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Games Like MYST – Read about Popular series of adventure games and top alternatives to Myth. All these puzzles and adventure games are also loved by millions.

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Introduction to MYST
Details of Games like MYST
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Introduction to MYST

One of the best amazing graphic adventure and puzzle games. The game receives a lot of positive reviews and also sold millions of time and become a perfect success. They create a really cool game with high-quality graphics and some nice soundtracks. Its launched for other platforms too and multiple remakes or other versions are created on different time periods.

Players control character and walk around in a world created for this game. Interaction with other objects is also possible which shows up on the screen. Traveling from one location to another is also possible and one special option provides a chance for the player to move from one location to many other instances.

The basic concept of this game is all about ages which you can consider as rounds in many games. Players must find some clues, walk around in one age, and solve some mysteries to reach to another age. Sometimes one age may be required for players to complete some puzzles in other ages. In order to activate a switch, the player may need to find some clues which are very important for traveling.

As per the main story, the player comes across a book with the title MYST. after reading, players discover a lot of information about this island. After he puts a hand on the last page of the book, he is transferred away from the known world and no other choice to just explore this island more for answers. Many pages in this book are missing and players must travel to other ages to find those pages because its the only way to escape from this reality to the real world.

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A very interesting story where too many puzzles are involved and making it the best game ever. People love this type of game, on every part of this game, a new mystery is waiting to be solved. There are too many ending for this game, each is different depending on player action.

Details of Games like MYST

1- Obduction (#1 alternative to MYST)

You may not be able to find any best alternative to MYST other then Obduction because the basic concept is the same everywhere. Player is transported to alien worlds but there are only human elements on map. Explore and solve puzzles just like MYST and find your way back to Earth. Obduction is released for almost every platform within 2 years of 1st release.

Gameplay and player choices can produce different ending are common features. Some objects in this game, players are able to see them with a more proper way to find clues and solve puzzles. Players discover that many different people are also abducted from the human world within the last many years and bring to this world without any know reasons.

Further exploration reveals some devastating news to the player. A total of 4 different aliens civilizations are working together, to build some kind of way to travel in each other world. They use these methods to help each other, work together, and find a better place to live. But one of them realizes that others are holding them back in this technology, they make dangerous plan to destroy everyone. Powerful weapons are being placed everywhere in a different world but everyone is trying to stop them. Humans are also involved in this and the player may get less time to complete their mission of returning home.

2- Machinarium

Best puzzle-solving adventure game like MYST. In this game, players can only touch objects which are in their range. All of these puzzles are connected together and form the most powerful game ever. One of the important features of this game is that there are no written, spoken, or any kind of dialogue. They provide some information on the start of the game as tutorial and different bubbles are coming up like ideas in the player head throughout the game.

Players can also receive hints at every level but it’s limited. Sometimes a player can feel like they cant solve any puzzle, one hint at every level can help them a lot. Walkthrough for this game is also available which is also providing a lot of dialogues instead of writing or talking ways. The Player character is a robot who is dumped in outside city location in-store. The robot developed itself and started to move toward city, there it discovers the plot of some criminal gangsters of the city who are planning to destroy one tower in the city.

3- The Whispered World

Awesome point and click adventure game similar to MYST. The gameplay is very easy to control with mouse and space bar is also available to use for different options. Game is happening in a dream world which is a fantasy created fro this game. The game begins when a sad clown wakeup in his trailer after the dream of the world is completely destroyed.

There is a very complicated story involved in this game which is total fantasy. Everything is about ending of the whole world, the player character travels to unknown worlds to find actually what is happening everywhere. Some other characters are also there who help players in different ways to move into the game.

The Whispered World receives many positive reviews and players really love this game a lot. But unlike other games and specially MYST, this game was not sold too much. You can understand that gamers may not like its complicated story or maybe there are some other reasons behind it.

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4- The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey is another game similar to MYST and gameplay is mostly similar to all games on the list. It was a success and sold more than half mission time in very little time. Reviews were also very positive about this game. Basic settings are similar where you need to solve different types of puzzles throughout the game.

Lot of parallel universes are involved in this game where a young boy is tasked with traveling these different locations and try to restore balance there. The story is really mixing up everything in this game where player needs to travel in too many places, solve puzzles and the weird story is going on.

5- Gray Matter

Nice puzzle-solving adventure game divided into 8 different chapters. In the main story, there are some objectives that are very important to complete but some side objectives are also there without effecting the main original story. You may not see any other game where this much of different types of puzzles are added.

The game character is a girl who is riding toward the countryside when traveling to London. There is very heavy rain, instead of going in the right direction, she turns to Oxford and her bike is breakdown near it. There is only one chance left with her to ask help to a nearby mansion where she posses as a student who is here to help someone in a research project.

Professor ordered her to search for some volunteer students for some kind of experiment. After solving different puzzles and doing a lot of experiments, she finally gets 4 different students who are ready to work. Later professor informs her that he already finds 5th and makes a game character as 6th in the list. When game progress, she gets a lot of information about what actually the professor does and his experiments and background of Oxford.

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6- Syberia

The game follows around the main character who is a lawyer looking after the large business of a company and also trying to find missing brother of owner who is recently deceased. Another mini-plot is also going on connected to the personal life of the character. It’s a graphics adventure novel which can take you to famous places in Europe and Russia.

After some discoveries, kate was able to find that brother of the owner is not just alive but mentally ill some time before. The Father of the kid is also claiming his death and buried. She finds out the new owner is now somewhere far away and to reach him, the only method is the use of some kind of machine. She must find some important objects which are required to travel.

7- Ether One

Different kinds of games where the main character must investigate the thoughts of one old woman. A lot of puzzles are involved in this game and the player must solve them throughout the game. But these thinking of patients become more difficult to solve when conditions get worse. The main purpose of all this mission is to restore memories of the patient.

The character can enter into memories of women and read through childhood to whole life. It can become very difficult for the player to understand and solve many puzzles reading a lot of memories. The whole life of women is open to players about what she ever did in her life as a teenage, kid, and in later life.

Finally, after a very long process and playing games to solve too many puzzles, the player is able to restore memories. This game is very amazing with awesome concepts to compare to all games in the list. Reviews for this game more positive than other games by different platforms.

8- Real Myst

Real Myst is an improved version of the original game which is best for you to play if you like MYST game. Graphics are updated, the game becomes more easy and enjoyable now to play. This version makes all ages look better and cool compare to the original game. Traveling on MYST island is easier now with fewer limitations. But you cant see new missions, something especially new to play.

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9- The Witness

Huge island to explore and this was made after getting basic ideas from MYST game. Players can find different puzzles to solve with no clear instruction and progress through the game. The whole island is full of natural and human-made structures and too many different landscapes to explore.

The whole island is divided into 11 regions and players may find different types of puzzles everywhere. These regions are divided on the base of the land structure. But there are too many side puzzles everywhere in this game which player can also solve for different benefits. As per the developer, it can take over 80 hours for normal players to complete this game.

10- Timelapse

A very old game where players can use different type portals to reach different historically popular locations and explore them. People who are really interested in history may love this game a lot. As per main plot, player is trying to find professor who is already stuck somewhere in one of 3 civilizations time. It’s possible to visit these places as per your desired order.

The Player also encounters a robot that is made of the energy of some kind. The main purpose of searching each civilization is to find some kind of device and add it to the gate. After all 3 devices are collected and installed into gate, player is able to access the Atlantic where the professor is reached already.

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There are 15 games added on Lyncconf Games which are explained properly. Details provided are not much compared to our site but its enough to give people little about what these games are all about. Another list of alternative games is created for Tech Shout but they add only games and info is also very less compare to our site. We also find many other sites with good articles but unfortunately, those sites are not good enough to add in our list because of adult ads, low authority domain, etc.

Conclusion for Games Like MYST

We must accept that games like MYST are not being created every day. The most perfect game in the history of games with full of adventure, puzzle, mystery, and everything comes together making it an awesome game. All other games on the above list are also better, cool, and perfect for playing. Some games are even better then MYST because they add better features to the game.

We suggest our users play these games if they are looking for an alternative to MYST. If you think about any other game that should be added, please comment below. We can also add your site post link in our post if it’s good enough to meet our standard. Site authority should be 20+ compare to our site, don’t add adult ads and include really good high-quality content.

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