How to use custom key chains for green marketing?

Every entrepreneur or business owner understands the challenges behind business promotions. No matter your business, competition is fierce, and it takes several resources to attract new customers. It is not a big issue for a large company; however, advertising dollars are limited for smaller organizations. That’s the number one reason they lag in promoting their brand. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing; you can achieve the same success by establishing yourself as unique. You can launch an innovative and effective marketing campaign using custom key chains and join the go-green movement. Whether you want to save the planet from the landfills occurring because of the promotional items or encourage people to use their donations to a particular cause, green marketing using custom key chains are an effective way to give back to the people and get noticed.

Help the environment and your business: 

Here are some of the crucial reasons you should use green marketing in your campaigns: 

  • 92% of customers accepted they are more likely to do business with environmentally conscious brands.  
  • 88% of consumers are more loyal to an organization that supports environmental issues. 
  • Sales can increase up to 20% because of environmentally responsible practices. 
  • 38% of employees will remain with a company that values green practices.
  • Companies with green marketing have 16% more productive employees. 

How custom keychains help achieve the goals of green marketing: 

Helpful: Custom keychains are a valuable product everyone needs in their daily lives for organizing their keys. According to marketing research, a typical American household has six keychains. When you giveaway promotional keychains, people use them. They do not dump them into the trash the next day like cheap promotional sunglasses. With your logo and an environmentally conscious message, you will provide value to people’s lives. Whenever they use them, they will become more sensitive to the issue and your brand. 

Last-long: high-quality custom keychains last four-five years easily. It is way much more than any other promotional products businesses use. A promotional pen, calendar, t-shirts, etc., have a lifespan of one month to two years. Afterward, people throw them away. Imagine the number of impressions you will get using keychains in your marketing campaigns. 

Use fewer resources: One of the most important reasons for custom keychains is their price. They typically cost less and use fewer resources during production. A typical keychain is small compared with most promotional products, thus, having a smaller carbon footprint. 

Customizable: They are customizable easily according to your organization’s image and needs. Whether running a special campaign or regular marketing, they fit perfectly. 

Options: Custom keychains provide plenty of options for eco-friendly marketing like wood, cloth, metal, etc. You get a variety of keychains for every budget. E.g., for regular marketing, you can use wood or cloth keychains and metal keychains for high-value clients and customers. 

Tips for green marketing using custom keychains:

Plan: for your campaign to be successful, you need to plan. We recommend keeping a month of buffer time for a successful campaign. You would think it’s a pretty long time, you have a lot of work during the period like designing keychains, choosing materials, creating a slogan, how and where to use them, etc. You will also consider time to find a manufacturer, shipping, transportation, distribution, etc. 

Be authentic: We understand every business wants to make the most of the promotional activities. But, you can’t use custom keychains for business promotions only. People don’t want to feel as if they were being pushed to buy something. If you are not authentic to green marketing and incorporating environmentally friendly practices in your business, people will find it sooner than later. It would harm your reputation than not choosing green marketing. 

Use eye-catching designs: People want something unique, and using eye-catching designs is one of the most effective ways to peak people’s interest in your mission and business. You should choose the logo, colors, etc. that are part of your business identity. Remember, you need to create a sense of familiarity; people need to identify your business logo by looking at the keychains. For metal keychains, you can use a similar-looking logo because the colors are challenging to produce on metallic keychains. 

Personalize: Be personal with the messaging, and you need a catchphrase or slogan that ties into the theme of your business. It would be beneficial to stay true to your brand’s voice. 

Create a niche: one of the most critical errors businesses make is to promote their brand to everyone. Remember that resources and energy are finite, and you can’t stretch yourself thin. First, focus on the niche market, and then slowly, if the campaign becomes successful, you can promote it in other niches. E.g., if you are in sports apparel retail, first focus on promoting sustainability in the same niche. You can giveaway custom keychains at sports events.  

Leverage social media: If you’re not promoting your business on social media, you are missing out big time. However, it doesn’t mean only advertising; you should create a name and personality. Provide green marketing tips and ask people to join the effort.  

Wrapping up: 

Green marketing with custom keychains will put you in the industry leader category. It will show people you are not only for making a profit and care for the environment. However, when creating promotional keychains, you also want to partner with a manufacturer involved in environmentally friendly practices. EverLighten has been making custom keychains for startups, large companies, real estate, tradeshows, nonprofits, retail shops, restaurants, etc. over eighteen years using green practices. 

The South Texas Comic Con was looking to create promotional keychains for the event. However, they could not find a manufacturer providing high-quality keychains within a short deadline. After digging customers’ testimonials on independent rating websites, they contacted EverLighten. After understanding their needs, the team created promotional keychains with the latest eco-friendly machines. The event became a success, and people gathered at the comic con in numbers.

Benefits of working with EverLighten: 

  • Best pricing: they are a factory producing custom keychains, not intermediaries, ensuring customers always get the best prices. 
  • Quality in every product: they use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to produce keychains. 
  • Fast turnaround time: they manufacture every order in the quickest time possible. 
  • 24*7 support: Customers can contact them 24*7 for their queries resolution; they reply within half an hour. 
  • Real people, fantastic service: EverLighten loves helping; they offer various options for every product. 
  • Designs to impress: your keychains will look as you imagined with help from in-house designers.  
  • No minimum order requirement: you can order any number of keychains you need; they accept every order without a minimum limit. 
  • Worldwide shipping: They deliver worldwide, and customers can track their orders online with an order tracking tool.

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