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Top 6 Games Like Overcooked – Top Simulation Games of all Time

Games Like Overcooked – One of the top Simulation Cooking games of all time. Read about different games with similar features and providing a good experience.


Introduction to Overcooked
Details of Similar Games
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Introduction to Overcooked

Overcooked is a cooking simulation game where you control chefs in the kitchen. The main purpose of this game is to complete different orders using those chefs at a specific time and without any error. The game received a lot of positive reviews and nominated for the award too. Another game in series was released later, Overcooked 2 with better features and improvements.

In-game its important for Chefs to work together. The game is really controlled where you may feel like controlling a real restaurant. It’s the best gift for those who love simulation games and management related. Sometimes there are many orders which are difficult to complete. If a chef is not able to work fast, properly, and with less cooperation by anyone, its impossible to complete different missions.

The coin system in-game is really important. If an order is completed in time, before give time, the player can receive good coins. But if an order is not completed on time, you can understand that players will get no benefits from it. It’s like a waste of time because coins are only important factors in-game.

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The coin system in-game is really important. If an order is completed in time, before give time, the player can receive good coins. But if an order is not completed on time, you can understand that players will get no benefits from it. It’s like a waste of time because coins are only important factors in-game.

Some Extra Information about Overcooked

The game is really cool at every level. Over 28 kitchens are part of this game throughout the campaign. The kitchen system always changes with every level and makes it difficult for players to understand. Sometimes there is more than one kitteh in-game to complete different orders. A lot of difficulties are to be fixed when working in different kitchens.

In Overcooked, they allow 4 players to play online and compete with each other. In offline mode, you can control 2 chefs by switching them anytime. In multiplayer, winning players must complete most tasks in less time to collect more coins compared to other players. Overcooked nominated for over 10 awards and won only 3 of them. The game is overall perfect and easy to play.

Details of Similar Games

1- Space Food Truck

Game is cooperative where 4 players take different responsibilities and explore the vast universe to find different types of items and look for ingredients, discover new recipes. They can also build a powerful collection of items and witness dangerous parts of the galaxy.

Food Truck is proving everyone to explore huge galaxy where you must complete different orders and deliver them to planets. Space truck is not an easy game to play and each player in every game is equally important.

The captain is the most important in-game who must explore the whole galaxy and look for different tasty ingredients. You can imagine if the captain misses important things to follow, you may not be able to complete important orders that required various items to finish.

The chef makes cool dishes as per orders. He receives all ingredients and almost everything which is connected to cooking. If he is not able to make the best dishes, you can imagine what is gonna happen to the game. Time is also an important factor which means players must know about this role very well.

You can consider The Scientist as the most important part of the game. He always decides about which character in-game must get more abilities, a lot of research to improve their performance is involved. The Discovery of artificial ingredients is also part of his duties.

Engineer repair ships all the time if anything happens to it. When you are traveling in the whole universe, it’s always hard to manage everything. You always need repairs on a ship which can happen by bad luck or some other incidents. These factors can delay any order to planets which can be a negative impact on the game. Space Truck is the best Games like Overcooked.

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2- Cook, Serve, Delicious

Tag Team local multiplayer allows up to 4 players to work together in the battle kitchen. These players must work together as fast as possible to complete different tasks. The game allows players to take turns and work together, you may have to cook a dish in 15 seconds and 5 seconds to explain the next chef about what you do.

Strike challenges are very difficult and four players can work together to complete them. The game allows us to play over 12 challenges where different settings from low to high difficulty are set. Some fo these challenges are extremely hard to complete and all players must work really hard to work on them. You can understand that all these features make this game one of the best Overcooked like games.

Another game mode allows you to complete as many dishes as possible. When you are cooking, a lot of other things are also happening around you. Team of players can work together in this mode but the main purpose is survival.

Co-op Campaign is a very important part of the game where you can play with your friend online together. One player must give orders in the kitchen to chefs. It’s also his responsibility to send those orders to their location when completed. The second player must work in the kitchen by completing various tasks as chef.

3- Storage Inc II

Another game that doesn’t involve cooking. Every player must control a forklift and work in the warehouse. Every day new goods are coming there. The player must arrange them properly in different locations as per the plan. The same player must move them back to trucks when the time comes to send them somewhere.

Some features of this game are perfect matches with Overcooked. Time management is very important like Overcooked, Team up with other players to finish your task as soon as possible like Overcooked where many chefs work together.

Over 100 different warehouse maps are created in 3 different difficulties. Each of them is completely different from each other. Players’ icons are different, everything around is different, tasks and a lot of other factors are complete changes and make it hard for players to adjust.

The main important part of this game is the difficulty level. Five different levels are created which players can choose from as per their level. If a new player who don’t know anything can play as less difficulty where they can learn without facing too many problems. Playing with friends is a good choice which makes it better. Few friends who are free and nothing to do can just play it together.

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4- Stardew Valley

A most popular game where you get a plot from grandfather, some coins, and tools to begin your new life. The game looks very simple but you cant imagine how much it’s perfectly cerated for everyone. You can create the farm of your dream by working on this small plot which is very cool.

Learn a lot of things in-game, farm, crops, animals, and much more is involved. Many important features of this game make its best alternative to Overcooked or Games like Overcooked.

In the small-town, there are over 30 people living which can become your friends. You may be able to start a family with one of them. You can find a huge collection of options that can help you decorate this game in many ways.

Visit their forums to connect with many new players, old pro players, and much more to learn. Game is available for many platforms like Android and Pc.

5- Moving Out

Moving Out is a crazy game that is all about moving furniture from one location to another. Its a cooperation game where you can work with friends to complete various tasks. The town is the busiest in the whole state and everywhere people are moving things from one location to another. As a moving furniture technician, it’s up to you to move everything without damage.

Time management and working together are very important which make it the best Games like Overcooked. A lot of physics is involved in-game and if you can’t work fast using different tricks, you are failed. Moving furniture from one location to another is not easy. Sometimes it’s very difficult because of the location which makes it difficult. If you can’t think about some plans, you may lose precious time.

Every moving company starts small but you may know that it can become more huge with time. After completing some tasks with speed and accuracy, your reputation can take you to the next levels. Game is really adventure where you must move through different locations like hunting houses, farms virtual reality locations which are not part of anywhere on the map.

6- Tools Up

Tool Up is not a game that is about cooking. The main focus of this game is preparing the home decoration. You can consider it as the best alternative to Overcooked because of some features. You must start with less, work together, complete various tasks and many other important factors in-game are making it one of the Perfect Games like Overcooked.

Owners of different homes or apartments left their property in your hands. They just give you a blueprint which means you have to complete everything within time and perfectly as per their desires. Local multiplayer games where up to 4 players are allowed and also compete with each other to complete different tasks on time.

Play together with other players is the best option, you may have to work on a home in different locations. Many different difficult options can make it hard for you to complete various tasks. The game provides players with many options that are easy to control.

Cooking is not involved in the game but you can consider this game almost similar to kitchen game. You can improve your experience with time on different levels. Best game to control a small company of people and prepare homes for different people as per their requirements. Time is very important in-game similar to Overcooked.

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More Information about Overcooked

Overcooked vs Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is the best game where you can find too many new options compared to the previous game. They add many challenges in-game and also provide with more new characters and features. You must read this Overcooked 2 review which can explain everything in simple words to you about the importance of this game.

Is Overcooked Multiplayer? Can you Play Overcooked Online?

Yes. You can play online with friends. Its the best cooking simulation game which allows you to play with friends working on different tasks together.

Is Overcooked 2 Cross Platform?

No. it’s not cross platforms yet. It may take sometime before they decide to change their plan. Read this article on Twinfinate which explains everything in detail for you.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

The Gamer provides a list of 10 games that are like Overcooked. You can read mostly about Overcooked 2 but you must know both games are similar in series. If you read about Overcook 1, it means you are reading about games which are also similar to 2nd game in series.

IGDB writes about 20 games which are like Overcooked but they are not probing with many details. Their rating system is unique which explains how much game is similar to the title. But we noticed some games are irrelevant to the title in many ways.

50 Games like become a very popular site where you can read about 50 games for every title. They also compare prices available for games on the various stores which help players choose cheap games. Read about 42 best similar games to Overcooked on Top Best Alternative. You may already know about this site where too many lists are created on different topics already.

Conclusion for Games Like Overcooked

Overcooked is cool simulation cooking games and you can find all 6 games on the list are similar to that game. Few games are about cooking but some are completely different, but we include them as their features are similar to Overcooked in many ways.

Please share this article with others and follow us on social media. We believe Overcooked 2 is a better game that can help your gaming experience better. Consider that game better game like Overcooked 1. Everything is updated with fixing every bug and other details.

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