10 Effective SEO Techniques to Make Your Website More Visible

Optimize your website with SEO techniques such as using the right keywords, mobile optimization, social sharing to Make Website Visible.


Your website or blog is the getaway to reaching people on the Internet. It needs to be visually entertaining, but most of all, it needs to be discoverable. This is where the role of SEO techniques come to play. 

When you look at SEO, there’s so much that can be done. New website owners don’t know where and with what to begin. Don’t fret. Boost the ranking of your site and promote your brand image by adopting these techniques: 


1: Choose the Right Keywords  

Keywords are the words that people search on Google and other search engines. You would want to include these words in the content throughout your site. But how do you know which keyword to use? Use keyword research tools! Both free and premium tools are available to extract keywords related to your niche.

Let’s say your niche is recruitment agencies, search for long-tail keywords (which are in 3 to 4-word phrases). Your target audience won’t enter one keyword in Google; they will enter a whole query like “best marketing recruitment agency in NY” and similar others.

Use keywords that match the research of your target audience. This way, your site will have a greater chance of ranking higher.

2: Create Engaging and Well-Optimized Content 

Impressive content is a wonderful tool for engaging visitors. To increase your organic ranking chances, take a moment to optimize your content for readability. This is how you can make the content more readable:


  • Use catchy titles and use keywords in the titles 
  • Keep short paragraphs containing 3 to 4 sentences
  • Break chunks of paragraphs with crisp and clear headings 
  • Use bullets and numbering to make the content readable  

3: Work on Meta Descriptions

Another element to optimize your content is the Meta description. Here is all the help you need for creating good Meta descriptions:

  • Answer who, what, when, where, how, and why in your descriptions 
  • Include a summary of the content 
  • Write a unique description for each page
  • Limit your descriptions to 160 characters 

While Meta descriptions are not as critical as headings in the content, but they play an important role from an SEO ranking perspective. Therefore, please don’t ignore them.

4: Increase the Site’s Load Speed 

It’s not just visitors who love fast websites; Google loves them too. In fact, speed can make or break the performance of your site in search results. As per the rules, a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load is labelled slow. And a slow website has a higher bounce rate since visitors shut the tab and move on.


You don’t need to be an expert to gauge the speed of your site. Use tools like Page Speed Insights or Test My Site to run a speed test and then develop a plan to improve your site’s speed.

5: Optimize All Images

Just like content, images need to be optimized as well. They also have a role to play in improving your site’s SEO ranking. 

Firstly, you must reduce the image size because HD images slow down the page load time. Use a compression tool to resize the images. 

Another trick to optimize images is to sneak in keywords. This is done by saving the image files with keywords and writing descriptions for each image (where keywords are included). This way, the search engine will detect images used in your site when a user enters keyword related to your image. 

6: Create an On-Page SEO Structure 

Chalk down all the important on-page SEO techniques such as link building, URL structuring, content optimization, HTML tags, and image optimization, internal linking, and more to rank better than your competition.

Don’t hesitate to hire an SEO agency’s services to work on the on-page optimization of your website. As long as they keep on working consistently, your site’s ranking will improve. 

7: Make It Mobile Friendly

The use of mobile devices is on the rise. Did you know that 60% of Google searches come from a mobile device? It would be a mistake not to optimize your website for mobile users.  


Visitors must get consistent experience whether they visit your site on their mobile device or the web. If you have an eCommerce store, having a mobile-friendly site should be on your priority list. You will be doing your visitors a world of favour if you make the online shopping experience on a mobile device user-friendly. 

8: Encourage Social Sharing 

Other than having a web presence, an active presence on social media is also mandatory now. Your SEO ranking is likely to improve if people share links to your site on their social media. This would increase the organic search traffic of your site in profound ways. 

The best way to encourage a visitor to share your content is to include social sharing icons on all web pages. If they like what they have read, they will hit the share button for sure. 

9: Tap into Backlinking 

Backlinking is one effective way of boosting your site’s rank and bring more traffic at the same time. Find authority sites in your niche and ask for an opportunity to write guest blogs for them. Include a URL to your site or landing page in that blog post as a backlink. This way, the traffic from that authority site will make its way to your site.

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10: Stay Consistent 

SEO does not bring results overnight. To successfully improve the search engine ranking of your site, you must stay consistent. Keep on tracking which strategies worked and which ones didn’t. You must also stay updated with Google algorithm updates to alter your optimization techniques according to the latest standards.  


Crawling to the top pages of search engines isn’t impossible, but it’s not simple either. No matter what your business or niche (IT staffing agencies, marketing firms, eCommerce stores, or healthcare services), after a web presence comes to the task of working on its SEO. In case you don’t know where to begin with, start with these tips. Hope you love reading “SEO Techniques to Make Website Visible”

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