Top Options for Taking On Career in Oriented Big Data Certifications

There are many Big Data certifications available so far, and they all have their advantages. Still, some Big Data certifications can make.


We live in a time of great opportunity, especially for those in the tech industry. With so many cutting-edge technologies in place, trained professionals can expand their knowledge to become specialists in various fields or move to a new area. This is especially true in big data, where the types of jobs are increasing with the rate of data being generated each day at an astonishing rate. Although we created unprecedented amounts of data in 2018, IDC predicts that we will generate nearly 440 times more information by 2020.

All of this data should be stored on scalable, cost-effective data platforms while still being accessed. Analyze and use it. The prominent data professionals achieve it all, which means that today’s organizations are in dire need of foremost data specialists, including data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, developers, and administrators. And systems administrators. The market offers many attractive job opportunities and salary packages for those with the right skill set and certification. According to Glassdoor, there are nearly 49,000 big data jobs to be filled – isn’t that incredibly surprising?


For those who want to master big data as a career or advance in a career, a degree is an excellent way to get started. Certifications help prospective employers know job applicants who have the skills and knowledge needed to take on specialist roles and assignments.

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Why Big Data Certifications?

There are many Big Data certifications available so far, and they all have their advantages. Still, some Big Data certifications can make a huge boost to your career, whether you are just starting or are an experienced professional.

If you are new to the field, a Big Data Certificate will train you to land a job with ease. These certifications can range from the most specific to the most general and relevant to big data technology. If you already work at Big Data, a degree can help you advance your career or move into a specialist position.

For example, if you need to learn more about a specific aspect of big data such as SAS Technology, an IBM Data Specialist and Certification will help you understand the necessary skills and provide a current or future employer with proof of your qualifications.


Suppose you already have a role in big data. In that case, testimonials are invaluable during performance reviews to prove to your manager that you are proactive in your career and add value to the company, leading to a promotion or an increase.

According to a survey by certification by a Magazine, 52 percent of respondents experienced an increase within a year after completing a big data certification. The increase was significant: 62% reported receiving increases of 8% or more. Also, a data engineer can earn up to $ 184,000 a year and a prominent data engineer up to $ 196,000, isn’t that surprising? According to Data Jobs, a data scientist can earn up to $ 170K per year.

Some Options for Excellence in Adopting Big Data:

We now know that certification is a beneficial investment in your career, and your next step is choosing the type of accreditation and provider. Your options are almost as numerous as many areas of study in Big Data when it comes to Big Data certification.

Besides education providers that offer certificates, software companies that create the technology that supports big data also offer certifications. Here are the significant data testimonials provided by some of the business’s biggest names, including IBM, Dell EMC, and SAS. You’ll see a variety of testimonials and give you an idea of ​​the range of options available.

IBM Big Data Certifications:

IBM has been a significant player in the information technology space for decades, and as a result, the company offers dozens of certifications. One of them is the multiple certifications in Big Data, which is Big Data Architect.

  • IBM Big Data Architect certification

The prominent data engineer must possess a thorough understanding of the technologies required and understand the relationship between these technologies and how they are combined to solve big data business problems.

Although IBM does not offer specific courses in preparation for the Big Data Architect certification exam, the website lists detailed information about the skills and knowledge you should have before attempting the test, as well as a list of courses you can choose from. Also, there is an assessment test available to help you identify your weaknesses. The test takes 75 minutes, but there is no set cost.

C2090-102 Details: IBM Certified Data Engineer – Big Data Certification, such as course content (curriculum), cost, C2090-102 Exam Study Guide, etc.

SAS Big Data Certificates

SAS, the world leader in analytics, offers multiple certifications, all of which focus solely on SAS products. And SAS has a significant market share in the big data analytics field. This will make SAS Big Data Professional certification in SAS 9, one of the best options.

  • Big Data professional with SAS 9 certification

This certification is for those professionals who want to verify their ability to use SAS open-source data management tools to prepare big data for statistical analysis. This certification requires two exams: Big Data SAS Prep, Statistics and Visual Exploration, and SAS Big Data Tabulation and Upload. Exam training is available through SAS and administered by Passin1day. The SAS website also offers sample questions and practice tests.

A00-220 and A00-221 details: Accredited SAS certification in big data using SAS 9, such as course content (curriculum), cost, preparation guide, Etc

  • SAS 9 Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

This certification is intended for professionals who need to analyze big data using various techniques and tools for predictive modeling and statistical analysis. This certification requires three exams: Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner 7, 13, or 14, SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling and SAS Text Analysis, Time Series, Experimentation, and Optimization. Exam training is available through SAS and administered by Passin1day. The SAS website also offers sample questions and practice tests.

A00-225 and A00-226 certification details: A SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9, such as course content (curriculum), cost, preparation guide, Etc.

Note: All SAS Big Data Certificates exam questions are available on SAS Institute.

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