Tips on Finding a Reliable Mobile App Development Company in UAE

Mobile App Development Company is important in the Digital Marketing World. More people are using mobile and apps now compare to the past.


The United Arab Emirates is a paradise for those who are ambitious in starting their own business. Being a hub for starting new businesses, an intuitive mobile application will arm your venture on the path to success.

The key points to consider while selecting a Mobile Application Development Company in UAE are

  1. Review the design and UI/UX of the mobile app development company’s website. 
  2. Portfolio of the company
  3. Mobile Application Development Team
  4. The reputation of the Company in the UAE Market
  5. Client Reference

If you are looking at the whooping no of Mobile Apps already published in platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows (Microsoft) Store, you will be astonished by the numbers.

The number of apps published in the above-mentioned platforms is in The Millions, and the majority of them being published by Mobile App Development Companies.

This, in turn, created demand for Good Mobile App Developers and led to the rise in mobile app development cost in UAE.


Usually, a mobile app development services search leads us to the Mobile App Development Company’s website. We usually visit the website of these app development companies, but selecting the best one as per our budget seems to be a tedious process for many, as there is immense competition among various industry players. 

Here are some tips on choosing a perfect partner for your mobile app development services because everyone needs the best as it is a pivotal factor for your business success.

With the number of smartphone users surging at a rapid pace, mobile application development is creating a boom in the market so that your business can cater to the needs of the users cost-effectively, thereby increasing the market share.

Review the website

This is undoubtedly an inevitable homework you must do while choosing your mobile application development partner.

The website’s competitiveness shows what their work is, what they did, and how they are performing in the market.

Responsiveness (Mobile Friendliness) of the website is a huge fact which you can’t ignore.

As you might be well aware that Creative Designing is an integral part of Mobile App Development.

With that being said, the website’s User Experience Design will help you understand how creative the app development team will be. 

In particular, you should look at the Logos, Overall Design, and Color Scheme of the website and the portfolio.

Don’t Ignore the Portfolio.

Having a keen look at the website’s portfolio section will help in easily understanding the design sense of creatives in the company.

If the portfolio is huge and incorporates details of various projects, it is a doorway in understanding the design team’s capability.

Please make sure you check their previous works.

There is a saying that “An Image is worth 1000 Words.”

But about ascertaining the best Mobile App Development Company in UAE, looking at the company’s portfolio images is seemingly unworthy.

To have a detailed understanding of the company’s previous mobile app development projects, you are supposed to install all the apps already published by the company and those claimed by the company in their portfolio.


You have to make sure that the company had previously developed apps for similar businesses like yours and has got ample experience in the domain of your idea.

Company’s Mobile Application Development Team

By looking at the team members section of the website, you can know the no of employees who are currently engaged, particularly with Mobile App Development in the Company.

If it is a small company, there will be very few developers, and the workload will be huge with existing developers, which will adversely affect the quality of the development and the project timeline. 

Do check with the concerned person on how many projects are being handled simultaneously. To win a project, many companies claim that they could handle many projects beyond their limits. It is a warning signal that if a company says that they can handle any no projects at a time. Here is a tip on how you can analyze the number of projects the company can handle by checking the mobile app published (listed in the portfolio section of the website) dates in various app stores.

Check the reputation of Mobile App Development Company in UAE?

Whether it is an individual or a company, whether the company is big or small, reputation matters!!!

Do make sure that the company you will choose for Mobile App Development has a reputed value in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are some keys point to check the reputation of the company

1. Check the Linkedin Profiles of the Management.

2. Check the position in the market by doing research, both offline and online.

3. Ask for the client testimonials for whom the company had already developed mobile apps. This will help in understanding how satisfied they are concerning the association with the company.

Reference from Existing Clients

Ask for the client references and contact details of existing clients, like their social media profile links, so that you can connect with them and ask about their experiences with the company. 

Specifically, ask the major pros and cons they had faced with the company so that you can have a better understanding.

The above mentioned are some of the quick points you need to address while choosing a mobile application development partner.

Even though the content is primarily focussing on ascertaining the value of a Mobile App Development Company, it can also utilize the many points in judging the capability of the companies offering Web Designing, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Products or Services related to Business Process Automation and other services as well.

I hope the content is helpful, and if you have any more queries, do feel free to ask.

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