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Guidance For Hotel Management is that stream of business and studies which deals and involves the managerial functions related to hotels


The stream of hotel management is known to have a variety of career options. Well, hotel management is that stream of business and studies which deals and involves the managerial functions and operations related to hotels and other aspects such as finance, marketing, administration, accounting, sales, revenue management, etc.

Many students want to have their careers established in the field of hotel management. There is a hotel management course in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, and India since this field has wide job opportunities. It’s always important to learn from best and institutes where they provide Quality Training and Hospitality College.

For someone who is visioning their careers settled in hotel management, the minimum qualification required for them is the completion of their basic education till the twelfth standard. One may go for a degree course or a certificate diploma if they wish to.

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To become established in hotel management, a lot of training and a wide range of knowledge about the various strategies are required. Such training and guidance are provided by the hotel schools, known as the hotel management colleges. There are some best hotel management colleges in Kolkata.

Some of the job opportunities available in this field are as follow:

  1. A hotel manager: Also known as a lodging manager and also a hotelier, is the one who deals with the operations and the services that are related to the working of hotels, resorts, motels, and lodges. A hefty industry experience is required, whiles a degree of BS and MS or any such equivalent degree in business, and is often deemed necessary by many employers. 
  2. Event organizer: They are responsible for arranging and organizing various events and also managing the various operations and activities that are to occur in those particular events. These events include different types of exhibitions, seminars, conferences, fashion shows, fundraising events, and product launches. Obtaining a degree in courses such as event management, hospitality, or marketing is always beneficial.
  3. Travel agent: The job incorporates arranging travels for the clients’ part, from the hoteliers, airlines, other means of transport, and other suppliers in the transport sector. It also involves selling and organizing services related to traveling, transportations, tours, and trips. One should obtain a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism to have their career as a travel agent.
  4. Catering manager: The duty of a catering manager is to look after the various operations and aiding involved with the catering services in hotels, restaurants, and resorts. A catering manager manages a group of catering assistants and chefs and is responsible for looking after the food quality and the quality of the catering service. A minimum degree of high school diploma is required, though, employers may demand higher degrees, a degree in the fields of food service management or hospitality is beneficial, and a working experience of 2-5 years in management and 1-5 years in foodservice.

What makes the field of Hotel management a great field to opt for as a career?

The job opportunities involved in hotel management are considered to be recession-proof. This is because the need and demand for the goods and services involved in this stream are never low, and when someone gets established in this field, the salary potential is very much satisfactory.

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Moreover, there is the presence of hotel management course in Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai and all over India that provides several hotel management courses, so there is no lack of scope in gaining an educational degree. Adding to these is the job contentment and divergence in working because every day requires a new idea, strategies, and creativity. 

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Simple Guidance For You In Hotel Management – Amir Articles

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