Fashion Guide to UGG Boots: How to Style Them?

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UGGs are comfortable, cute, and stylish. Living in Australia, you own at least one pair of UGGs. These boots were once considered to be worn at farms or carrying out outdoor activities. Today, many celebrities wear them with crop tops, athleisure, and dresses, and they have brought them in style.

Women’s UGG boots can be paired with different outfits to make some bold style statements. Whether you want to wear them with your jeans for a day out with friends or pair them with a maxi dress for a boho look at a fair, UGGs can lend a stylish vibe.

How to Style UGG Boots?

Although you can wear your UGG boots almost everywhere and with any outfit, a few style tips can help you look your best. Also, how you want to style your outfit depends on where you are going. Do you want to look casual? Are you planning to go all dressy?

Keeping these in mind, here are a few options that can take you anywhere.

  1. UGGs with Jeans

You can pair your UGGs with your favourite denim. Wear blue or black denim with a turtleneck tee or an oversized shirt to look chic. This can be your go-to winter look or a casual outing with your friends.

If you are not a jeans person and like to experiment with your looks, wear UGGs with shiny leather pants or leggings. Remember to choose a subtle colour of UGGs for this look.

  1. UGGs with Skirts

UGGs are versatile, and when you plan to ditch the jeans, you can wear them with skirts.

Pencil skirts are not the first choice of many to pair with UGGs because they give a more formal look, and you may draw some ugly looks if you mix UGGs with formal wear.

Wear UGGs with fitted skirts, miniskirts, or flowy ones. Wear leather or woollen skirts with UGGs if it’s cold where you live for a perfect winter look. If you choose a UGG in subtle colours, feel free to experiment with the skirt pattern and colour.

  1. UGGs with Dresses

Think again if you thought you could pair your UGGs only with pants and skirts. UGGs, when paired with dresses, can give a comfortable look.

Fitted dress, flowy maxi dress, sweater dress, or casual tee-shirt dress, depending on the occasion and weather, choose any of these dresses and wear your UGGs. Consider adding layers to your look. Go with a sweater or a shrug or a jacket.

For a bohemian vibe, pair UGGs with printed maxi dresses. 

  1. UGGs with Leisure Wear

Are you looking for the perfect airport look? Pair your comfiest trousers with a crop top or tee shirt, and wear your UGGs.

You can never go wrong when you choose leisure wear with UGGs. They are the ideal shoes for your way back home from the gym. However, please do not wear them in the gym since they are not workout shoes.

Create Your Look

Do not wait for the perfect occasion to wear UGGs. Just bring them out and wear them whenever you feel like it; there are no rules. Just one word of caution, avoid wearing UGGs to work unless your workplace allows casual wear. Women’s UGG boots are genuinely versatile and comfortable. You can choose any look depending on your style. If you love experimenting with new trends and styles, create your look.


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