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Doing Freelancing already become a perfect source of Make Money Online. It pays more money compare to jobs and someone small business.


There are lots of freelancing jobs in the online marketplace. Nowadays, lots of people earn money from freelancing from home. If you are from Bangladesh, don’t worry! A huge Bangladeshi online job is available for Bangladeshi freelancers also.

Earn Money Online From Freelancing

Social Media Manager

This is virtually the easiest freelance job you can do with your smartphone. Your work as a social media supervisor helps human beings (individuals and organizations) deal with their social media pages, create higher content, and engage with their customers.


You have to be social media savvy and recognize how to assist develop followers, extend reach, and force engagement on one-of-a-kind social media platforms.

Virtual Assistant

As a digital assistant, your work is to supply expert administrative, technical, or innovative (social) assistance. This may also encompass answering and making calls, sending emails, managing social media pages, etc.

Practically all this work is completed with a cell smartphone anyway. So, you are on track.

Graphics Designer/ Illustrator

The magnificent factor about designing on cellular is that you don’t have to recognize using computer apps like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. You can create lovely designs with Canva, a web and cell format application.

The above photograph is one of the designs I created for the usage of Canva.


Here are some cellular apps you want on your cellular cellphone as photographs, clothier, or illustrator.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Personally, I use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Canva to plan on my smartphone. Can determine some of the designs I have created in the previous usage of these two functions here.

Online Tutor

You can tutor humans online on your cellular phone. All you have to do is comprehend your location of expertise, then tutor human beings in want of your knowledge.

With your smartphone, you can make videos, audio lessons, or even write articles and ship them to your students. Today, there are so many WhatsApp education instructions the place humans examine remotely. In this way, you can start online earning from today.

Monetizing Your Skill

Now that you recognize the jobs you can do with your smartphone; the subsequent aspect is how to earn cash thru these jobs.

Become a Blog Partner

Without problems, one way to earn cash with your writing capabilities is using publishing your article underneath Medium’s paywall. As a normal creator on Medium, you can earn lots of money on a month-to-month basis.


The best way to earn greater on Steem is via publishing your article on a Steem Blog site. There are quite a few publications on Steem that already has a giant target audience like Better Marketing, The Startup, Modus, etc. Submitting your articles to famous publications like this is your key to accomplishing a massive target audience and making greater money.

All you have to do is discover a famous booklet in your niche, put up your articles to them, and watch as you earn. The exceptional section of this is that your articles will preserve incomes you cash as lengthy as they continue to be posted online.

Article Writer

You can write articles, weblog posts, internet site contents, ebooks, etc., for consumers with your cell phone. All you want is to be a notable storyteller, quick typist, and a few apps to write with. This is now a popular method for online income bd. The satisfactory phase is that most of these apps are free and handy on each Google and Apple Playstore. Here are some wonderful writing apps you want to kickstart your experience as a freelance writer:

Google Docs

WPS office

Microsoft Office Word

Sell Digital Products

However, if you are involved in e-commerce, don’t choose to go via the stress of transport and manage a store, this is the best option. You can create an online keep on Etsy, Shopify, or Squarespace, the place you solely promote digital products. To do digital marketing, you can try an instant virtual debit card that helps online transactions.

Some of the matters you can promote online include:

  • Custom illustrations: Create illustrations or designs that can be used by using businesses, freelancers, and different designers, then promote them on Adobe Stock.
  • Pictures: Take tremendous pics of your surroundings, objects, or even yourself, and promote them on Shutterstock.
  • Forms: If you have no thought of what to sell, you can create varieties on Formplus, download them, and promote them on Etsy. You can also assist human beings in creating online surveys, acquiring data, and analyzing them on Formplus.


Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are platforms that join human beings searching for freelance work and employers together.

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to follow solely the initiatives that you like. This freelancing marketplace list will help you discover your first purchasers without difficulty and incomes they believe alongside the way.






Many of these web sites are already saturated, and getting jobs is not as handy as it used to be. Therefore, the pleasant way to make certain you get excellent gigs is by using making your profile stand out and turning in first-class work.

Remote Job Application

You can follow for faraway jobs in your area of specialization via any of these job platforms.





If you are from Bangladesh, There are lots of online business ideas in Bangladesh for you. Check out those.

Social Media

Make certain your social media pages spotlight your abilities and exhibit what you can offer. Make your social media pages serve as your portfolio with the aid of sharing samples of your work regularly.

If you are a writer, share LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, and write free blog articles. Keep inserting your work out there, and human beings will word you.

In fact, oftentimes, updating your profile is one of the nice methods to get excessive paying gigs, barring making use of them.

I hope this article “Make Money Online Doing Freelancing” will help you to learn about online earning methods. Thanks!

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