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good manners; politeness; Considering Others Here are a few reasons why the interview questions discussed in this article don’t see the light of day in any forum. Click here for finding Jobs in Pakistan.

And hopefully the observations here – on why some people might not be employed on time. And why these job seekers are approached by their employer after the interview – never to you – even if they have excellent interview skills and knowledge and experience

In fact, this job interview problem is disastrous for the job search. It’s like throwing out human waste on a birthday. Is the image too strong to challenge? Well… read on and judge for yourself.

No, I’m not talking about a job search like pitching a bad resume to an HR rep. (which is not good enough for himself) or being late for an interview. Pick the wrong outfit or don’t research potential employers just yet. Go to an interview No, the issues I discuss here will rarely come to the attention of job seekers who allow this corrupt interview question. Visit our site for Latest Jobs in Pak.

“Does he smell like ashes to you?”

Don’t laugh, this author has attended thousands of job interviews. Too many of them followed me into a small to medium-sized office with the door closed for privacy. An unpleasant odor will accumulate in the room. It made only a few minutes of my life painful. Raise the clock

I don’t want to be rude – this is why most of the above-mentioned applicants who have the problem described here are not told why they didn’t get the all-important second job interview. After all, who calls job applicants and tells them they’re barred from hiring because of their distinctly human scent? What would be the legal ramifications for companies making such calls?

At some point, we may all find that our deodorant is ineffective, resulting in body odor. Understandably, it happens to many of us at some point in our lives. We are nervous and sweaty. And because job interviews make some of us very nervous. Can cause us to sweat ergo – increased body odor. Read more about Latest govt jobs.

Sometimes, in my experience, some job seekers find themselves setting new records for scent in interviews. They often don’t even know they’re carrying it with them to job interviews, resumes, job references. And a poisonous odor so strong it destroys any job opportunity.

Let me give two practical examples to illustrate this problem. Examples that might make you angry, but an example that I have personally seen and touched with my eyes and nose. Please excuse the obvious words to follow them as the only way I know how to express the negative bias that the job interview problem often creates for both the disadvantaged job seeker and the rather naive employer. Just try to hire the best people. Open their workplace

Example One – Targets a smart, professionally dressed woman in an elegant and matching navy blue suit. (It was winter) and later we and he were lucky enough to see the result. She interviews for office manager positions in various medical specialties. When he entered the room and the door closed behind him. There is a strong and immediate odor of urine. that is blended and wrapped in a lemon scent wearing it is enough to change the smell of lemons! Scent increases the need for attention when the first minutes of the interview begin. What Causes Body Odor? We don’t know and are too polite to ask. (See the first sentence of this article.) So we finished the interview quickly. Just noticed it left a small wet spot. In the chair he occupies, a true story.

Second example – Another meeting related to this task takes only five minutes. Because there is a small spot, but it has a brown one that the job seeker was carrying while standing there and introducing himself in the small conference room. Before the interview, we saw the spot clearly when he turned to sit down. The brown that formed in the pleat of the applicant’s pants on his pants from the butt to the seat of the chair – a stain that causes the strong smell of warm human feces. Very clean poop, might I add. The smell has already invaded the room. Because he had to wait ten minutes. When I write down the notes I’m taking for my upcoming job interview.

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