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Games Like Nancy Drew – Popular game series which is loved by thousands of people already. Read about more 8 games which are similar to Nancy Drew Series.


Introduction to Nancy Drew
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Introduction to Nancy Drew

Award-winning popular game series which focuses on a female character. Players have to move Nancy in-game from one location to another. It’s all about solving different puzzles and looking for clues to solve cases. There are many games in series which show how much it’s popular.

Secrets Can Kill was 1st game in series where Nancy visited her aunt and one high school student was murdered. Her aunt asks her to investigate it and try to find who is responsible for it. Some of the game features are 2D because in past times 3D was not much popular. A remastered version is also created for the same game with better graphics and some updates.

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As you read the above story, it clearly shows what is happening in-game of series. Nancy must try to solve some cases which are not easy to do. A lot of puzzles, talking to suspects and many more storylines are involved.

Ransom of the Seven Ships is another popular and best game in series where the main goal is to find Nancy’s best friend who was disappeared after winning a trip to Island. The story is really amazing, its hard to find what actually happened and Nancy starts an investigation with very few clues. Those who love crimes solving series or games may really want to play this game from beginning till, end of series.

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Some Extra Information about Nancy Drew

On Fandom, there is one article written which provides a list of all games in series and also explains each game one by one. You can read complete details about the plot, characters, gameplay, and more. Most games in series are created for Pc only but some are built for Wii platforms and others too.

You can also watch the above video which ranks Nancy games from best to worst. Its personal opinion by someone who already plays games. But it can really help you choose which game you must start to play.

Details of Similar Games

1- L.A. Noire

One of the best Games Like Nancy Drew because of the story, puzzle-solving, cases and a lot more in common. But there are many other features in-game which make it better and perfect then Nancy Drew games. In this game you can go anywhere like an open world, walk, drive and solve different cases.

There are some main missions that follow the storyline and players must complete them to finish the game. Unlike other games, there are many side missions created for players to have fun. These side missions are also important and really cool for players to complete and solve more cases.

The game also provides a complete career plan system. After solving different types of cases, the character may get promoted. After some time, the player gets new partners on different desks which helps him to solve cases. The game involves almost all types of cases from murder, kidnap, stealing, and more.

L.A. Noire provides more features than any game of the same type. You can play as a detective to solve cases, those who love to work in the police department and good at solving puzzles must play this game. Read full plot at Wikipedia where you can know more about this game. Remember, this game is more than just solving cases but a lot of serious threats are involved when solving cases by dangerous people.

2- Heavy Rain

Some features of this game make it a perfect example of Games Like Nancy Drew because it solves the mystery of the serial killer. Someone is murdering people and using an extended rain period to his advantage. It becomes very hard for people to save themself when continue rain is not stopping and limited people’s activities.

Whole game depends on player action because some playable characters can die and it changes the game a lot. Each case is a continued storyline when player actions can make it hard to solve a case or easy to complete.

The killer is very dangerous who kidnap young kids and draw them in water. Ethan is the main character who was driving a car sometime before and hit someone. In this process, his son died and he went to a comma for a long time. After he wakes up, he started to blame himself for the death of his son, divorced his wife, and leaves for faraway town.

After some days, in the rain season his other son is kidnapped by a serial killer. Now that killer is leaving him with some choices which are like tests to prove how much he loves his son. Another character is an FBI profiler who is struggling with his drug issues and trying to solve cases like serial killers.

As you read above, the story is really interesting with time. If the charter cant solves these tests, a serial killer may kill his son. A lot of difficult choices are involved in this game. Most of the tests are illegal works to be done like driving against fast traffic. Read full plot at Wikipedia and try this game if you like the above story.

3- The Wolf Among Us

Main and historical story in-game is very important for everyone to read before continuing in-game. There is a faraway land where different types of beasts and dangerous animal-like species are living. One dangerous lord captures everything and begins his rule. Those who hate this new Gov left that magical land and start living among humans.

They build their own town where most of their species are living already. To appear as human, they need to buy a spell potion which helps them a lot to be part of human society. Everything happening in town was perfect for a very long time until the 1st murder happened.

Game is created in 5 episodes each one continues the previous story. But a lot of important details are part of every episode separately. Bigby is a leading character who is investing in this murder. Now that part begins which makes this game look like one of Nancy Drew Like Games.

With time Bigby is involved in the business of these secret creators. After looking for a serial killer who is running in the street, he must investigate different people which involve humans who are actually beasts from another world. He must involve in the crime world to find more about this murder.

In the last episode a lot of secrets of revealed and hero fight against the most dangerous man who already did too many crimes against the secret town of the beast. Overall its best detective storyline game which involves a lot of inhuman characters.

4- The Detail

The detail is a murder crime-solving game. The beginning of this game is considered to be the best start of any game. One brutal gang leader is killed and it can trigger a war. One of a reformed criminal is trying to protect its family.

The player is forced with a lot of actions to be done which can take a story in a different direction. Game is mostly like some popular games created on the story base. Most of this game is based on continued stories.

There are 3 episodes in this game and each continues with the end of the previous episode. Most part of the 1st episode is all about investigation and developers take this game to another level in the next episode. Detectives are trying to find out what is actually happening in their city.

Soon they find out that its not just a murder but too many crimes are connected to it. It’s just the start of too much violence. One unit specially created for solving problems in the city and help the police. But it looks like they need more help as crimes are deeper then they can even imagine.

In the last episode, they realize that all detectives and those who are fighting in front are a target by crime people. Now one full unit is only working on crimes of the city but it can take sometime before everything gets to normal. No one knows who may survive this all process of cleaning the city from crimes.

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5- Tales from the Borderlands

Borderlands is a very popular game and Tales from the Borderland is mainly focused on what happened in the main game. It’s about 2 adventures who are trying to reach greatness at any cost.

You can play as 2 characters, one male and another female, both are working together to achieve their goals. there is a very vast open-world build in-game. Too much violence is involved where gangsters and other dangerous people are everywhere. Both of them are on a journey to improve their life, connect with bad people, and encounter those who are on top of crimes.

Unlike Nancy Drew games or some other crimes games, you don’t need to solve cases but in this game, you are fighting bad people for your own benefits. Game is full of storylines where players must make choices that can affect the story in many ways.

Few features like continue storyline, solving different puzzles, fighting crimes and choices, make it one of best Nancy Drew Like Games. But most of the time you may feel its better than other games like crime-solving.

In-game too much violence, killing, and much of blood are involved. Sometime you may need to fight with robots and some other human-created units. Remember this game is different from any case-solving point and click games.

6- Alan Wake

Best crime drama which starts with horror mystery. The main character and his wife visited a small town for vacation. Alan started to see some weird dreams which make him worry. In that town, his host gives them the key to a small cabin located in another part of town.

Alan’s wife is dragged in water and he tried to stop it and jump in the water. But after some days, he wakes up in care far away. He tried to contact the sheriff an ask for help and everyone told him that there is no Cabin in that location for a long time.

Alan receives a call from someone who claims to have his wife. He wanted to exchange her for some papers. Upon arrival on location chosen by them, Alan realizes that this kidnapper doesn’t know anything about his wife. Suddenly a tornado attacks them and next time when he wakes up, he was on another location. Someone was claiming that Alan gets some mental problems but he tries to escape from the location.

As you can read above, the story is very interesting with time. Game is less similar to Nancy drew but after sometime when you continue playing, you will realize its best crime investigation game ever. The whole story is a mystery type and suspense never ends until finishing this game.

7- Stranglehold

Stranglehold is a crime game that is all about police and different gangs involved. One police officer goes missing and they receive a call from some unknown sources. Police in charge decided that its a trap and they must send a full squad for it. One police offer said he is part of undercover and there is no way he can join this team.

Another police officer makes a plan to go alone. He convinces everyone and they allow him to visit that place without any protection. Some gangers attack on him which proves that in charge was right about it. On the same location, he found badge of a missing officer with a bullet hole in the center. He succesfuly defeats all attackers and finds out that the police officer which is missing is dead.

In another location, there was a deal between 2 gangster groups. On the deal table, they realize that one of the police members is also there. It was surprising for most of them and they start shooting each other. After that, they contact the police and talk about the deal broken by police.

The story continues and you can read full on Wikipedia. This game is fewer Games like Nancy Drew but some features make it a perfect alternative.

8- Yesterday

The game begins with homeless people are disappearing every day. It means those people who don’t have a home, live on the street, and just survive on small works are no longer safe. It can take sometimes when police or others may start realizing their disappearance as they are not considered or give many rights.

One rick prince and his friend started to investigate this matter because bodies are these homeless people started to find out by others.ts like there is a serial killer who is killing just these people. Its best alternative game to nancy Drew which is about solving puzzles, a lot of actions are involved in-game.

Another game later released as sequel to the original game. The game receives a lot of positive reviews which make it the best game to solve crimes.

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More Information about Nancy Drew

Games Like Nancy Drew for Switch – Games Like Nancy Drew for iPad – Games Like Nancy Drew for ps4

These above games are available on most platforms. It means you don’t need a separate list for similar games. But you must read about the best alternative for mobile games on the Top Best Alternative site.

Games Like Nancy Drew on Big Fish

Big Fish is the best site for games on different platforms. You can find a huge collection of games on their site. Visit Big Fish Games to start exploring games there.

Best Nancy Drew Games

Almost every game in series is best to compare to other games of the same type. You must try these 10 games 1st which are better in the whole series.

Midnight In Salem, The Shattered Medallion, The Secret Of The Old Clock, Danger On Deception Island, The Creature Of Kapu Cave, Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake, Warning At Waverly Academy, The Final Scene, The Curse Of Blackmoor Manor and Shadow At The Water’s Edge.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Top Best Alternative is always the best choice to look for similar, alternatives games. They provide a list of 39 games which are claim to be similar to Nancy Drew. Don’t forget that most games on their site are different from Nancy Drew too much.

Read about similar games on Games Like Finder. There is a good collection of games there but the information is limited which may help players decide. You can find over 80 similar games on More Games Like but as you know already they just create a huge collection. Mostly these games are different from original games.

Game Guru added 6 games on their list. It’s very important to always look for shortlisting because these lists only add games which are the best alternative. As you can see all our lists are also short providing with best choices instead of a long list of useless games.

Conclusion for Games Like Nancy Drew

Our list is completed and every game is explained well. You can read above that most similar games are the best alternative to Nancy Drew. These games are mainly focused on crime, case solving, puzzles, and mostly story base features. One or two games are a little different because they are not just providing with similar experience but include some amazing features of their own.

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