Space Pirates and Zombies Mods – Fight Large Battles on Space & Planets

Space Pirates and Zombies Mods – Awesome space game which provide player full chance to fight in space. A lot of Pirates and Zombies are involved in it.


Introduction to Space Pirates and Zombies
Details about for Mods Space Pirates and Zombies
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Introduction to Space Pirates and Zombies

Space Pirates and Zombies is an RTS game with ships battling in the space system. The player can control any single ship or fleet of many ships. Huge randomly generated galaxies are available in this game to explore. Many systems are created in each galaxy, there is star in each system with some planets and some different type of areas. These areas can contain faction stations, for missions, trade and more important activities to be completed.

If the player is connected to that faction, they can get missions from any station. Players can also improve the ranking of their faction by completing various tasks completion or level up fleet during different missions. Players can control any ship and play like real-time strategy. Attack on enemy ships, move ships around to avoid the enemy attack and more.

Each ship is different from others. The effects of different weapons on each ship are completely separate. For example, if a ship can lose more life when an attack by one weapon, another ship may receive no effects at all. There are many factions in-game and when playing continue playing, they interact with many more factions like bounty hunters, etc. The main important part of the game is a dangerous zombie force that can destroy everything in their path.

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There are 3 different types of materials in this game. The player can collect one from the asteroid and use it for building ships or purchase technology. Goons are crew members that players can use to deploy in ships and also give gifts to some other factions. The last resource is data, the player can collect it after defeating enemies and destroying their ships. To upgrade the player fleet, this data is important and players can collect as much of it possible for their benefits.

Details about for Mods Space Pirates and Zombies

1- Fight for the Universe

Rez is a very important power in this game. Players fight for control of it because whoever control it, you can say control everything. Some large cooperation is created on just idea to search for rez and control it. Everyone fights for it in every part of the galaxy. But now something different is discovered which is more powerful than anything. It’s up to players to discover it and use it on their benefits.

Its complete conversion of the original game and player can feel like they are playing a new game. Almost everything about this mod is explained with a download link when you visit by clicking the below button to the forum. Too many different weapons and modules are created for this game to enjoy.

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2- Battlestar Galactica

People who love space tv-series know about Battlestar Galactica. It’s a large battle between humans and some aliens. Humans created species control everything now, humans are on run from them in large ships. These ships are hunt down by these aliens like species who can actually change into human form and live among them easily. This mod is best for lovers of that’s series.

Many ships in this mod are created from Battlestar. It means you may find a good collection of ships that are completely transform from original game ships. But you cant find full story conversion like series of Battlestar but enjoy ships which were part of that series.

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3- Big Fight for Beef

Important mod which contains the features from 2 different mods and unites them in one place. All important features from Big Beef and Fight for Universe are collected in one mod. A lot of changes in the original game make this mod more better and popular.

Mothership is improved with some new features, More large hangers are created with progress through the level. A lot of cost reduction is in place for this game. All information about each update of this mod are added on below link to the forum thread.

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4- Big Beef

The main feature of this mod is the large hanger system. A new unique complete system for hangers is built for this mod. A lot of factors in this game are changed to huge. You can find large missiles and also long-range beams too.

They improve ships in many ways especially how they look like to players. You can consider it a zoomed version of the game which allows players to see everything clearly.

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Conclusion for Space Pirates and Zombies Mods

Tools to create mods for this game are already available and some people tried to make some awesome mods. But this game is not much popular compared to some other game. Another game in series was created after a few years of the first game.

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