How to Get a Job Through a Staffing Agency?

If you’re looking for a job, but are hesitant to approach a staffing agency, assuming that they only offer entry-level temporary jobs, then this article will open your mind! 

Every year, millions of employees get recruited through staffing agencies in some of the top industries. Staffing firms have ties with both leading industries and growing start-ups to recruit employees. Contrary to popular belief, a staffing agency hires everyone from an entry-level worker to a CEO.

So, without further ado, let us learn more about getting a job through a staffing agency. 

How To Choose The Right Staffing Agency?

When you are seeking a job through a staffing agency, you must be aware of what are your expectations and interests. Good employers are hard to find but for those of you who are looking for a temp agency bay area, check out ScionStaffing. 

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Moreover, here are some tips that will help you figure out the best way to do so.

1. Have A Clear Motive

Before going looking after any agency, you must know the kind of industries the staffing agency has ties with, and whether they provide temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire jobs- or all of them. You must also narrow down your search by selecting the kind of industry you have expertise in, and specify this to the staffing agency to find appropriate jobs. 

2. Give The Interviews Sincerely

Reputable agencies usually set up an interview with the candidate to get a better idea of his or her skill set and experience. You must commit to treating this interview like you would with a company. Dress appropriately, be on time, use positive body language and listen carefully to their feedback. Also, be prepared to answer some common interview questions and give a test to assess your skills. 

3. Be Honest

You need to be honest about your goals and communicate them with the staffing agency. Inform them about whether you want this job full-time or you’re just looking to add some experience. Tell them about your availability, whether you want to work on weekends or not. Also, notify them of your employment history. All this adds up to giving you the best possible chance of landing the right job.

4. Be Open To Opportunities

Staffing agencies hire candidates for both temporary and permanent jobs, but there can be times when no permanent job position is vacant that is suitable to you. So, be open-minded and treat the jobs offered to you as an opportunity to add skills to your resume. 

5. Regular Follow Ups

Be in touch with the staffing agency through an email, phone call or by paying a visit to them.

6. Patience Is The Key

If you have applied for work through a staffing agency and haven’t heard back then there might be several reasons why they didn’t respond. Maybe there was a problem with your resume or the interviews you gave, or simply didn’t fit for the job they are recruiting for. The key is to have patience and consult them if there’s any other job that corresponds to your skill set. 

Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency

There are several advantages of getting a job through staffing agencies. We’ll discuss some of the most significant ones here: 

1. They Provide Free Services For Employees

The purpose of staffing agencies is to scout, screen, and recruit good employees for a company. And the staffing agency gets paid by the client companies for this job. This means you as a candidate don’t have to pay money to get the job. 

Also, most staffing agencies have ties with large corporate firms and act as an extension of such companies to assist them in the hiring process.

2. They Are Convenient To Job Seekers

Once you sign up with a staffing agency, they note down all your information like your resume, work experience, and skills. Later, when a job opening comes, they reach out to those candidates who are best suited for that particular job. 

Moreover, these agencies can help you land a job also in those companies which usually don’t advertise. Therefore, you get an upper hand when you work with a staffing agency. 

3. They Have A Wide Range Of Options

A staffing agency has a plethora of options when it comes to job postings. So, you get to choose from several different types of work in different industries and for different periods of time, including permanent and temporary jobs. Therefore, you can grab the best possible opportunity for yourself.

4. They Offer Constructive Feedback

Nothing is as important as meaningful feedback for your growth. And reputable staffing firms advise the candidates on how they can improve and what skills will best suit the industry they are seeking a job in. This feedback is immensely valuable and has the ability to improve your performance drastically. 

With that said, it’s a wrap. Hopefully, you’ll find the right staffing agency. Thank you for reading!

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