Great Ideas for Media Companies That Can Drive Traffic Using Instagram

Drive Traffic Using Instagram already become popular tool from most business companies to connect with millions of customers in 2021.


Companies can use Instagram to drive traffic in three important ways.

Instagram for Business Who would have thought that an app designed for sharing visual content would become such a powerful marketing tool?

Instagram currently has one billion monthly active users. That’s almost three times more than Twitter! And as it has become more and more popular, Instagram has gradually added features that make it even more attractive as a social media marketing tool.

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Big brands and media companies are using Instagram to communicate with their communities and to earn their investment. And they grasp coming back for more. A new brand and company can also get more engagement by get Instagram followers UK and likes through “”.

One thing that is unique about Instagram compared to other social media platforms is that there are very few ways to drive traffic to your chosen website.

While this is not impossible, read on how smart media companies are using Instagram to drive traffic and grow their brand.

Go to a Professional Account

  • Call to Action Button
  • Insights
  1. Use the Instagram “Promotion” Feature
  2. Use Instagram Stories to their Full Benefits

1. Go to a professional account

When you sign up for Instagram, it automatically creates a private account. However, a business or professional account includes essential features if you want to drive traffic to your website.

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  • Call to Action Button

The first advantage is the call to action buttons that are added to your profile. You decide which one to use. These include “call”, “message”, and “email”. To activate these CTA buttons, you will need to fill in all your contact information.

This includes:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Physical location.

Your real address doesn’t generate a CTA, but it does enable users to click on your location. And it will open in Google Maps automatically! In other words, Instagram can not only drive online traffic to your site – it can also drive traffic to your doorstep!

There is also the option to add CTA buttons for appointments through third party appointment booking apps such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Kwando, and others. To do this, you will need your URL for any of the individual services you can use.

  • Insights

Then there’s the “Insights” feature. The analytics provided aren’t very detailed, but it’s a great way to get a quick overview of how well your Instagram account is working for you. The insights afforded are classified into three main kinds.

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  • The first of these is “content”. It tells you everything you’ve posted over the last seven days, as well as how the week before it compares. You can also see all your posts as they are classified into “Feed Posts”, “Stories” and “Promotions”.
  • The “Activity” tab is where you can see how many people have interacted with your posts or profile in the last seven days. Here you can see how many times you have been “discovered” by users on Browse, whatever content you are interested in can be found.
  • The last tab is “Audience”. This is where you will see how many new followers you gained last week and whether it is more or less than the previous week. Once you reach 100 followers, more information about them becomes available to you. This information includes details such as which cities or countries you follow the most.

2. Use the Instagram “Promotion” Feature

Another great benefit is the promotion feature available only to professional or business accounts on Instagram. What it does is allow you to create Instagram ads by promoting your favourite post.

To scroll through the post, you want to use, click “Promotion” and follow the easy guide. Otherwise, you can use the “Promotions” shortcut in your profile. Then follow the steps to post.

Select the audience you want to see the ad from in the options provided.

  • Decide what your budget is and how long you would like to run the ad.
  • Finally, choose what you want to do. You can choose from four options here. However, the two you want to use are “Your Website” or “Your Store Front”.

Some of the popular call-to-actions on Instagram ads that take users to a website outside of Instagram are “sign up,” “learn more,” “apply now” and “shop now.”

Remember that Instagram now has a built-in shopping feature that allows users to purchase a product directly from your Instagram feed. However, if you decide to use their storefront instead of directing customers to you, you will have to pay one per cent of each sale on Instagram.

Your ad may take more than a day to appear. Instagram has a stringent advertising policy that every user must adhere to. To verify your Instagram ad, you must first link or verify your Instagram account with a Facebook account.


There are no minimum advertising costs on Instagram. You can set your daily expenses at $ 5, and stop it as soon as the campaign reaches $ 1. However, it can be a bit of a defeat to the point of an advertising campaign!

Another way to create Instagram ads is to use the Facebook Ads Manager, and the process is almost identical. So, if you’ve ever published an ad using this tool, then you might want to stick with your knowledge and create your ad that way.

3. Use Instagram Stories to their Full Benefits

More than 500 million people create and share Instagram stories here every day. To help you understand its marketing potential – Twitter has approximately 330 million active users each month.

So, in one day, more people use an Instagram feature than a whole month of using the entire social media platform.

In other words, if you’re not using Instagram stories as part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re pretty simple – crazy. Whenever you choose to tweet, instead of “sharing your story” every time, you lose the insane amount of potential traffic.

Another great thing about stories is that you can use more than one format. Post a single photo or a short video clip. Or you can create a carousel type post with multiple images or multiple video clips that combine to make a video. You can combine the two.

In addition to the fact that Instagram Story posts are more popular and encourage engagement than any other on the platform, many other benefits are only available with them. If you want to know how to make a story, read our previous post with story highlights here.

The main advantage of Instagram stories is the “swipe up” feature. It allows you to add a link to any section or slide in your story. This means that with Instagram stories, you can post wherever you want.

This can be on a product page, a recent blog article, your homepage, a YouTube channel, or any landing page of your choice. You could even send someone an article that you found interesting and had to share it with your followers.

Can link one story post to multiple pages. You don’t have to create two different stories that are the same if you want to send someone to individual products or pages that are both parts of a collection. For example, two different posts about the different features of Instagram Story!

There are various stacks available that are just fun to use! But if used properly, they can also help new followers find you, promote your brand, and drive traffic.

You can add a location to your slide, mention someone (someone else in the icon or video clip, or a colleague for example), and add hashtags to add to your revelations. To increase engagement, use a pool, let viewers ask you something, create a pool or quiz, or start a chat thread.

Using Story Highlights: These stories can live on your profile forever, or at least as long as you want them to. This means they become a permanent way to drive traffic to your content.

And with URL shorteners like, you can track which contacts are doing their best and adjust your strategy accordingly.

With smart strategy and creative thinking, you can drive Instagram traffic to your website as well. And Instagram’s intent is built around creating loyal followers – the possibility of organic web traffic never ends.

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