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In this blog, some tips are mentioned to make your iPhone kids proof by protecting the device from physical damage, accidental data deletion.


Your iPhone is a device that knows everything about you. Your contacts, information, and payment credentials are all in it that should be kept far away from the kids. Still, they somehow make you give them the advice either by the adorable looks or some tantrums. 

Apple provides plenty of features to its user to ensure the device is safe for kids to use. With these features on, kids cannot access certain files, information, and make online purchases. Here are some tips to make your iPhone kids proof and have peace of mind.


Disable In-App Purchases and App Installation

Your finances will take a serious hit if the kid has unknowingly purchased in-app items from your credit card. To prevent it, go to settings, select general, and then restrictions. Turn off the in-app purchases option to prevent intentional or unintentional purchases. 

You can also turn off the app installation and deletion option from the same menu. The kids can no longer install or delete an application without your consent. These options will protect your important in-app data.

Share Apps

Apple’s Family Sharing feature allows users to share App Store, iBooks, and iTunes purchases with up to five family members. One personal is made organizer to authorize the payment from these accounts. Therefore, there is no way kids can purchase something without the consent of their parents or guardian.

You will also have options to create shared iCloud storage, photo albums, and calendars. It is perfect for keeping track of the spending habits of young children. You can appoint temporary guardians to approve the purchase in your absence. 


Screen Protectors

The first line of security for the iPhone against the rough use of kids is a screen protector. It will protect the display from scratches and certain damage because of a fall. It is an essential accessory for any smartphone to prevent the visible impact of wear and tear. 

Cases and Covers

An iPhone without a cover is a huge risk that too when the user is a 5-year-old kid. They don’t have any respect for the gadget or the money you invested. For them, it is a toy, which is better thrown if it annoys them.

Therefore, make sure it has a rugged cover to protect the iPhone’s camera and rear side. The device will get heavier after installing a cover. But the discomfort is nothing when compared to a few days without mobile phones. 

Electrical Precautions

Young children should never be allowed to use any device connected to its charger. You cannot trust children around live current as they don’t have any idea of the electricity. They put stuff in mouth and explore the surroundings that can end up with a serious shock.

Therefore, you should keep charging devices away from the reach of children. A plug protector is a basic item to make the home toddler-proof. While you’re at it, keep your accessories such as AirPods at a safe distance from the kids. 


Make Folders

You can create folders for each app category to hide them to a certain extent. Your kids will have every app they need in one place. This should prevent them from accessing other applications.

Also, the feature increases comfort while opening different applications. You don’t have to swipe a lot to find the app you need. These folders can act as two different profiles in the device. 

Gift Applications

You can use the Apple Store to gift applications to other iPhone users on their Apple ID. You can create a separate ID on the device kids use to play games. Then, gift the apps to avoid the use of credit card credentials in their iPhone.

It is quite obvious that the kids need to have a different device to use this feature. You can gift them an iPad or iPhone for educational or other purposes. Apply for loans without guarantor to gift your loved ones their favorite gadget. 

Guided Access

Guided Access feature disables the motion controls, volume controls, keyboards, and touch controls to trap the children in a single app. Just open the game they want to play and press the side button three times. Your child will not be able to use any other application now.

To turn it on, go to the Accessibility options in the Settings. Click on the Guided Access option to toggle it on. The device will ask you for a passcode to turn the feature off. You can even use the Face ID for authentication.  


iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes gift card is a great way to control the young kid’s expenses and teach them financial lessons. Add some money to their account each month as part of the allowance. Make sure to keep track of the purchases.

To sum up, iPhones lack a multiple account feature to allow a separate space for the kids. However, the features mentioned in this article do help the parents in making the device kid-proof. However, you must always keep a close eye on their activities to prevent any financial trouble. 

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