Importance of seeking professional help for mental health

If you are from Multan then in this article we will discuss the services of the mental health clinic in Multan. We see people talking about how tired they are from working, from their monotonous daily routine, and how dull their life is. This tiredness is not usually physical, this is a mental tiredness that a person experiences and feels physically tired. Everything we experience mentally affects us physically. That is why mental health is important. People think that taking care of their physical health is enough and mental health does not need any attention or treatment.

When you catch a cold or fever you immediately take the medicine or go to the doctor so it doesn’t get worse. You know if you don’t give that illness the attention at the right time it can get worse and can affect you badly. But when we feel depressed or anxious we don’t give it the required attention and do not seek any professional help. This negligence can cost you even your life. Many people in the world commit suicide due to hopelessness and depression.

How can we take care of our mental health?

As mentioned above, mental health and physical health are connected and reciprocate. When you get physically sick it affects your mental health and when you are mentally disturbed then it will affect your physical health. Just like we take care of our physical health by eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy activities. Just like that we can take care of our mental health.

Like if you feel uncomfortable with something, let’s say a gathering. Where you don’t like the way people treat you, or they make you feel bad about yourself. They make you do things you don’t want to do and you have to do them under peer pressure. You can avoid gatherings like these for the sake of your mental health.

There are some things which you can share with your friends. Sometimes just pouring your heart out in front of the people you trust works and makes you feel good. But sometimes just sharing doesn’t help and you need professional help to fix yourself again. But from where you can seek professional help, let’s see.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is a private hospital in Multan. It is one of the best hospitals in Multan with state-of-the-art facilities. It has the best staff and best medical services and they also provide welfare aid to the people who deserve it. They have a cutting-edge laboratory with modern technology to provide the best possible results. One of their noteworthy projects is their mental health clinic called Spring Clinic.

Spring Clinic

Spring Clinic is a proud project of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital Multan. It has a separate building and a whole independent set up. They give mental aid to people of every age and gender. All their facilities and services make it the best mental health clinic in Multan.  These are some of their prominent services which they provide to help people live their best life.

Counselling sessions

As I said, sometimes talking to your friend doesn’t really help and you need professional help. Spring clinic has highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and therapists. They know the procedures of therapy, they know how to make a person comfortable in the setting. They identify the issue and find out the main reason behind everything a person going through. They help them with therapy and get them back to normal life.

Speech therapy for children

Many children in Pakistan are born with speaking disorders. And people think there is no treatment for these issues. But that is not true. Many children face depression because of speaking issues, they get bullied in their schools and it shatters their self-confidence. Spring Clinic offers therapy for the children with speaking issues and helps them to speak normally like other children.

Behavioural therapy for autistic children 

Children with autism have difficulty in socialising with people. Only a professional psychologist can deal with autistic children. Psychologists at Spring clinic give behavioural therapy to children with the involvement of their parents. It helps them in their development and growth. Spring clinics give people a life changing experience so they can live their life to the fullest. All these services make spring clinic the mental health clinic in Multan.


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