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Chimney Services Commonly Offered by Chimney Repair Companies

There are many different types of chimney services. Some include animal guards, Flue liners, soot, and creosote removal. Others are much more complicated, including chimney lining installation and repair. It’s best to consult a professional or company like Patriot Chimney that will do a professional chimney inspection.

Flue Liner

Your flue is responsible for supplying combustion air to your appliance and venting combustion products out of your building. A flue liner is necessary for modern wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces. An improperly sized flue can result in excessive creosote buildup in wood-burning stoves and excessive carbon monoxide emissions from traditional fuels. You may never find any other perfect services like furnace repair cleveland ohio.

The type of flue liner you choose will depend on the size and shape of your chimney. For example, a chimney with bends requires a flexible liner. Rigid liners cannot fit into bends.

Soot Removal

Soot removal is one of the services commonly offered by chimney repair services. It is essential to have a chimney cleaned regularly to avoid chimney problems. Not only does soot buildup make your fireplace less efficient, but it can also attract unwanted animals. Removing soot from your chimney will increase the safety and efficiency of your fireplace.

The process of cleaning a chimney entails using a HEPA-filtered vacuum to collect soot and other particles from your chimney flue. In addition, professional chimney cleaners use drop cloths to prevent a chaotic environment.

Creosote Removal

Regular chimney cleaning is essential to keep your chimney free of creosote deposits. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the proper equipment to clean your chimney correctly, it can cause a home fire. There are thousands of home fires every year that are directly caused by a clogged chimney. As creosote lining accumulates, it can easily ignite embers from burning firewood. This buildup is highly flammable and should be removed to keep your chimney safe.

Before hiring a professional to clean your chimney, you should determine the buildup’s degree. There are three levels of creosote buildup, with stage one being the easiest to remove. Generally, creosote buildup in this stage is relatively easy to remove with a simple chimney brush.

Animal Guards

Animal guards are an important part of a chimney’s safety features. They can prevent wild animals from falling into the flue and causing serious damage. These guards also prevent water from penetrating the chimney. Chimney caps are also essential safety precautions because they serve as spark arrestors. These guards have mesh metal sides that keep hot sparks from leaping out of the flue and causing a house fire.

The mesh metal sides on chimneys are an excellent way to keep animals out. They can prevent birds, raccoons, squirrels, and other animals from falling into your chimney. These animal guards are also necessary because some animals can become trapped inside the chimney and die. Some types of wildlife, including chimney swifts, are protected under federal law. Using a mesh metal chimney guard is an easy and affordable way to keep these animals out.


Chimney cleaning services can help you prevent problems with your chimney and improve the safety of your fireplace. The first step is to inspect your chimney yearly. This step is crucial if you haven’t used your fireplace for a long time. You should also check for documentation about the last time your chimney was cleaned.

Cleaning a chimney is important because it protects your home from toxic exhaust gases. As the fumes rise, they create soot and tar, which can damage your home. Sometimes, chimney sweep company staff can rebuild your fireplace or add bricks and mortar to the deteriorating chimney. The company may tear down your duct and rebuild it from the ground if necessary. They can also fix foundation leaks and fix leaning chimneys.


When it comes to safety, you need to have your chimney checked regularly. A professional chimney inspection can detect a variety of dangers, such as creosote buildup and flue blockages. It can also detect cracks and damage. Getting a professional appraisal is vital to maintaining the safety of your home and family.

A professional chimney sweep will conduct a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of the chimney. They will also look for possible problems that could lead to more damage. Additionally, the inspector will check for combustibles inside the fireplace or chimney. The NFPA has specific guidelines for chimney inspections, including level two, which is a more thorough inspection of the entire chimney.


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