What Are HHC Gummies? 

You have heard of CBD, Delta 8 THC, Delta 9, and maybe even Delta 10. The question now is, what about HHC? Have you heard of HHC? Do you know what it is? Is it anything like the others? Is it legal or illegal? So many questions that you might be wondering. Let’s figure this thing out.

HHC actually stands for hexahydrocannabinol, which happens whenever you add hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 THC. It creates this, HHC. Wild stuff, I know. Who would’ve thought?

This means that HHC is indeed similar to Delta 9 THC, however, its effects are on the lesser side. It’s not as strong as the potent Delta 9 THC strain, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t amazing.

Actually, HHC is more potent than Delta 10, as well as Delta 8, believe it or not. HHC is said to create more of a euphoric relaxing state with its psychedelic properties that it has. Yes, of course, HHC is derived from Delta 9, that means it has those wonderful traits that everyone is looking for.

Is HHC Legal? 

What does this mean as far as the legality of HHC though? It’s all a little confusing sounding right now, but I will explain how this works. You might think that since HHC comes from the Delta 9 THC strain, that it would be illegal. You would be wrong thinking this through. How is this so?

I’m going to sound a little off track, but give me a minute to explain it, so that way you can understand everything. You know of CBD, and what it is, right? I’m sure that you do.

CBD is made from the hemp plant. It’s also completely legal thanks to the Farm Bill that’s in place. However, in order to stay compliant with the Farm Bill, CBD is NOT allowed to contain more than 0.3 percent of Delta 9. This is the law of it.

This allows a sort of gray area though. So long as it only contains 0.3 percent of Delta 9, and no more than that, then it’s legal and compliant with the Farm Bill. This little loophole is what makes it possible for there to be legal Delta 9 products on the market. If you play with the sizes, you can use that 0.3 percent to your advantage.

If there is a way for there to be legal Delta 9 products on the market, then of course that means that HHC is legal as well. As long as the HHC is derived from the hemp plant. The Delta 9 THC that makes HHC, has to have come from the hemp plant, and not the cannabis plant.

This doesn’t diminish any of the amazingness that HHC provides. It just provides us a legal way to enjoy it.

Where Are HHC Gummies Legal At? 

With all that has been said, you might be wondering where Mr.Hemp Flower HHC gummies would be legal at. Surely, it wouldn’t be as widely available like CBD is, right? Wrong! These HHC gummies are legal everywhere that CBD products are able to be sold at. How amazing is that?

CBD products are able to be sold in most of the 50 states. There are only a handful of states that don’t allow it to be sold there, and considers it illegal. This means that you can have access to these HHC gummies all over the US too! It’s pretty great.

If you do wind up living in a state where it’s illegal, don’t get discouraged. You can always buy some to enjoy and consume when you travel. When you go to other states, they will probably have these products available to buy, and you can get some then. The only thing is, that you cannot take them home with you. That’s still illegal, which sucks I know.

Where Can You Find HHC Gummies? 

No need to fear, HHC gummies aren’t that hard to find. Not like you might think that they would be. There are a few places that you can find HHC gummies at, such as:

  • 1. It’s possible that your nearby gas stations that carry CBD products might also have some HHC gummies in stock as well. This is a big maybe though. They might not have any, but it’s definitely worth looking at.
  • 2. Your best bet at finding it locally near you, would be at the tobacco store that’s close by. They often have a variety of CBD, and different types of Delta strains that are legal there. They just might have some HHC gummies there as well.
  • 3. If you don’t have any luck with finding HHC gummies with the first two on the list, then I would give a CBD specialty store a try. There might not be one where you live, nor in the next town over. However, they will definitely have some HHC gummies in stock for you to try out.
  • 4. If all else fails, you can always order your HHC gummies online. Yes, you can have them directly shipped to your door! This is one of my preferred methods, because I’m able to get exactly what I want. It’s just easier. There’s also the biggest variety to choose from when shopping for your HHC gummies online.

So, What’s Stopping You? 

It might be that you have never even heard of HHC gummies before today, but you now know that they are legal. Well, as long as it’s sourced from Delta 9 THC that came from the hemp plant, then it’s legal.

You know where you can find these wonderful gummies now too. The question is now, what’s stopping you from trying all of the wonderful aspects that HHC gummies have to offer? Nothing but yourself, that’s what.

Don’t make any excuses, even if you have never tried HHC gummies, leave that skepticism behind and go for it! You definitely won’t regret it, and will be pleasantly surprised with how much you love it.

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