6 Best Exercises to Relieve Hip Pain and Improve Mobility Fast

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Some factors that can affect hip health include age, weight, pregnancy, and injury. These Exercises to Relieve Hip Pain can help you a lot.


Hip cracking or discomfort may cause you to want to stretch or “put,” your hip back into position to relieve pain. To do this safely at home, it is important to learn the correct techniques.

The hip is one of the main joints in the body. It is important for weight and movement. Some factors that can affect hip health include age, weight, pregnancy, and injury.


There are several ways a person can unblock their hip at home. Some of the safer methods are listed below. As with any stretch, a person should warm up first to help promote blood flow and flexibility.


1. Lateral lunge

Stand straight with your feet wide apart.

Lean-to the left and bent your left knee.

Stretch as much as you are comfortable and hold the pose for a few seconds.

Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Butterfly

Sit on the floor and bend your legs inward until the soles of your feet touch.

Keep your back straight while sitting.

Using your palms, gently push your knees towards the ground.

Hold the pose for a few seconds before gently releasing your knees.

For a slight variation on the butterfly stretch, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recommends the glute stretch – start in the same sitting position as the butterfly stretch; however, instead of touching the soles of your feet together, slip a foot under the opposite thigh. Now lean forward and hold the pose for about 30 seconds.

3. Sit in a chair

Sit straight in the chair with both feet firmly on the ground.

Lift your right leg to rest your ankle above your left knee.

Using your right palm, gently push your right knee toward the floor and hold it for a few seconds.

Repeat the stretch on the opposite side.


4. Pigeon pose

The Pigeon Pose will help stretch the back hip. It is one of the more complicated poses and can take some practice. However, most people should be able to do it to some degree.

Ideally, you should perform the Pigeon Pose on a soft mat to aid comfort and prevent injury.

Begin the pose on your hands and knees.

Bring the right knee forward.

Straighten your left leg behind your body.

Bring the right foot to rest behind the left wrist so that the footrests’ outer edge on the mat.

Lower your hips and left leg as close to the mat as possible.

Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.

Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Start with the left knee down, resting on the floor, and the right knee up, with the foot touching the floor.

Bend your right knee in front, keeping your right foot always in contact with the floor.

Keep your back straight and gently contract your left glute.

Gently move your torso forward until you feel a stretch.

Repeat on the opposite side.


6. Standing trunk rotation

Stand up straight with your feet in line with your shoulders.

Bring both hands to chest height.

Gently twist your upper body to the left as far as comfortable, keeping your lower body still.

Hold this position for a few seconds.

Slowly return to center.

Repeat on the opposite side.


There are some risks and precautions that a person should be aware of when trying to unblock their hip at home. These include:

1. heating

It is important to warm up for several minutes before stretching your hips. An insufficient warm-up can strain and damage the muscles, causing pain.

2. avoid sudden movements

Sudden, jarring movements should be avoided when stretching. These can cause injury to muscles and tendons.

3. avoid some exercises

A person should not attempt any stretch that they are not comfortable with. This includes positions that can unbalance and increase the risk of a fall.

People should also avoid doing any hip stretches that cause additional pain or discomfort.

4. consult an expert

Hip pain is often felt due to injury. In these cases, do not attempt to stretch the hip after consulting with your doctor.

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