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Medieval 2 Total War MODs – Only High Ranked Mods are Added in List

Medieval 2 is a very popular game in series and over 28 different MODs are added for this Total War Game. All are chosen from hundreds of other Mods created by different Developers.

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Details of Medieval 2 Total War MODs
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Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

Napoleon Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods from Amazing RTS Game Total War

Details of Medieval 2 Total War MODs

Red Falcon

Red Falcon is a complete conversion of the game with 2 different types of versions. One is historical and other Fantasy versions with no connection to the real world. You can also play an almost new campaign in this game which is good for those who love to complete challenging missions. The game take place in an ultimate universe of middle ages where you can see a lot of wars did not happen. Complete different stories and scenarios created for this game, both historical and fantasy levels.


Egypt Rising

This mod is created on a unique concept where Egypt is not ruling most of the world and you can also see too much map under their control. But you cant play this faction and many other factions are available for you. Few factions are unlocked on starts like Mongols and Americans. Some new victory conditions are added in this game to make this game better and enjoyable for everyone. You can find some other changes in this game which are always part of each mod. Too many new units, factions, new maps, many errors are fixed and also provide an awesome experience to users.


Hyrule Total War

This mod is created by adding too many races from the Zelda universe. It means you can’t find any historical factions, units are story involved in this game. But a lot of different unknown races are added in this game. Complete conversion of the original game providing to chance to play a new game. All of these races are fighting each other, many heroes from this other universe are also added in this game.

Mod is amazing for those who love  Zelda universe or may know something about that game. A lot of creators, dead monsters, and everything is adopted from that game. It’s the best chance to fulfill a lot of dreams which you are unable to do in the Zelda universe. Play as any faction of that game and fulfill your destiny.


Mongol Invasion

Mongol Invasion is a very small mod that recreates famous battles in custom maps. It’s about battles between Mongols and polish forces. Everyone knows about Mongols and what they did to humans living in Asia or Europe. You get a chance to fight with these human enemies in this mod. Some new custom maps are included in this mod which you can easily explore and play. But there are very few changes in the original game.

The focus of this mod is only about creating a new map for large battles. There are no too many new factions, units, and large changes in-game. The size of the mod is very less because there is nothing special edits in-game.


Third Age – Reforged

Multiplayer mode which is all about creating a balanced game for online players. It also updates a lot of changes to Third Age maps, units, and more. But you can play it online only and there is no support for the campaign. Those who love multiplayer games, Reforged is the best choice for them. All features and updates added in this mod are only focusing on making the game better and easy with fresh content for multiplayer.


Eras Total Conquest

Huge mod which is about too many new missions, 4 new campaigns are added in-game. Eras Total Conquest represents many different times throughout history, each with new factions, missions, and some units as per that time.

In 970 you must fight against Viking attacks or play as Vikings to attack different settlements. Everyone knows about Vikings, the mod provides you with a chance to stop their invasions, or become Viking to capture and destroy popular cities of that time. 1230 focuses on Mongol invasion which affects the whole world at that time. People who get little interest in history know about Mongols. Your best chance to defends against the most powerful enemy of humans and defeat them for good.

Last of the Romans 1453 is about the Fall of the Roman empire. Play as Romans to discover how this largest empire in history is lost so fast. Good mod to teach everyone what actually happen to Romans at that time. 1500 describes conquering the new world. Your best chance to fight against everyone and become more powerful in the whole world. Full world map 1547 where you get a chance to conquer the whole world by defeating everyone available there that time.


Total War Three Kingdoms Mods – Making Original Game More Amazing

Igni Ferroque

Igni Ferroque is most likely to be a balanced mod where you can’t find too many changes in-game. The main purpose of this mod is to make the original game more balanced. As per the creator, there are too many units that are not balanced in-game because of some useless upgrades. If you are looking for something new in-game, this mod is not for you. But if you want to play the original games with more balance and enjoy without facing many unbalanced troubles, this mod is for you.


Dawn of Conquest

Dawn of Conquest is a full campaign where you can find too many rebel territories. Each faction must fight them 1st, real fun begin when every faction finishes conquering all territories from rebels and start fighting each other. The main focus of the game is the conflict between England and France which is famous as 100 years war. Some of the key events in this game are black death which affects all Europe and also the discovery of gun powder which unlocks some powerful weapons. There are 10 factions from Europe who must fight to conquer eastern Europe.


The Turks Realism

Turks are faction in-game which represents both Seljuks and ottomans. The purpose of this mod is to make everything accurate about both of them. The main focus is to correct them as per historical events and also some other units or features are fixed to make them look better. You may think this mod may only focus on Turks only, but there are too many changes about some other factions too. Many bugs fix and also a lot of improvement in gameplay you can see in this mod.


Beginning of The End Times

Huge mod and complete conversion of this game which takes action into the universe of Warhammer. Almost everything is changed in this game. Many new factions are created with hundreds of sub-factions for them. A large campaign map is built for players to improve the most strong AI. Another option is to play multiplayer against this AI or just fight alone. The intelligence level of this AI is very strong which can shock you on a high level. Many new monsters, technologies, and much are just build for you to feel like playing in the Warhammer world.


20 Best Empire Total War Mods – List of Top Mods High Ranked

The Italian Wars

This mod focus on the war which was fought over 60 years in Italy. France and another nation try to control Italian territories for a long time. Almost all Italian territories and most of the European cities are added in this mod to play. Its a huge mod where you may not see huge changes but a new map, faction, and some other changes. If you love history so much, it’s your chance to fight for Italy and long battles of old time to control the most popular country in Europe.


The Elder Scrolls

One of the most famous and popular games The Elder Scrolls where thousands of players really love to play. This mod converts Total War into The Elder Scrolls world. There are 20 factions that are trying to fight for victory by defeating everyone else. Terrian and all units are changed in this mod which means you can find a lot of modifications in gameplay. As you know about these mods, a new huge map is there for you to play in the world of The Elder Scrolls.


Divide and Conquer Eriador Rises

Divide and Conquer were old mod which some people creates and left without completion. Now a few new developers start the same project and build this large mod with 30 factions. Many new units, factions, and too many graphics are added in-game. Unlike some other small mods, its huge modification in Total War Game. Many new events are created especially for this game which you may never see before anywhere. Its huge change in the original game, you may feel like playing a new game in the world of Total war games.



Warcraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Millions of players love to play it multiplayer and missions campaign. This new mod converts Total War into a completely new Warcraft World. The map is very large created in the Warcraft world where factions are very far away from each other. Too many different provinces are part of this mod now and idea for all factions is created from Warcraft world.

There are some special instructions given on the download page where you can find how to install this mod. You may not be able to install it like other mods with one-click installer or just extract to any folder in-game. They also ask you to install some kind of patch, which was easy to just add in-game but they didn’t.


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The Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time is a huge game most popular for those who love FPS fantasy type games. This mod converts Total war into Wheel of Time universe. These types of mods are always popular because they add completely new systems to the game and represent the already famous universe with millions of fans.

If you are a fan of Wheel of Time or wanna know more about it, just try to play this mod to learn about it. Its huge mod which means you can see too many new factions from that universe, new maps, and many units with the complete graphic system adopted.



Complete different kinds of mod which is built into the fantasy world. Many factions, maps, units, and almost everything is created completely new. You may experience large battles everywhere, some factions are trying to control all lands by killing others. Full of chaos and a very interesting game to play. You must know this mod provide you with a full experience to enjoy a completely new game like Total War with almost everything different from the original game.


Forgotten Realms

Most of you may know about Forgotten Realms, which is a campaign setting for the very popular game Dungeons & Dragons. This mod will take you that huge world with too many updates. You can see new units, maps, factions, and too many customs scenarios created fro you.


Rise of the Eagles

Napoleonic Era mod where you get 2 choices. Play as Nepoleon and try to conquer the whole of Europe to implement his rules and new kind of Dictatorship. Play against him and try to save Europe from destruction and slavery. Very interesting and amazing mod which provides an awesome experience to feel what actually happen to Europe when it was in the Napoleonic Era. Most of the factions are focused on France’s provinces and all those countries around it which they try to conquer.



Visit this page on MODDB which provides you with all information about the mod. It looks like this mod changes everything in original gameplay. Unlike other mods where they add new units, campaigns, maps, and similar changes, Lucium is a more detailed mod with amazing changes to everything. Huge changes in every single faction, we can’t write it all here because it may require a full post to write about this much changes in-game.


Deus lo Vult

The main focus of this mod is about more strategy involve in-game and give player chance tow rite his own history. Mod allows players to deicide some options at the start of the game. There are more factions that are playable on start of game. More graphics models are added in this game which is related to Medieval time.

They add more RPG features in this game for every player character which means a lot of decisions are to be made by a player for his own life career in-game. A lot of new resources are created for an economic system that you can explore and read more on the download page below.


Roma Acta est Fabula

Mod which focuses on large battles happening in Africa. Many factions are fighting over control of the whole of Africa. There are some factions who are trying to remove Romans from Africa and also fight each other for glory. AI system is updated in this mod which can become more challenging for every player.


The Kingdom of the Scots

Very large campaign mod which focuses on the UK, Ireland, and Scotland. You can see a big conflict between the French army and the British people. Also Scottish invasion of Ireland and Fight within Scotland for complete domination. Its complete chaos and lot of forces are involved in fighting each other, french are trying to conquer British lands, Scottish wants to capture Irelands and also all of these factions are fighting within their own lands for complete domination.

Huge changes are created for this mod, The Kingdom of the Scots offers many new units and castles as per historical facts only. Play as one clan and fight for the unity of whole Scotland or attack England after complete domination over your lands by defeating everyone. Another important feature of this mod is natural disasters which can affect different parts of this map and also everyone is affected by floods, earth quickly and more.

There are many new names are added in-game for generals as per historical data. This mod is a complete rework of the original game and best for everyone who really loves the history of the United Kingdom and also wants to be part of it. Different factions are playable in this game which you can choose like any clan from Scotland, invading army or choose to play as British, etc.


Age of Strife – Teutonic Campaign

Teutonic Campaign is not a huge update mod for this game because they are not changing too much in-game or you can say complete modification version. But there is some new kind of graphics which you can see as part of this game, new icons for too many different units or factions and also some new campaign missions or map. They also enable rebels now who are playable for this game, it means you can dominate all other factions in-game by playing as a rebel. It’s different from other mods or games where they use rebels for just as a tool for fun.


Rise of Legends II

Rise of Legends is created in a fantasy world with many new changes to the original game. They allow you play to up to 800 turns this time, also historical year is added in-game which is 1080 AD. There is a huge campaign where some new factions are added for you. Rebel forces are more stronger and powerful compare to the normal games, it can take more turn and a lot of hard work to defeat them. New cities, faction colors, and some other minor changes are part of this game but you must know that it’s not a huge mod or complete modification of the original game.


Stainless Steel

Huge mod with too many changes in-game. Consider it mostly as an update in a lot of gameplay features, many new updates added in-game and a perfect mod to play. They also collect all bug fixes in this mod, too many mini-mods, better AI with intelligent level AI forces, few new provinces, better graphics are added with new campaigns or missions.

In the main campaign, they rebalanced victory condition, many minor changes in current missions, list of updates in the current game is very long which you read below when visiting the download page. If we read from start to end, there is only one motive of this mod, they are mainly trying to make this game more balanced compare to the original game.



The most amazing complete modification of the game and story behind the creation of this mod is really amazing. In the year 2500 humans race is attacked and conquered by an alien species. Most humans are killed or captured to use as slaved on their home planet. But when they were taking all humans to their home planet, someone was able to hijack that ship and land it on some Earth-like a planet.

Now, something new is discovered after landing on this new place. This powerful Alien race capture too many different kinds of alien species too which are new to humans. On this new planet, its 500 years now, and every race which was part of that ship is now controlling some part of this new land. Humans are also trying to survive ion this bad time as most of the races are not friends or enemies with each other. Fight for domination can begin any time and you must know that some races are more advanced with powerful weapons compare to humans, others are weak with almost no better technology.


20 Best Total War Warhammer MODs – It Includes Warhammer 2 Popular MODs

Chronicles of Myrtana

The main focus of this mod is to offer a completely different type of gameplay which is different from all other mods ever created. You can find some major changes on how soldiers are fighting with each other, different new styles are added and much more in-game. It’s a normal mod that doesn’t offer many changes by adding too many units, missions, and more.


The Sigh of Empire

Huge mod which represents the last few years of the Chinese most powerful empire Qing Dynasty. All-new factions are added as per that era with new units, large changes in gameplay. Chinese culture is added in buildings, new maps and large updates make it a completely new game. This mod can really attract over billions of Chinese people if someone can promote it to China. They may really like to know about their powerful ancestors who rule for a long time over the whole of China.


Westeros – Age of Petty Kings

Another important mod which is based on Westeros from Game of Throne. Whole countryside is divided into many kingdoms who fight for domination. In south side, there are countless small kingdoms who are fighting with each other to become the most powerful in Westeros. On the north side, there are 4 large kingdoms who are fighting with each other. It’s up to the player to use any playable faction to fight for supremacy and make one large empire in the whole country. Too many outsiders are also attacking in this time, threats and chaos are everywhere.


Top Post on the Same Topic

Read about the best post written on the same topic which is chosen for you. There are 15 MODs that are added to the list on Fandom Post. Each MOD is explained well with details for users. This site is always added to our lists because they provide amazing content about games.


Each game in the Total War Series become very popular in less time. There are millions of players who played this game in the last many years. Medieval 2 becomes very popular among other games & everyone loves to play its mods. Hundreds of different kinds of MODs are created for this game. Every single MOD chosen in this list is perfect for gamer to try if they love Medieval 2.

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