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Several professionals dream to crack the PMP certification exam in the first attempt itself and you can do after reading these tips.


Several professionals dream of passing the PMP certification exam in the first attempt itself. According to the historical data, 2 out of the 5 aspirants fail to pass on the first try. To pass the PMP exam efficiently, try to learn from the mistakes, and not repeat them. 

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The PMP requirements are a four-year degree with at least three years of experience in leading projects and 35 hours of project management in education/training. From earning a higher salary to help gain leadership qualities, the benefits of pmp certification in India or PMP Course in Basel are boundless.

Top 10 Tips To Crack The PMP Exam

1. Master the PMBOK Guide

The PMI has published a Guide to the PMBOK. Although the guide is lengthy and tedious to read, it is the most important step in passing the PMP certification. There are several books out in the market, but nothing compensates the official guide. 

2. Plan your schedule

A study plan acts as a roadmap for your preparation. Before starting to study, you need to clearly set your goals beforehand and plan how to achieve them. Give yourselves timelines to complete them and also divide the syllabus into different groups. For those who get the certification, the average PMP certification salary is ₹17 lakh.

3. Refer to another study guide

The PMBOK Guide is not exam-oriented. The guide provides the only theory behind the actual processes. It doesn’t instruct you how these processes are interlinked with each other and how to apply them in real life.  

Top 10 Tips to Crack the PMP Exam in Your First Attempt – Amir Articles

4. Practice questions are a must!

PMP exam questions are mostly scenario-based. The scenarios can be of wide diversity. Just reading the theory won’t guarantee your success in applying this knowledge in the situations. That’s where the practice questions play a big role.

The PMP exam fee for Computer-based testing at a Prometric center currently stands at $555 for non-PMI members and $405 for PMI members. With a worldwide network of over 700,000 PMP credential holders, business justification for PMP certification is the most important and sought-after certification in project management. 

5. Write Practice Tests

You are bound to fail if you treat the PMP exam just as a knowledge-based assessment. If you consistently score more than 80% in your mocks, you are more confident of passing the actual exam. 

These mock tests act as a feedback mechanism to sync your strategy with the actual exam day.

6. The 35 hours of Project Management Training is important

Before even applying for the exam, the PMI demands that you spend 35 hours on formal project management education. Most people take it as a task that they need to finish without treating it as an ultimate learning experience. This offers benefits of pmp certification to organizations and you as well.

7. Develop a strategy that works for you

No two individuals are the same. Some can learn quite absolutely fine using flashcards; some prefer a visual mode of learning. Therefore, the best way to crack this exam is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and your study styles and plan accordingly. 

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8. Connect with Project Managers via PMI

There are many advantages to being a PMI member before you attend the exam. The examination fee is reasonably cheaper. PMI also introduces several opportunities to network and also to other project management professionals. 

9. Manage your time well

You have roughly about 80 secs to attempt every question in the exam. If you skip some questions before, the time to relook the questions will be less. Thus, it would help if you were accurate.

10. Learn to hold your nerve

You might have performed excellently during your mock tests. Remember to hold your nerve because of the anxiety, and the exam day might be tricky. Being calm is the key, as several variables are out of control. 

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There are several PMP advantages and disadvantages. The positive point is that it covers top-quality practices followed worldwide and has a good reputation in the employment market. 

As for the disadvantages, the cost of the exam is pretty high. From staying ahead in the competition to implementing new techniques, the benefits of PMPcertification to the organization are well and truly priceless.

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