How Often Do Cars Fall Off An Auto Carrier During Transport?

Fear of damage during the shipping of a car is a common fear in people, and they are always trying to monitor or track their vehicle from any loss and damage. How often do cars fall off an auto carrier during shipping? It is the primary query of many people who want to ship their car through auto transport services. Do you also have this fear in your mind? This kind of case rarely happens because most drivers are trained for their duties and responsibilities of shipping vehicles.

You must consider the Vehicle Delivery Services from the reputed auto transport company if you want to avoid this kind of situation for your vehicle. A reputed service provider who has been working in this industry for many years is the credible choice for you to avoid the fall off of your car during transport.

Reasons of Car Fall Off an Auto Transport Carrier: 

Here are the seven reasons you need to know in the list of circumstances when cars or vehicles fall off an auto carrier during transport. These reasons tell you about the security features that a transport company must use during the shipment of a car.

1). Driver Must Know Exact Precision:

Driving safely and avoiding the situation of cars falling from an auto carrier is possible for the drivers when they know the exact precision. Exact precision is essential for the drivers to drive the auto carrier appropriately. Without knowing the precise accuracy of the car on an auto carrier, shipment never takes place safely.

2). Unsafe and Rash Driving: 

Rash driving is also why cars fall of an auto carrier during transport. Hence, avoid rash driving and drive safely to avoid this colossal loss situation. We often see that heavy drivers make these kinds of silly mistakes even when they know that expensive cars are in their carrier.

3). Loading Process Unprofessionally: 

Only professional loaders should load the cars on an auto carrier because if the car loading process has been taking place unprofessionally, the chances of the vehicle falling off an auto carrier during transport may also be higher for the transport companies. Trained and professional loaders can only do this task.

4). Wheels of Car Not Perfectly Lined Up:

Loading ramp rollers must be appropriately fitted with the wheels of the cars because this task is not done correctly. The chances of vehicles falling off from a carrier can become more expansive. Thus, make sure that this task is done correctly to transport your car from Vehicle Shipping Services.

5). When Carrier Size is Not According to Car Size:

Sometimes car transport companies ship the big cars in the small carriers and because of this, cars fall off an auto carrier. Whenever people hire a company of Vehicle Shipping Services, they must ask about the type of carrier and size of the carrier in which their vehicle is going to ship out of the country.

6). When Driver Not Use a Series of Chain:

Attachment of vehicle to the auto carrier at four various spots is also an essential task by using the series of the chain. Cars often fall off the transport vehicle because drivers do not use a series of chains for vehicle security.

7). Roads Are Not Good:

One more situation you need to know for cars falling off an auto carrier during transport is road conditions. Some roads on locations are not good and due to the wrong road situation drivers can’t balance the auto carrier properly.

Luxury and Expensive Car Transportation-How It Works?

Manufacturers of luxury and exotic cars never use the higher amount of intrusiveness because they never update the actual vehicle or body of the car. The vehicle shipping services company should use the high volume-based straps to secure luxury cars during the shipment. With this, chances of scratches and damage will be less during the transportation.

Non-Running Vehicle Shipment Circumstances:

The winch is essential in the carrier when the vehicle is non-working to a customer or not in a running situation. Once the winch hooks add to the car, it can easily pull it onto the carrier.

The Bottom Line

There are only 10% chances of cars falling off an auto carrier during transport because most vehicle shipping services companies take care of everything related to the transport process. They know that any single mistake can become the reason for their massive loss. As we know, when a customer submits a car or vehicle to the transport company, they demand the vehicle’s exact condition at the time of delivery. Expert drivers and innovative loading processes matter a lot in this aspect. Without these two things, an auto transport company never delivers satisfactory results to the customers.

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