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Top 6 Most Popular Video Sharing Sites For You in 2021 – Amir Articles

When it comes to Popular Video Sharing Sites, everyone prefers youtube, Facebook, and some other platforms. Read About Some other Sites.


When it comes to watching online videos, everyone prefers youtube, Facebook, and some other platforms. However, so many other sites are available as well, which offer you to watch videos free. Hence, you can check out all those amazing sites as well to watch online videos. Now a day, people are always looking for better platforms to watch videos.

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Besides that, the audiences prefer watching films, music videos, or other videos on popular sites. Therefore, you can watch your favorite videos on sites like liveleak as well. This site is free and offers its all users to watch videos online. Moreover, there are some other popular sites as well where you can watch the videos easily. You will have to pay any single penny for watching the online videos. 

However, you can search on the internet for more other free sites to watch online videos. Also, those sites will offer you the best quality in picture and sound as well. Therefore, if you want to see online videos for the next time, you can visit the below sites. Your experience will be amazing. 

6 Most Popular Video Sharing Sites For You

Here we will provide a list of some of the most popular video sharing sites with you all. Let us see the names of those sites vividly. 


On this site, you can watch Hollywood tv shows and movies as well. Most of the professional and students prefer this site to show off their work. Unlike youtube, this Vimeo site is one of the best and popular video sharing sites. You can use this site as well, as it is free and straightforward to use and handle. People enjoy watching videos on this site, as it offers original content every time. 

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Another one of the most popular videos sharing video sites is Dailymotion. There are some limits to upload some videos or downloading videos as well. If you open a channel, you can post your videos on youtube and watch those videos from this site. You will get the best view from this site and will enjoy it too. 


The viewer for this site every month is enormous. However, this site has the feature of the copyright claim and a better experience for the users. Your full-size view and the screening can fully satisfy you. You can create content and uploads content as well as many times as you can. Therefore, this is one of the popular sites that you can use to watch videos and share. 


People who do not know about this site can search on the net to know about the site. It also offers all its users a high-quality screening and fully enjoys all the videos that come on this site. For the short type entertainment videos, if you are searching for them, you will get them here. Even funny videos are as well. This is also free for all its users. 


Metacafe is another one of the popular video sharing sites among us. Many users daily use this site to watch videos and even films and tv shows. The earning method from this site is straightforward. For every one thousand views on a video, you will get $5. The more the view will increase, the more you will make money from the video. However, many people watch videos on youtube mostly, but with time, people look for different and different things. 

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Engage media

This is an alternative site of liveleak. However, this site is also very famous among the people who watch videos daily and share them. The main purpose of this site’s creation is to talk about human rights and the exercising of free speech. To share the video of this site, you will have to register an account, and then you will able to share the videos as many as you want. 


Hence, all these sites are very much popular for sharing videos, and you can use these sites as well to watch or share them. 

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