Top 7 Games Like Slime Rancher – Most popular Life Simulation Adventure Games

Games Like Slime Rancher – Read about the most popular simulation adventure game for kids and also the best alternative or more games of the same type.

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Introduction to Slime Rancher
Details of Games Like Slime Rancher
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Introduction to Slime Rancher

Best open world, FPS, and Life simulation game of all time. The player takes control of the rancher who is sent far away from earth to a newly discovered planet. His main purpose is to build a ranch and collect, raise, and feed slimes. These slimes are alien type characters in-game which are everywhere on this alien planet.

The economic system is this game is very easy to understand because when player feeds these slimes, they produce one item which player can sell to purchase another type of item, which are commonly used to upgrade ranch or some other purposes in-game. Collecting items when exploring huge places is normal quest in-game, but the player can only store limited amount of items and always need to go back to the ranch for storing.

A most important tool which player is using in this game called vacuum. Very important for collecting everything in-game which can also get upgrades. Another important feature of this game is to make slime very large by feeding them plorts of other species. There are some huge benefits from it because one slime can produce too much after becoming very large compare to others.

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A most important tool which player is using in this game called vacuum. Very important for collecting everything in-game which can also get upgrades. Another important feature of this game is to make slime very large by feeding them plorts of other species. There are some huge benefits from it because one slime can produce too much after becoming very large compare to others.

You can find too many different types of slimes everywhere in this game. Some of the players can use for farming but there are few other types around ranch which are not normal slimes to use by players. There are some different kinds of slimes on the map which players can use to get benefits from them. Normally players can through food on them which they can eat and explode after some time. After exploding, they produce some loot which can help player a lot for traveling fast in different locations or unlock a new areas to explore.

Details of Games Like Slime Rancher

1- Lost in Blue 2

In this game, there are 2 main characters, one male and another female. Their ship is destroyed and now trying to survive on this small island. Players can choose any one of them and fully control everything. Mostly tasks are done by a character which player is controlling but there are choices available to ask your partner for help. There are special skills of each character, one can cook better, hunt animals, search for food and good at swimming, Others can do some other important tasks better.

Some of the tasks in this game are very small like cooking, hunting, swimming, and some others. A complete system is built for the character to determine their health, stamina, and more. If something happens to player and anyone of this setting reach to 0% player can die immediately. The player is fully responsible to take care of anyone of these characters’ health and uses them to collect important resources that can help them survive.

At the start of the game, their main goal is to find shelter, food, and some supplies. After they are able to do that, both spend the next few days collecting wood, water, and food to use for many days. When they are done with all basic survival work which is important for them to stay alive on this island, the next task is to explore surrounding areas to find out more.

2- Wild Tribe

The main story is about a small village where little creatures known as Wobblies are living from the last thousands of years. But time is now changing and dark time coming with a lack of goods and other resources. There are some other creatures who are there to steal whatever possible. You need to create more Wobblies and also defend your town.

Player must use their time management skills and transform these little creatures into large tribes. Almost all types of different skills are available and some of these creatures may become doctors, other builders, or defenders. Most players need to learn a lot during gameplay because they provide very few clues.

It’s better to read some walkthroughs to get some tips about this game. Time is very important and collecting food for survival at every time can become a big problem for you. The gameplay is really amazing but racing against time makes this game a little difficult to play for some players. Of course, if you continue to play it, it’s easy to become master and complete all levels with speed.

3- Virtual Villagers 2

A lot of puzzles, crafting, and farming is involved in this popular series of games. Virtual Villagers is one of the best games like Slime Rancher. One family just reach to mystery island and greeting by some stranger. This huge island was once home of strong civilization but now its completely ruined and become large Forrest. You can discover something new at every point when exploring this place.

You are the master of your village in this real-time simulation game where every single tribe member is different from others. Players can customize every single village in this game by making it unique. A lot of different types of resources and also crafting objects are there which you need to use in this game.

Teach your villages to survive, live better, improve abilities and you are everything to them. Explore a huge island and learn about new things. It’s your responsibility to check for all danger which can come to your village. There are some other games in series too which you may love to play. Read this article on Wikipedia where a complete list is given for all games in series.

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4- Wildlife Camp

Build your camp in wildlife, discover new species, care for them by helping as much possible. Experience forest environment directly by visiting amazing locations. Remember, you are in direct contact with all types of cool or dangerous animals. You are in control of their medical care and other than that some normal activities are also part of game-like elephant riding.

The player can create their own amazing character with over 100 different changes. Run your own camp in wildlife, Africa. More than 10 different species are there to take care of this game. More than 40 different tools are created to help you a lot in this game. Many new challenges or missions are added in this game for you to have fun all the time. Some training methods help you teach these animals some tricks for entertainment.

5- Island Tribe

In this game, the main focus is far away island where forgotten tribe live their own life. Everything looks perfect and all people are living a nice and happy life. But one day something bad happened when Lava wakeup and started to destroy everything. Now everyone is running toward escaping ways from the island. Play this fun strategy game and try to help everyone escape from this island.

A lot of time management is involved in this game. There are 3 episodes and over 30 colorful different levels to complete. The game looks very simple because of gameplay but it could be very interesting for you to play. Enjoy the most awesome fast-action game where the main goal is o just survive with other tribe people.

6- My Tribe

An amazing game where you need to build your own tribe who can act on their own. But you must guide them and look after their action even after everything is built. Tribe members can do a lot of actions on their own but it’s very important for you to stay with them as much time possible.

Unlock new technologies, learn many skills, and improve lifestyle. Millions of islands are there which are created to explore. Every one of them is unique with completely different terrain and people on them. It’s hard to survive with your tribe in this huge world but you must help your tribe top live long.

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The most popular game for kids with over 30 million players online on Facebook. Player needs to build castle, craft items and trade them. The main objective is to explore dark surrounding areas around you and expand your empire with time. Some cool options are available for the player to edit their main characters as per desires. The reputation system allow the player to unlock new items and more when playing.

One of the main resources of this game is energy which is limited at the start of the game. Player can increase it by crafting some other items, almost all different actions required to complete. The energy bar can fill up after some time which allows the player to complete more actions. Coins allow players to buy items from the market. Crown is a special currency that can help you complete quests with speed but it’s only available with a high level and some other requirements.

CastleVille becomes very famous with time and another game was released after some time. Reviews are mostly positive which can show you how much people love this game. Mostly its city building and exploration type game but you can consider it the best life simulation game ever build.

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Conclusion for Games Like Slime Rancher

Simulation games are always favorite by players but this game is completely different kinds of simulation. The concept is really unique and rating for this game is very high already with millions of users who purchase this game. Consider it a revolution in a simulation game. because of these funny type characters in-game, kids may really love to play this game.

All games which we add in this list are carefully chosen but if you do not agree with us anyway, please write a comment below. Those users who may think about some other similar games which must be added in this game can also provide us with information to upgrade our list. Slime Rancher is full of entertainment and players can enjoy it for hours.

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