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As you grow up, you realize that Making Excellent Classroom Presentation is more than just playing with colour, images, and font.


Student life is incomplete without making slideshows and giving tons of presentations. And it is fun too when you get to work on a presentation for the first time. But as you grow up, you realize that making a correct slideshow is more than just playing with color, images, and font.

It is about the balance of text and your thoughts. A slideshow presentation has two parts- the written presentation and the demonstration. Both are equally imperative for a successful presentation, though a slideshow is more of a supporter as it shows the key takeaway, but not in a way that distracts the audience from you.

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Finding that balance is critical if you want the presentation to be perfect visually and convey the message correctly. For students, the stress about a presentation can be high as it is part of their grade. But do not fret; with these tips, you will be able to present an excellent slideshow.

Tips for slideshow creating and make Excellent Classroom Presentation

1. Use templates

Templates are a time-saving feature of slideshow making tools like Canva or PowerPoint. With templates, you do not have to worry about finding the right background or designing the slides to make them appealing. You can go ahead with your content and start creating the slideshow.

2. Organize the slides on paper first

If you create the entire presentation without any structure in mind, you will be doing a lot of shuffling. To save that time, plan out the slides and the content that will go on them. Layout a structure and their sequence so that you know where everything goes.

3. minimal with text

Using too much text in your slideshow when you are about to present it is a waste of time. Too much will only distract everyone from what you are saying. Thus, keep it short and simplify your sentences. Do not use paragraphs in any case. Stick to one or two sentences or use bullet points.

  • It is best to have five bullet points per slide or less and ten words per slide. Also, one slide should cover only one topic and not more.
  • Lastly, the font size should be big enough that it is easily visible to the last person in the room as well. Also, never use more than two font types in one presentation.

4. Use visuals

Visuals make your narrative stronger. So, use them in your presentation, but the same rules apply here too. You cannot put too many images or charts in one slide or make it complicated.

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When it comes to using visuals, make sure that they have the highest quality, and use original images for a brand presentation. If you are creating a seminar and use stock images or visuals from Google, make sure you provide credit, especially if you tend to put it up on the internet.

Use video as part of your visuals as they can appeal to people more. They also inform the audience better. 

 5. Choose colors in the correct manner

Every color has some psychological meaning, and you need to be careful while using them. For instance, blue brings a sense of peace while red color resonates with boldness and power. Whether using colors in your text or image or charts, be sure that it goes well with the message you are trying to convey.

6. Contrasting colors work better

Another tip to keep in mind while selecting a color is the relationship between the text’s color and the background. You want them both to complement each other and not fade into one. So, using contrasting colors is the safest option. For instance, if the background color is light, the text should be in bold and dark colors and vice versa, though the former is a better option.

Also, if you are using templates with design, be extra careful because it can decrease the text’s visibility.

7. Use special effects, but in limits

A student has the freedom to make the presentation a bit fun by using special effects. From transitions to animations to video and music, you can add any special effect you want in your presentation. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

Use one type of transition in the slides, especially the one which is simple and doesn’t distract audiences from the main message. For instance, for bullet points, using a wipe from left to right is better than any other transition.

When using an audio clip, make sure that it goes with the message and doesn’t overpower whatever you are trying to say. The same goes for video; it should resonate with the whole context of the subject.

Lastly, do not overdo your special effects. Using them in limits can uplift your presentation. But if you overdo it, it will look clumsy and unprofessional.

8. Always abide by the 10-20-30 rule

Abiding by this rule can aid you in creating a professional and successful presentation. No one will get more than a few minutes to present, so this rule makes sure that you know this.

  • 10 is the number of slides that your presentation can have. Using anymore is not worth the effort. So, if your text is too much for these ten slides, edit them mercilessly.
  • You get two minutes for every slide, so if you use all ten slides for your presentation, you have 20 minutes to cover the whole subject. So, practice it like that only.
  • Lastly, you cannot keep the font size less than 30 as it makes it challenging for people to read clearly.

9. Highlighting key takeaways or words can make more impact

The students who are seeing your presentation want to hear the key points. But they also want to jot them down, and the best way to make them visible is to highlight them. Use any trick or method like making them bold or using a different color to highlight it.

It ensures that the audience knows what you are talking about and do not get distracted by watching the slide to figure out the key takeaways. The slides are not there to mislead the audience. They are there to support your talk, so highlighting the main points is a great start.

Tips for Excellent Classroom Presentation

Make eye contact

Don’t you feel disconnected from the orator when they don’t make eye-contact? You do, right? Keep this in mind while presenting, do not keep looking at your slideshow for pointers as it will look like you did not prepare for it. Thus, keep your eyes on the other students and teachers. To ensure you remember to speak from memory, practice your presentation at home.

Work on using your voice better and effectively

Changing the pace of your voice can work effectively when presenting. For instance, using a soft voice engages people, but using a confident voice that encourages people to act is better if you are talking about taking action. Emphasize the emotion you want people to feel through your voice.

Introduction matter

How do you start the presentation matters a lot? It sets the tone for the entire presentation, and that is why you need to be smart about it. First of all, introduce yourself and the topic. Next, do not dive into the subject head-on. Set up the stage via humor or asking a powerful question related to the subject or quote someone or give an example.

These ice-breakers will help you keep the attention of people on you, which is crucial for an excellent presentation.

Use gestures

Standing still and presenting will not work as it looks dull and boring. When you talk about something, you express your opinion, so moving around and using hand-gestures is necessary. But knowing the correct gestures to use is vital too. For instance, folding your hands and talking is rude and unprofessional. But when you use your hands subtly, they work well.

Try to be relatable

Do not just speak away facts and get your presentation over with. It would help if you were relatable to the audience, so try to tell a story through a topic. Try to use examples and use the visuals you have in the slides to your advantage. Being formal won’t win you any points, but if people can interact with you, your presentation will be more successful.


It is a simple tip, but it makes a lot of difference. It would help if you came off as relatable and not distant. What better way to do this than smiling? Keep a smile on your face always, unless you are talking about a somber topic. But as a student presenting a slide, be confident, and let your smile show your ability to navigate the whole presentation.

Lastly, be calm and if you feel nervous, do a bit of breathing exercise to get your confidence back. With these tips, you are set for an excellent presentation. Hope you love reading “Excellent Classroom Presentation”

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