What’re the Top 6 Best Online Android Games for Adults in 2021?

In this COVID-19 situation, when everyone is sitting at home and looking at the ways to spend it well, then check out these fantastic online games for android specifically designed for adults.


Challenging, fun, and unique games for android for adults are sometimes hard to find. games for android have been around for a very long time, and they aren’t going anyplace any time soon. What, precisely, has people so intrigued? For what reason do we love them to such an extent? 

Well, for a specific something, word puzzles are an excellent method to teach while engaging for adults. As you get older, word puzzles give an approach to keep yourself sharp with demonstrated advantages for intellectual health. They energize abilities that are important to realize when you’re youthful and significant to practice as you get older.

In particular, they’re outright fun. 

Therefore if you generally appreciated crosswords and word look, or maybe like the thought yet never got into those specific games for android, there are a ton of choices out there to extend your word puzzle collection! In this guide, we will be taking you through the different sorts of games for android out there. 

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Read on if you need to perceive what different choices there are for all you tricky scholars – or, besides, any individual who might want to turn into a more crafty wordsmith. These games will expand your vocabulary and sharpen your wit.

Let’s Dive into Some Great Online Games for Android for Adults


The game 2048 spins the spelling bee, however as opposed to illuminating the word out loud, you’ll have to type it physically. The free game will give a definition and a scramble of letters. And there will be a shot clock checking you down. In case you’re stuck on an explanation, the game offers hints where you can get the right letter. 

Mahjong Flowers

In case you’re battling to concoct words in Words with Friends, you can check Word Chums out. This application accompanies a built-in dictionary, so adults can learn words as they go. You can play either without anyone else or in a group, or, in all likelihood, you can take a look at beating one of the different challenges.

The Book of Treasures

The Book of Treasures is an engaging word game with a full plotline. By finishing the destinations to dominate the match, you’re rehearsing your spelling skills. Even so, it’s far-fetched that you’ll get exhausted with the vivid story and alluring visuals.

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Word Bird

This is the word game in which the bird is the word. Not the same as the verse from The Trashmen’s 1963 single Surfin’ Bird, this is a pleasant word search puzzle game. Word Bird gives you good word search interactivity with an assortment of classes to pick from. 

Browse food, creatures, sports, film, or different points for your word list. At that point, check whether you can tackle your way through each level inside that class. Simply swipe through letters to make the words on the rundown and utilize the two clues if you stall out. Give a valiant effort to rush to accomplish the best time, or replay the level to better it. 

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This is less notable than Scrabble; however, it was one we appreciated as an adult. To play Boggle, you shake a case brimming with dice with a letter on each side, and the dice land in the 4×4 network at the lower part of the case. You, at that point, make the same number of words as you can from the resulting face-up letters. 

Again, this is a good one for enhancing vocabulary – and it tends to be played by adults and kids. You have to record the words you concoct, which can likewise be useful for developing handwriting skills.

Word Bites

Word Bites by Gamesgames.com is a confronted, paced, addictive word game. It’s a more significant amount of an arcade-style game than most. With the capacity to swipe the mouse in all cases toward any path to make words, the potential outcomes of winning are bounty. 

Each time you find enough words and hit the level score objective, the game load up detonates with movement as you level up.

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Play Online or On the Go

You may not generally have the option to get along with companions, partners, and friends and family to play games for android face to face. That is alright. All of these mentioned above are great fun multiplayer games for android you can play online from the solace of your internet browser. And, if we missed any incredible games for android, word search games, or word puzzle games for Adults, then do let us know in the comments!

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