The pros and cons of buying property in Dubai

Dubai is an attractive international city. It’s becoming a trend buying property in Dubai. When we talk about investment in real estate market, the best way of buying a property is by hiring real state agencies. Many time people think that it is a matter of extra cost to higher real estate agencies but the reality is opposite. Hiring agencies are beneficial in many ways. Dubai is becoming a passion in world. People like buying  properties in Dubai

. But we have to see what are pros and cons of buying property in Dubai.


It’s safe and secure city

Dubai provides 100% safe and secure environment to the people living here.

Higher rental income

It is best idea to buy property in Dubai and then make it available for rent. It’s because with increasing population need more rental units for their settlement.

Tourism Hub

Dubai has become a tourism hub as well as international market place for the real estate investors.

International sports events all type of international sports events are held here. These events attract the attention of people and invest from all around the world.

Strict law implementations

 The rules and regulations are practiced very strictly here. The real estate investors are safe and protected under the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (PERA)


The best thing about Dubai is there is 0% VAT which provides a confidence in real estate investors.

There are some other pros of buying property in Dubai such as it is an aviation hub, population is increasing and easy visa facility for the real estate investors.

Now let’s discuss what are cons of buying property in Dubai?

One of the disadvantages is the initial cost connected to the property acquiring in Dubai.

In case a buyer takes out mortgage also pays 0.25% registration of the loan amount as fee.

 In sum Dubai is best place to invest specially in this time when its rising so fastly.  A best investment is what gives you peace of mind as well. Sobha Forest villas community is best in terms of buying house that is near to commercial area and just few minutes away from the Burj Khalifa.


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