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The process of web designing is used to Design your Website Beautifully for mobile and desktop browsing for normal people. Read tips for help


The web design process refers to the design and creation of a website that is visible to the general people on the internet. It majorly points to the aspects of the user experience for developing a website rather than the software development. The process of web designing is used to design websites for mobile and desktop browsing for normal people. But after 2010, the mobile and tablet used websites have majorly become important. There are several web design company in Kolkata who has experts and helps to design the website properly.

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How does the process work?

A web designer normally works on the layout and appearance of the website and, in some cases, also helps design the website’s content. The appearance mainly refers to the images, font, and color used in the text and the website. On the other hand, the layout determines the way the content is categorized and structured. The properly created and designed website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and suits the brand and the user group of the website. 

Multiple websites are designed keeping the theme of simplicity in mind so that no extra functionality or anonymous information and function can confuse or distract the customers. A major keystone of the web designer’s output is that the site is rewarding and fosters the confidence and trust of the audience targeted. Removing multiple potential points of the user’s frustration is also critical for the growth of the website. 

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Two major methods that must be adapted to make a website responsive on desktop and mobile are adaptive and responsive design. In a responsive design, the content moves dynamically depending on the size of the screen. Many web development companies in Kolkata offer help to website owners to design the website properly.

On the other hand, in an adaptive type of design, the content remains fixed in the layout and changes depending on the screens’ common size. Must preserve a highly consistent layout properly to maintain the engagement and trust of the user. Since the websites’ responsive design can present difficulty to the users, the designers must be careful in controlling the work of the website. It will also allow the users to enjoy the content of the website.

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Basis of a responsive web design

Multiple factors play a vital role in determining the response of a website. They are:-

● Fluid grids for aligning the elements properly.

● Media grid to present a cornerstone technology.

● Responsive media and images to attract customers.

Advantages of web design

Apart from the cores, there are some advantages as well.

● Improved experience of the user.

● Increase in mobile traffic.

● Faster development of a website.

● Easy maintenance.

● No penalty for duplicate content.

● The simple analytics of the website.

Elements of web design

While designing a website, it is essential to consider the functionality and appearance of the website. Combining all these elements will help to enhance the performance and usability of the website. There is some web design company in Kolkata that are experts in performing search engine optimization to rank the website properly in Google.

The usability of a website includes essential elements like interface for easy navigation, appropriate use of images, graphics, well placed and well-written texts, and a color scheme for the website. The performance of a site points to the searchability, ranking, speed, and ability to gather an audience for the website.

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