the other hand, cap elevators are part of the system. They help improve the efficiency of the capping machines. 

When it comes to capping machines, there are several types to choose from. This includes:

  • Vertical Wheel Pluggers

This type of capping machine is used if you want to seal a container that needs a plug rather than a cap on top.

  • Spindle Cappers

This type of capping machine works similarly to chuck cappers. However, spindle cappers stop the containers at stations and spin the caps into them while they remain stationary. 

  • Chuck Cappers

This type of capping machine works by placing a cap onto the container. Then, they send the container through the system.

The container is in constant motion with this machine instead of stopping at a station, like the ones in spindle cappers

When you’re handling capping machines, make sure you buy a hand sanitizer and use them to avoid contamination. 


The product packaging process does not have to be time-consuming and tedious. All you need to do is to incorporate an automatic capping machine. 

The ideal bottle capper for your needs varies on a couple of factors. Because of this, it’s ideal to work with a reliable manufacturer for help.

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